Silver ornament

Worship of Tsukiji-hongwanji Temple is commemorative

 In January, 2019, begin in kanji called "light", on the worship commemorative label,

"We live among light. As for space background radiation (light of uchukizunari) which arrived from the old days of 13.8 billion years, electric wave of cell-phone and TV is light, too. However, as for various light to pour into us, eye does not show most.

 As for "the Amitabha", the etymology is "limitless light and life".

We do not look like eyes, but are French state wrapping us up by warm light. We somewhat feel relieved when we know this. We will appreciate that we surrender to ultimate relief in having been able to have new age. This was written.

2019 and charm which we wrote down have from May and decorate all 12 pieces carefully in last year and put in holder of storing this time. We sometimes open words wide and are going to ask own heart. 

January, 2020 "relationship"

In January, 2020, worship of "relationship" Tsukiji-hongwanji Temple is commemorative

 This year began in kanji called "border".  And it is written as follows. 

It is written in bottom written sumi marks as "relationship" vividly, "we are thankful". Buddha told, "things had some kind of "" relationship "by all means and existed and are established" by the word luck. Our daily life was supported not "natural thing" by much "relationship"; it is Buddhism that is taken saying "is thankful".

 We greeted the New Year with refreshing feeling and became feeling to live without forgetting thanks. Joining hands!