It is Sumida River calmly in new year…We meet Master Basho old man, Hiroshige.

Cold wind. Day sets now, and orange prop of Shin-ohashi Bridge shines (the photograph left). When relief of Hiroshige is fitted in the main tower in the center of bridge. (1857) is masterpiece of Hiroshige Utagawa in famous place Edo 100 view "severe hashiatakeno shower" 1857.

[history of Shin-ohashi Bridge] It is wound shelf downstream as of (1693) in December, 1693. We continue by expense maintenance of Machikata after 20 or more damage, being washed away, destruction by fire. Rebuilding, streetcar go through trass iron bridge in the (1911) present location in (1885) West expression wooden bridge, 1911 in 1885. It was called act of kindness bridge without burning down by the Great Kanto Earthquake. Current bridge was rebuilt in (1977) in 1977.

(1858) is stimulated by birth, Hokusai in the Yaesu bank of a river of fire fighter mansion in (1797)-September, 1858 in Hiroshige Utagawa (ukiyoe artist) 1797 and affects Gogh and Monet. Scenes of Edo overflow to picture of Hiroshige. We feel banana plant and common poetic sentiment.

Basho Matsuo writes during construction of the first Shin-ohashi Bridge with "the top of first snow of the year yakakekakaritaru bridge", and there is haiku of "frost of bridge stepping on arigatayaitadaite" in December, 1693 (Genroku 6) when bridge was done.

After that Basho spent 15 years to reach in 1694 (Genroku 7) on the year of a person's death in this ground after he moved to Fukagawa counting on priest image of historical Buddha ruling the universe of Zen Buddhism known widely from Nihonbashi Bridge Odawara-cho in Enpo (1680) (we stay in Rinzai sect Linchuan temple of Fukagawa) (the first Basho Fukagawa hermitage monument sentence). It is written by Shogo Sakaino "words 100 selections of Basho" and judges, "figure of nature and light of life pour into haiku of Basho, just words of haiku prose"!

Is statue glittering in pure white seen in the photograph right? It is "Basho hermitage historic spot prospects garden".

We sit at the downstream clearness bridge from Shin-ohashi Bridge on Koto-ku side Sumida River terrace.

We expect Kiyosu Bridge from Basho hermitage historic spot prospects garden.

We expect Kiyosu Bridge from Basho hermitage historic spot prospects garden. It is Sumida River calmly in new year…We meet Master Basho old man, Hiroshige.

We walk the Shin-ohashi Bridge left bank downstream. "Okawabata Basho poem selection" is advocated to shrubbery of Sumida River terrace cared for. "Seated figure" of Basho old man is placed in "Onagi River" and join of Sumida River, dike hill "Basho hermitage historic spot prospects garden" linking Boso to Edo. The upper part of a river is Shin-ohashi Bridge, Ryogoku Bridge…"Is cloud bell of flower Ueno or Asakusa?"…. The right side of the stage overlooks Kiyosu Bridge, sumi Ohashi, Tagawa, building street of Hakozaki. It is just direction of Kiyosu Bridge in ❕ now when it turns direction into Kiyosu Bridge that was suitable for Shin-ohashi Bridge when image is 5:00 in evening.

Basho did house in near ten thousand age bridge that Fuji and Sumida River looked like (the fine-view garden side). Hiroshige Utagawa draws tortoise and Fuji of bold composition with famous place Edo 100 view "Fukagawa ten thousand age bridge". We are exhibiting at Edo Tokyo museum, decisive victory world picture exhibition, Hiroshige chapter.