Tsukuda-ohashi Bridge light-up

One "Tsukuda-ohashi Bridge light-up" that was made questions for by sightseeing authorization practiced the other day

 Tsukuda-ohashi Bridge light-up

As we walked Tsukuda-ohashi Bridge neighborhood on the evening of February 6, we were able to see by chance.

It becomes when maintained according to the examination questions by March, 2020, and this photograph is thing from the upper part of a river side, and the lower part of a river side is still like construction.

 Tsukuda-ohashi Bridge light-up

It was dark, and the lower part of a river side still went again in this way at the same time of February 10, but might have performed experimentally as we did not light up the upper part of a river side either.


Kachidoki Bridge light-up

Kachidoki Bridge light-up Tsukuda-ohashi Bridge light-up

It was under construction, but we thought experimentally in the same way, but still lighted this up.


 Tsukuda-ohashi Bridge light-up

Please compare with photograph of (2017) before


As Tsukuda-ohashi Bridge was still constructing Kachidoki Bridge, state might change next month, but this problem was able to answer correctly as, in any case, we were able to see just before sightseeing official approval.

Pillar of large flag

Pillar Tsukuda-ohashi Bridge light-up of large flag

Storage method of pillar of large flag to use by main festival of Sumiyoshi-jinja Shrine with high questions rate of sightseeing official approval one more

 Tsukuda-ohashi Bridge light-up

The later state that we construct Tsukuda-kobashi Bridge neighborhood at this time of last year, and water cries in moat

As we were interested, we saw.

Annual Kawazu-zakura

Annual Kawazu-zakura Tsukuda-ohashi Bridge light-up

The last, Shinkawa Park every year annual at this time, Kawazu-zakura of the Chuo-ohashi Bridge side.


 Tsukuda-ohashi Bridge light-up

When it is story of person who walked here, it is mild winter this year, but one week seems to be late. Much flower seemed to bloom around the second week from the first week of February in usual.