It is ranked "lost river Edo, Tokyo ranking" a lot by Chuo-ku!

There is homepage of long title called online engineering works Museum "... which ... country is divided for 20 wards of dobo Expo river exhibition Japan riverscape, and the mountains and rivers resemble". About this, we posted article, "Sumida River was had ranking!" of by "yokozuna" for last summer. It is the sequel this time.

As the contents of "river exhibition" mentioned above are updated on January 8, 2020, and ranking of "lost river Edo, Tokyo ranking" was added, please peep out.

It may be proper result, but Chuo-ku and the neighboring rivers located in the low land are ranked a lot as follows if we think about history of Edo, Tokyo.

Yokozuna Dosan moat
daisekihigashihoriryukawa, seihoriryukawa
Moat between sekiwake 30
Maegashira third piece outer moat river
Maegashira fourth piece eight moat (Hatchobori, Sakuragawa)
Maegashira fifth piece Hamacho River
Maegashira 7 maimokuryukankawa
Maegashira ninth piece Kaede River

It is taken a walk that visiting abolished river traces is good for. We came to want to know way of thinking of ranking.
In addition, in river filled up, there are Hakozaki River, Shinkawa, Echizen moat, the Kyoubashi River, Tsukiji River (containing the Nanshi River, east supporting river), Shiodomegawa River, Irifune river, gun bank river, Tsukuda river elsewhere.

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"Change - of development and town of Ayumi - postwar period of Chuo-ku" of the 70th anniversary of the center Ward native district astronomy building 18th temporary exhibition administration of a ward enforcement