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The first public presentation is "iwashi*" of Nakamuraya "Toshi New Year authorized kabuki" - Kabukiza Theatre

Of thing which looked at national theater as for the first public presentation of 2020 earlier, after all, is Kabukiza Theatre. Guide "iwashi**eimo" by Nakamuraya brothers (sell, and sardine is thick go down, and knit).

Gorgeous clothes and shoes only by New Year holidays overflow in exhilaration watching the first public presentation, and seat will swell from now on on the expectation gaiyaga top to play to begin. After all, it is particular.

"iwashi*" is 50 years after the death of this year (we noticed only after looking at pamphlet. It is early, and, with work such as fairy tale of) Yukio Mishima, father who is brother, scene of Kanzaburo and Tamasaburo of the 18th generation remain to eyes. "Monkey Genji of iwashi*" which has fallen in love with harlot "glow of a firefly" of high rank that do not have anything to do with at first sight trains only daimyo to be father noamidabutsuga daimyo, and send out to Kuo, but the whole story how. Kankuro and Shichinosuke who are brother play two. Voice "looks just like Kanzaburo" when we hear lines of Kankuro. Grand finale that we enjoyed and saved.

"Dance of the lion and cub" of Ennosuke and Dango one more much-talked-about in front of this "iwashi*." As for "the dance of the lion and cub", there is variation for parent and child (one, 2-3), grandchild and combination, but is combination with Dango who is nephew of Ennosuke this time.

We watched by annual "leisurely tour" in August, but "grew taller again!" We hardly trade with Ennosuke. In addition we do not let you feel lightness of movement, most gravity. Generous applause does not stop for wholehearted performance that we rank with Ennosuke with reputation by skill of dance in Kabuki world from seat. As it is presentation with "Alisma Rhizome shop" model, there is place slightly different from familiar dance of the lion and cub, and that is fun, too.

Matinee is "cherry blossom viewing of Daigo" "sleeve bush clover funeral address" "sofusumaraku" "Mt. Kawachi".

Let, on 26th, ask senakigaku; ticket phone Shochiku 0570-000-489 (10-18)

 The first public presentation is "iwashi*" of Nakamuraya "Toshi New Year authorized kabuki" - Kabukiza Theatre