About banner insertion

In Chuo-ku Tourism Association, "correspondent of Chuo-ku Tourism Association blog" recruits banner ads.
About application, I would like predetermined procedure after checking the following "handling summary".

Publication place, publication contents

We publish in the lower each correspondent of Chuo-ku Tourism Association blog page. It should be the offer deadline as soon as it reaches the number of the offer frames.

The number of the offer frames
15 frames
Indication place
The lower each page. PC, smartphone tablet is common and is displayed.
About indication order
We should draw lots to expect fairness.

Publication period

As a general rule, it is unit for first half year (from April to September), six months of the second half year (10 - next year March)

Publication rate

Member of tourist association
Monthly basis: 5,000 yen
Other than member of tourist association
Monthly basis: 15,000 yen
The first registration rate (in the case of publication, we do not need as continuation)
3,000 yen
Offer period
First half year beginning of January ...
Second half year beginning of July ...

Publication summary, application

In publication of banner ad, we decide the right or wrong of insertion according to "Correspondent Chuo-ku Tourism Association Chuo-ku tourist association blog advertisement handling essential point" which our association establishes. Please consult beforehand if you have any questions.

Zip code
1-25-3, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Kyobashi plaza the third floor
Phone number
Chuo-ku Tourism Association