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Town which "Kabuto-cho walk" - Eiichi Shibusawa made

Main character and Eiichi Shibusawa of "attack azure sky" attract attention adoption to new ten-thousand yen bill of issuance, NHK Taiga Drama Series of 2021 again in 2024. Eiichi Shibusawa (1840 1840 1931 1931) called "father of Japanese capitalism" reaches birth 180 years of this year.

Eiichi Shibusawa is born in powerful farmer of Saitama in last years of Edo era, and become shogun's retainer from antiforeigner faction, and throw visit to Europe, government official of the Meiji government on the business world after the retirement; bank, insurance. We were engaged in establishment of company more than 500 including the paper manufacture, traffic.

Oneself moves private residence to Kabuto-cho, and, as for Eiichi Shibusawa, afterwards a great number of companies are established after the first national bank establishment one after another in 1873 in order to assume Kabuto-cho emporium of the new times, and Kabuto-cho develops as center of Japanese economy. It is Eiichi Shibusawa that built foundation developing as securities town.

A lot of early retro buildings built after the Great Kanto Earthquake of the Showa era stay in this Kabuto-cho. We will stroll in town "Kabuto-cho" that Eiichi Shibusawa made.

After all, start is "identification of day hall" where this residence of Shibusawa was.

 Town which "Kabuto-cho walk" - Eiichi Shibusawa made

There was just this residence of Eiichi Shibusawa of (1988) construction in place where identification of day building was built in 1888. Design is Kingo Tatsuno. This building of venetian Gothic style to be built along Nihonbashi River seemed to be very famous at the time of completion. Identification of current day building building of Tamisuke Yokogawa design was built by great earthquake disaster in disappearance, 1928 (1928). Nearly 100 years pass, but are used even now as office building for rent.

Being right next "Kabuto-jinja Shrine." Because there is huge rock called helmet rock in the precincts, it is called Kabuto-jinja Shrine, and the place name of Kabuto-cho is derived.

 Town which "Kabuto-cho walk" - Eiichi Shibusawa made

It is Mizuho Bank Kabuto-cho Branch with "Birthpace of banking monument" from identification of day building. It is the first national bank to know well of everybody, "the best national bank in Tokyo". This building of completion was known as the highest peak of Western-influenced architecture architecture that Kisuke Shimizu appeared to color woodblock print at the time of by design, construction for the second generation in 1873. It is Koji Nishimura (1886-1961) who is famous for bank architecture that designed the first national bank of this third generation.

We will go round to the back of Mizuho Bank.

Yamani Shoken of construction equals Philips securities (at the time of construction Naruse Shoken) of construction in 1936 in 1935. Is building of contrastive design, but this place is the same, too; work of Koji Nishimura.

 Town which "Kabuto-cho walk" - Eiichi Shibusawa made

We arrived in Tokyo Stock Exchange. It is microskirt tour to be able to turn around if there are 20 minutes. It is recommended to walk by way of cherry blossom viewing.

Kabuto-jinja Shrine 1-12, Nihonbashikabutocho

Identification of day building 1-10, Nihonbashikabutocho

 Town which "Kabuto-cho walk" - Eiichi Shibusawa made