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For swing of Tsukuda Shigeru

When we want to hand pretty good souvenir to friend, we introduce one article, special dish which I choose without question.
That of Tsukuda Shigeru not finished falling.

Tsukuda Shigeru

For swing of Tsukuda Shigeru Tsukuda Shigeru

It is along Shin-ohashi-dori Ave. in front of the front gate of Tsukiji-hongwanji Temple, and, in place where we advanced to the right a little, signboard such as prop of stone pulls the public eye. Chic look of a shop is Tsukuda Shigeru of foods boiled in soy founded in 1856 (Ansei 3). Foods boiled in soy are Tsukuda Island, but my favorite is this Tsukuda Shigeru in Tsukiji in many well-known stores.
"We sprinkle sum to be enshrined on the case in my aiming while it is drawn attention by boxing for souvenir of showcase of Tsukuda Shigeru." We memorize that we noticed this quality as catch phrase for "swing that foods boiled in soy shop made" was the first opportunity. Thereafter it is straight for swing. Let alone standard of home, it is useful to friend and present to home town.

Favorite reason

For swing of favorite reason Tsukuda Shigeru

As, at first, as a matter of course, favorite which is why is delicious! The strongest foods boiled in soy mixture that white sesame was added to net, shiitake, kelp as for the contents. When it became cold even if we mix even if we put balance of sweetness hotness with exquisiteness when it is warm, white rice advances hard.

It is simplicity of carrying around next. We can take without minding juice leak and smell as it is pack. Person whom person taking receives enters bag pop. Preservation after opening is convenient simply, too.

It is also size. We are worried about wanting to put various types together as souvenir with much effort. We are of my generation, and point to give lives two livings or one. Then, it will be said that we cannot eat if there is many. We are thankful for quantity that we can finish eating by foods boiled in soy mixture in these days when sharing of a gift culture became outdated. It is article which we finish eating with subdivision pack five of net which we discovered just the other day in small quantities and are thankful at all for in meaning of size.

Standard of home

For swing of standard Tsukuda Shigeru of home

Standard which came from Tsukuda Shigeru all the time from the past which became standard of this swing or injury home was.

I married and thought soon, but divided assorted foods boiled in soy of Tsukuda Shigeru whom mother-in-law received from acquaintance. The container is this pail. In longer axis 29.5cm, minor axis 22.5cm, Spanish mackerel (sawara) materials of 6cm in height, copper hoop works. If throw away with too excellent container, is unbearable, thereafter (is another more than thirty years?) We use as dinner table. Size that used the other container when standard item which is necessary for hand rolled sushi of home, children were, but is just right at the present of two livings. Brand of "Tsukuda Shigeru" was still bright, too, and we dried too much, and the hoop had come off, but restored properly. There was water resistance, and Spanish mackerel (sawara) was lightweight, and it had you tell that there were few smells of tree itself toward the shop.

 For swing of Tsukuda Shigeru

We came to stop by to Tsukuda Shigeru without being conscious of container, but think that it was mysterious relationship. After talking about this toward the shop, you told as you had you make in shop called north side where you went ahead through Shin-ohashi-dori Ave. to toward Shintomi-cho, tubber whom there was around current 2, Tsuiji, okesen. We did not seem to use such a container anymore after okesen was left. Dinner table, the truth of home called wooden pail is so. We use carefully!

We seemed to be forced to closure for 7 years for World War II, but story that we were reopened in current shop in 1949 (Showa 24) called, and we prayed for being told widely for a long time, and mofurikakeo bought taste of Tsukuda tradition home on that day.

In addition, please see about detailed introduction, product of shop.
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