White Hana peach of XX street

We photographed photograph in a certain place in Chuo-ku on March 20. (one in dozens of planted as roadside tree)

Speaking of Hana peach, there is gorgeous woman such as crimson and pinkness-like image. As it is flower of the Doll's Festival, it may become such a sense even more.

There are a lot of the past articles about Hana peach of red system, too, and Hanes (2020), Sam (2017), the mini - cricket (2018, 2017, 2016) report. As for Sam, there are many articles about improved Hana peach "chrysanthemum peach" and "competition between two teams peach" for admiration, too. Thing mentioned to Hana peach was in the article of silver ornament.

However, all dozens of Hana peaches planted here are all in white. Is woman whom is really snow-white, and this resembles closely to with wedding dress or white silk dress in this-like; as is imaged, is strange. (impression of ※ individual)

With a certain place in Chuo-ku

Hana peach that XX street is white with a certain place in Chuo-ku

We took photograph of composition that went down a little (I am sorry by backlight).

"Hmm? Is it Tokyo Station Yaesu Exit that is seen in the depths? We seem to hear nanda, a certain place or XX street or voice, in brief, to be Yaesu-dori Ave. with an air of importance. Of course I was going to write, "Hana peach is at their best in Yaesu-dori Ave. soon" commonly first, too. (actually, we think that it goes as conversation enough every day in that)

However, it is different.

Road of this neighborhood officially looked like Yaesu-dori Ave. and was not Yaesu-dori Ave.

It becomes "during 2-12, Shinkawa with Yaesu-dori Ave. from 1-18, Kyobashi" when we see list of Chuo-ku road nickname names well. In other words, from intersection with Showa-dori Ave. to intersection with Kajibashi-dori Ave. Unexpectedly short.

On earth what is it between this neighborhood, Sotobori-dori Ave. and Showa-dori Ave. when we do this?

That was short "prefectural road" of all head only 366m called "exception capital way 408 Yaesu Takaramachi Line". As the length of the Shinkansen of N700 origin is 404 meters, it is shorter than the Shinkansen! (by the way, the Yaesu-dori Ave. body is "ward way" of Chuo-ku)

It becomes ↓ in this way when we show on map. Part facing Tsukishima from Shinkawa is prefectural road.

 White Hana peach of XX street

About prefectural road

Hana peach that XX street is white about prefectural road

It was prefectural road, when we realized to again and looked, mark surely stood in place of initial point terminal called Showa-dori Ave., Sotobori-dori Ave. We are lonely only by brusque indication of "408".

In addition, the name called "exception capital way" is unfamiliar way of speaking, but seems to be road which we were able to decide in supermarket rule "that road to conclude in Tokyo may do by judgment of the governor of Tokyo in prefectural road" without depending on law to decide public road called road law Article 7 somehow.


Anyway, in brief, it was revealed that it was Tokyo somehow that planted white Hana peach. Specifically, it is the Tokyo construction station. Furthermore, "the Tokyo construction station Daiichi Kensetsu office" having jurisdiction over Chiyoda-ku, Chuo-ku, Minato-ku seems to bring up if we say.


Dozens of Hana peaches are planted along Route 408, but unfortunately do not seem to be reflected by list of roadside trees of Chuo-ku; ...

Roadside tree business of Tokyo

White Hana peach of roadside tree business XX street of Tokyo

Tokyo seems to concentrate good power on roadside tree business and publishes roadside tree map of "green of TOKYO road" every year. (photograph is 2018 version that I have, but 2019 version appears now. By the way, the purchase is slightly troublesome as we do not sell in normal bookstore and amazon)


We know as soon as we look at map, but roadside tree which not only roadside tree which the capital manages because Tokyo publishes but also ward manages may be published in detail and is convenience. We have mention in the neighborhood of Chuo-ku in particular with "the downtown area enlarged picture" finely (some expansion in enlarged picture the figure right), and there is too much information! (^^)


Color and line class of line pulled by road expresses classification of roadside tree, but it is cable address of the name of all roadside tree that it is with "ze" or is with "ya", or there is with "i" as well as that. As it is hard to read explanatory notes very much if in condition to be printed in enormousness, I drop color copy in pdf and enlarge from tablets and refer. .


In small workmanship of excessive level, is this not at all "work of roadside tree enthusiasts one of the best in the Metropolitan Government" not "map which worker made only with obligation at part of duties of the capital?" I think in this. (impression of ※ individual: sho)


Come to think of it, we fell last year

In fact, we have written article that was taken in by "Sakura-dori St." at this time of last year, but it is said that we cannot despise road name of Chuo-ku, or there are unexpectedly many pits, ... (x_x)