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2019 New Year Edo firefighting memory society "lumber-carriers' work song, fireman's standard swing, acrobatic performances on a ladder"

[Sam] January 8, 2019 14:00

DSC08284ELSR'.jpgDSC08271RS'G.jpg On January 4, wonderful skill of "way of lumber-carriers' work song, fireman's standard, acrobatic performances on a ladder" that were smart, and were striped mullet back full of Edo atmosphere by Tokyo designation formlessness folk cultural assets Edo firefighting memory fair first wards to inherit tradition of town fireman of Edo of annual event in Nihonbashi Bridge Takashimaya S.C., Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Main Store in now on the New Year was shown this year.

The first floor of Nihonbashi Bridge Takashimaya front hall / Nihonbashi Bridge galleria 10:30/12:15

Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Main Store the first floor reception 11:10

"Acrobatic performances on a ladder" of Nihonbashi Bridge Takashimaya S.C. performance renovated substitute, flavor in front of shop front that was conventional venue, and it was held in "Nihonbashi Bridge galleria" between main building and new buildings that were born newly last year.

At first "A Happy New Year" friend is curtain on ladder to support.

Then, various skill was developed, and big cheers and applause were sent from between sightseer.



It is ... out of first part - Edo grand performance of sacred music and dancing at the Ise Shrine Maruichi Lychnis senno company in Edo grand performance of sacred music and dancing at the Ise Shrine, year-end fair of the Yagenbori end

[rosemary sea] January 8, 2019 12:00

It is rosemary sea collecting data on in o eleven-nine that "gift and oneself enjoy".


"Storage of year-end fair, Ode City of annual performed in Yagenbori Fudoin Temple neighborhood of Higashinihombashi for three days on Friday on 28th from last Wednesday, December 26 of the Yagenbori end" was full of extremely routinely many crowds.

"Year-end fair" is city putting article on sale for New Year holidays such as kadomatsu or decorated sacred straw festoon (occupies, and displays).

Year-end fair was carried out in each place in the Edo era, but it was here Yagenbori to have given glory to the last.

But it has been when it was only year-end fair of this Yagenbori end and battledore City of Asakusa now to remain.

We match storage of "Ode city (odekoichi seems to say)" that it is hosted by "Higashinihombashi Yagenbori Store Association" with this and are held, and clothing or daily use miscellaneous goods are put on sale at reduced prices at all. At the same time, stalls approximately 100 form a line.

IMG_20181227_163540 (2)a.jpg

Please come by all means various places, one year when you do not come later.

IMG_20181226_124639 (2)a.jpg IMG_20181226_124639_1 (2)a.jpg

IMG_20181226_124658 (2)a.jpg

While so-called "Japanese spaniel Don person" distributed flyer of great leaving a shed City, we heaped up the mood of city.

IMG_20181226_125512 (2)a.jpg

IMG_20181226_125206a.jpgrozumari gave up under the Yagenbori Fudoin Temple stairs 1:00 p.m. on 26th for the first day ago.

Purpose is ...

Among Edo grand performance of sacred music and dancing at the Ise Shrine Maruichi Lychnis senno company (edodaikaguramaruichisenoshachu), to hear story from Maruichi Lychnis senno, thirteenth head master of a school (image).

And to collect data on held Edo grand performance of sacred music and dancing at the Ise Shrine.

26th for the first day is twice of 13:00 and 17:00 in large goma (sesame) being burnt between.

Three times performance, once of 13:00, 15:00, 17:00 are approximately 45 minutes for 27th and 28 days.

It is approximately two years ago, but thing at the time of coverage of "the cutting of the New Year's rice cake" of Eitaro Sohonpo co. ltd of Nihonbashi Bridge.

In Eitaro, strolling musician (corner pickles) of New Year holidays by Maruichi Lychnis senno coterie was performed and introduced only a little.

Article of the case is this.


Two years have passed while promising further introduction.

Besides, it is the main subject, introduction of Edo grand performance of sacred music and dancing at the Ise Shrine Maruichi Lychnis senno coterie from here that we kept waiting with double.


maruichi11sa.jpgEdo grand performance of sacred music and dancing at the Ise Shrine ...

It is said to be the Heian era in the origin of grand performance of sacred music and dancing at the Ise Shrine. It is the Edo era and is raging.

The factor is "visit to Ise". It is desire of general public to want to go to Ise Grand Shrine for prayer once for life.

However, we are resident in distant place, and the travel expenses are high price, the days, too. 15th one-way from the Edo era.

Therefore Shinto priesthood children of Ise Grand Shrine and Atsuta-jingu Shrine which collected faith equally go on a business trip to each place having humped-head goldfish.

We purified and distributed charm. Instead of going and worshiping directly, in other words, is grand performance of sacred music and dancing at the Ise Shrine ...

We are said to have transcribed distinction into grand performance of sacred music and dancing at the Ise Shrine from here.

maruichi14sa.jpg... out of Maruichi Lychnis senno company

One of the names representing grand performance of sacred music and dancing at the Ise Shrine having been continued since the Edo era. We belong to Atsuta group.

This group got permission of Atsuta-jingu Shrine in 1664 (Kanbun 4) and proceeded to Edo and we went around mansion of big things and small things and seemed to do "exorcism".

We offered for imperial inspection of family to inherit the shogunate in garden of Edo-jo Castle Fukiage in 1669 five years later.

In business trip to Edo becoming annual, and moving to Edo before long from here.

With various stage and events, overseas performance, it is played an active part very much now.

In addition, is traditional around Nihonbashi Bridge neighborhood for New Year holidays; in the town block; is turned around.

・・Introduction of program on ・ day follows short novel, the latter part.

Large Kawasaki, Motoyama Great Teacher Tokyo annex Yagenbori Fudoin Temple

2-6-8, Higashinihonbashi

Toei Asakusa Line Higashi-Nihombashi Station B3, Exit B4 3-minute walk

Among Edo grand performance of sacred music and dancing at the Ise Shrine Maruichi Lychnis senno company

Homepage is this place




When we were depressed, we want to go! Street which gets used to being slightly happy

[Hanes] January 8, 2019 09:00

Hello. It is Hanes (splashes) of new face correspondent
Many lines are in Chuo-ku as having introduced niyochansangago on the last day of the year, and each has nickname.

In them, there is favorite street which wants to go when we were depressed personally.
It is Happy-dori St. (happiidori)!
The starting point 1-8, Yaesu, terminal concerning 3-5, Nihonbashi,
We took "day" of Nihonbashi Bridge and, "eight of Yaesu," seemed to have with 8th (happii)


It is somewhat street of sound that seems to be able to feel happy.
But please read English name with much effort


As well as sound, it becomes just what it is really happy (happy)!
It is feeling such as "small happiness discovery", is it not nandakahokkoridekiru street?

Of course big street where traffic regulation is enforced by Tokyo-Hakone collegiate ekiden like Kajibashi-dori Ave. and Chuo-dori Ave. is in Chuo-ku.


However, please pay attention to nickname and characteristic of such a street when you wait and do walk.
We surely wait, and walk should become more fun
In Chuo-ku for house ino all of you, all of you coming to Chuo-ku,
So that 2019 is 1 that is happy (happy)...

[reference website]
Chuo-ku government office "list of Chuo-ku road nickname names" (Nihonbashi Bridge area)



"Tsurutaro Kataoka" exhibition - face -faces MATSUYA GINZA

[extinction purple] January 7, 2019 18:00

100_3057.JPG 100_3047.JPG


Plan opened curtain by "Tsurutaro Kataoka" exhibition in the New Year of the Heisei last of Ginza MATSUYA. It is exhibition of "memory that is made to feel that "multi-talented people" are right words for this person some other time of the 45th anniversary of the entertainment life of the 25th anniversary of the painting". To be in plan of exhibition; "Tsurutaro Kataoka who sometimes has face as painter and calligrapher with him/her face of actor while sometimes is active as entertainer again. They acquire title of Indian government official recognition yoga instructor in 2017, and the multi-talent and level of activity do not know what they remain" in


As venue "was free to do shooting," we took a lot. We want to have you taste atmosphere of venue with some. "Mount Fuji" where there is much neighborhood of entrance. And corner of "we become completely work" that it "becomes Yayoi Kusama and Shiko Munakata completely" that I was interesting and creates. At first, from "form," crane Taro of red hair appears in fashion of polka dots, and picture to start production in studio is carried away, and laughter goes up from the audience of the circumference. I burst into laughter unintentionally, too. We catch characteristic well, and form "looks just like" work, too. Besides, a lot of things which writer and talents are made to assume medicine including work about crane Taro on mask harking back to No-mask.


100_3053.JPG 100_3049.JPG

100_3050.JPG 100_3052.JPG


It is exhibition to be able to enjoy which is good in the New Year.

MATSUYA GINZA 8F event is square until "Tsurutaro Kataoka" exhibition January 14 

We are closed at 17:00 on the last day for admission public 1,000 yen from 10:00 to 20:00



Change around Harumi Wharf

[quiet knee ☆ cricket] January 7, 2019 14:00

We performed for confirmation what kind of situation Harumi decided on Olympian village held in Tokyo in 2020 was in

As around Harumi Wharf is surprised; underwent a transfiguration


Impressive building (photograph, the left building) of "Harumi Passenger Ship Terminal" was the same, but it was parking lot before, or several buildings for the Olympic village were under construction in the outskirts


After the Olympics, super high-rise tower apartment is built more and seems to be plan that many houses compare with


Signboard of "Olympic village construction place" exited


Building of Toyosu market (Koto-ku) which Tsukiji market moves in last October from Harumi Wharf, and opened can have a distant view


We had the annual "first auction" on the first New Year, and, on this month 5, bluefin tuna (278 kilos) from Oma, Aomori was knocked down for one 333,600,000 yen there

Fine weather seascape is changing more and more




2019 Tsukiji, Namiyoke-jinja Shrine New Year's visit to a Shinto shrine

[Sam] January 7, 2019 14:00

P1010031ELS'.jpgDSC08221RSRG.jpg Tsukiji, Namiyoke-jinja Shrine which is got close to as Ujigami of land after Toyosu move of Tsukiji market.

On the middle of the night of December 31 to reach new age, it is full of many New Year's visit to a Shinto shrine visitors this year.

Lantern is lighted, and, in front of main hall, "ring of Japanese nutmeg" that we bundle up God tool, Japanese nutmeg of Shinto prayer of the cleanliness and looped is provided.

When entering to the precincts is prohibited after the last festival "ringing out the old year and ringing in the new year no great purification type" to the age held from 23:30 once until 0:00 on New Year's Day, and year is over, "A Happy New Year" a large number of worshipers who formed a line of long file enter the precincts sequentially and receive homemade mascot "paper charm of the sexagenary cycle" distributed to the first 1,000 (leaning to the left image) and pass through ring of Japanese nutmeg and leave for Toriimae for signal by shout with drumbeat in front of main hall.

It is full of many New Year's visit to a Shinto shrine visitors after 15th in average year.