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Ginza Bairin Head Office moves on January 20, 2019

[silver ornament] January 7, 2019 12:00

 Kojunsha-dori St. had Ginza Umebayashi and provided delicious pork cutlet, but, on January 20, 2019, found information for holding store newly in facing of "yasu good luck" of approach to a shrine of rich Iwaine load.

DSCN3116 (400x300). jpg

In addition, current store is available until January 14.

We look forward to further prosperity at new store.

HP of shop is this.



Tokai Univ., congratulations.

[meniibukkusu] January 7, 2019 09:00

A Happy New Year. We went for support of annual Tokyo-Hakone collegiate ekiden, return journey on January 3. We support every year in front of Mitsukoshi. It was full of people to support this year. Aoyama Gakuin Univ. chased Tokai Univ. desperately, but, as is expected, is landslide victory of Tokai Univ. in front of Mitsukoshi. We saw till the last, but run of TOP group seemed to never know fatigue. As for the photograph, a player moves slightly. Then, it is visited a shrine for a new year by happiness and prosperity Shinto shrine. Here was able to stand in line, too. We prayed that we could spend my wife security, healthy one year.





Introduction - Hakutsuru Ginza-style ... of seminar held for from the end of January to the middle of February

[rosemary sea] January 6, 2019 18:00

It is rosemary sea collecting data on as o scale which "gift and oneself enjoy".


We were established for the purpose of sending lifestyle with sake from here Ginza as we explained until Hakutsuru Ginza-style (HAKUTSURU GINZA STYLE), now.

After 2006, various seminars about sake are held mainly.

The past article that classroom can image, "seminar classroom becomes like this" are this.



We were taken care of by Hakutsuru Sake Brewing Hakutsuru Ginza-style Fukumoto this time.

This time is Chuo-ku are introduced here. by three from the end of January to the middle of February seminars raising now.

Then it is ...


Scientific HP.JPG

The world of sake opening by scientific power

Thursday, January 24 holding

   Lecturer: Hakutsuru Sake Brewing laboratory Takahiro Yamauchi

   Participation fee: 4,000 yen (with lunch & liquor, souvenir)

   Time: From 18:45 to 20:15

   The application deadline: Wednesday, January 9

With introduction of the highest brewing study, it is commented on "raw materials" (rice, water) in the making of sake "microorganism" (yeast, Aspergillus oryzae) "brewing" scientifically.

In addition, we can observe yeast and ricemalt, too.

It is recommended to sake senior.

Are you not full of the deep world of sake which you cannot usually know?


enorogu HP.JPG

From grape that beautiful wine is delicious

Wine course that enorogu recites

Thursday, January 31 holding

   Lecturer: Hakutsuru Sake Brewing sale Planning Maruo spirit one

   Participation fee: 4,000 yen (with lunch & wine, souvenir)

   Time: From 18:45 to 20:15

   The application deadline: Wednesday, January 16

enorogu is vinification engineering management person. It is wine seminar by enorogu.

We spotlight grape of raw materials which are indispensable to delicious wine.

Delicious grape including difference in cultivation method of grape every kind and state of growth approaches in secret that there is.

In addition, with tasting of several kinds of wine including art of how to taste and way of enjoying wine, we comment clearly.

Do you not learn the world of deep wine while asking about valuable story only in enorogu and interesting experiences?


It is ... about "enorogu" here

・ Actually, there is no system to boil enorogu in Japan.

  Therefore general wine technology society enorogu sectional meeting,

  * Person who acquired national qualification of enorogu in foreign countries

  * Or, based on rule of federation of international enorogu, it is National College of Technology, university, graduate school

    We acquire science about vinification and technical knowledge and have work experience more than three years

    By in members of one) wine technology society and Manager of enorogu section as enorogu

    Person that we met nature, and it was admitted that it was qualified

  This is authorized as enorogu.

・ Japanese enorogu qualification maintainer is becoming approximately 120 people now.

・ In authoritative wine contest, the majority of judge is enorogu globally.


HP Kabuki. jpg

<twice holding to be able to choose participation day>

We know Kabuki which we watched from backstage!

To sake one hand, we taste depth of Kabuki

Thursday, February 7 holding

Thursday, February 14 holding

   Lecturer: Kabukiza Theatre stage's advisor / former Kabukiza Theatre manager Eiichi Kanada

   Participation fee: 5,000 yen (with lunch & liquor, souvenir)

   Time: It is from 18:45 to 20:15 with every day

   The application deadline: Wednesday, January 23

Twice to be able to choose participation day under the theme of "let's enjoy story of Kabuki" is held.

Lecturer is Kanada of the manager of former Kabukiza Theatre at Kabukiza Theatre that the stage was known everything about to every corner.

Culture course of adult who can enjoy while tasting the history and characteristic of theater, sake including admiration point. You can enjoy lunch of shop with connection in sake and Kabukiza Theatre.


 In the case of a lot of applicants, it becomes lottery.

  (all seminars are popular. Probability drawing lots rises.)

  For more details, please see homepage that we showed in end of a sentence.

Hakutsuru Building appearance a.jpg

Hakutsuru Ginza-style


The seventh floor of 5-12-5, Ginza Hakutsuru building

It is signal corner of Kabukiza Theatre, building of opposite side.


Telephone 03-3543-0776

It is 00 00-17 9:00 - 12:00.13

(excluded on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)

The details, seminar application point is this place




Bustle of 2019 New Year, New Year's sale

[Sam] January 6, 2019 14:00

DSC08231RRELS'.jpgDSC08237RS'G.jpg Nihonbashi Bridge neighborhood that shows bustle by the New Year, New Year's sale on January 2.

Special events only for New Year holidays to celebrate the New Year are varied.

At first it is sound of pastime that gives poetic charm to New Year holidays "lion dance".

We paraded around koredo Nihonbashi Bridge 1, 2.3 (from 9:50 to 10:50), the Edozakura-dori St. basement sidewalk (from 13:00 to 13:15), Nihonbashi Mitsui Tower (from 13:15 to 13:30), each commercial facility of koredo Nihonbashi Bridge (from 14:30 to 15:00) sequentially, and performance was developed.

Lion dance that is played for auspicious occasion or festival. It is entertainment like New Year holidays when meaning of "jomamanekifuku" sending away exorcism and starvation and epidemic was put of a race.

In 1F entrance of koredo Muromachi 2, refined sake Hakkaisan is served as the first hospitality in the New Year.



We enjoy a couple of hotaka and relay road race support of Hamarikyu

[saru] January 6, 2019 12:00

We went to watch demonstration of hotakajutsu of Hama-rikyu Gardens secondary to New Year holidays of last year on 3rd. This comes from that Hamarikyu was Takagari place of general and is performed every year for New Year holidays.


There were how many people in visitor to want to try or challenged and flew to arm properly.


Demonstration to let you make nose dive towards game from adjacent building. We have gone down to tree on the way last year probably because we rushed about, and a lot of black kite and crows threatened.


Hawk swooped down by straight line towards game wonderfully this year.


There was branch in garden, too and had "general zoni" of Kabukiza Theatre branch. We seemed to reproduce zoni which general ate, and body warmed.


After makeshift stomach goshiraeno to support of relay road race.

As we seemed to pass Chuo-dori Ave. from Kyobashi to Eitai-dori Ave. to rank at past 13:00, we walked to intersection of Yaesu-dori Ave. People of considerable support, brass band of start University are in roadside when we arrive and heap up. The top runner comes over in a few minutes, and much encouragement; flew.


It is feeling called last spurt probably because goal of Otemachi is already near.


It was 1st when we were able to taste a live sense of reality different from seeing on TV.



Tokyo Skytree seeing the old year out special writing

[Sam] January 6, 2019 12:00

DSC08219ELS'.jpgDSC08228RS'G.jpg We greet the New Year and, in the Tokyo Skytree, are holding event for various New Year holidays titled "New Year holidays 2019 of the Tokyo Skytree".

In timing when age changes, red and white "seeing the old year out special writing" reflecting the image of the national flag "Japanese flag" turn on.

It is peace and calm brightness to expect from Chuo-ohashi Bridge.

Lighting time: December 31 23:50 - January 1 6:00

On the first three days of a new year of New Year holidays, we invite sumo wrestler of Kise room to observation deck, and sale of-limited cafe menu and goods is planned for 2,019 first arrival commencing with holding of competition in strength and event that we can take a picture of at 350m above the ground together for present of original votive tablet strap, conduct, New Year holidays of "New Year holidays greeting" to come in contact with SORA Kalla dressed in long-sleeved kimono in visitors every day to sky wish corridor.