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Tsukiji, Namiyoke-jinja Shrine "serves seven herbs Shinto ritual, nanakusa-gayu"

[Sam] January 9, 2019 14:00

DSC08321ELS'.jpgDSC08326RS'G.jpg January 7 is festival of the first seventh day of January of five festivals.

Festival of annual "seven herbs Shinto ritual" was performed in Namiyoke-jinja Shrine Tsukiji full of New Year's visit to a Shinto shrine visitors on the New Year from 11:00, and "nanakusa-gayu" was served successively in in front of Shinto shrine.

Annual function to still hit among pines at turning point of event for cutting of the New Year's rice cake, small New Year holidays and New Year holidays to continue on the last day on 7th for New Year holidays, and to eat nanakusa-gayu which we put seven spring herbs (we do tin which is water dropwort, nazuna, gikyo, hakobera, hotokenoza, bell) which sprouted from the earth in morning on this day in, and to pray for perfect state of health.

Each seven herbs has effect and consoles the stomach and intestines which were tired from amusement of New Year holidays, and there is alimentary one side in winter when we are apt to lack greens, and it may be said that it is custom that met law of nature.

Rice porridge which we finished plainly is service that we are thankful for that warmth and gentleness reach in fresh taste under the wintry sky after New Year dishes of slightly rich taste followed.



[extra] We press charm of bridge light of Chuo-ku!

[Hanes] January 9, 2019 12:00

Hello. It is Hanes (splashes) of new face correspondent
As it is enthusiastic contents which are called into question by extra, official approval of river, bridge this time, and are only a little,
We are happy if you can make even reference at the time of walk...
It is tool for bridge light, light we preface this, and to take up!

"Bridge is full" of short stories of Yukio Mishima in April, and "bridge is full" of modern versions to o one hand; by oshita,
We know that bridge light of Miyoshi Bridge is decorative street lamp,
Thereafter we saw bridge light carefully when we crossed other bridges


■Reigan Bridge
Like each other student saying in phyllotaxis (by one piece changes direction to one gnarl of stem and is turned on),
Polygonal bridge light which is turned on to different height...It is simple, but is stylish

Reigan Bridge. jpg

■Shin-Kamejima Bridge
Thing of Reigan Bridge and this bridge light that change, curve are impressive when we crawl.
It is sturdy appearance such as grazing dinosaur having a long neck

Shin-Kamejima Bridge _ bridge light. jpg

■Kamejima Bridge
There are two kinds of bridge lights that white globe stands out.

Kamejima Bridge. jpg

■Minami-Takabashi Bridge
Seemingly there does not seem to be tool for light, but is lucky well

Minami-Takabashi Bridge _ bridge light. jpg

■Edobashi Bridge
Tool for light turned on to being heavy and main pillar which we did is impressive, and bridge light is slightly Western-style, too.

Edobashi Bridge. jpg

Bridge light of Ryogoku Bridge of design which did not take up this time, but has the same at the time of the completion,
By unique design different every bridges such as bridge lights of Kiyosu Bridge of design such as lamp,
We may notice that we begin to see in the fun

Bridge light. jpg
(a part of bridge light, the streetlight in Chuo-ku)

There is characteristic thing taken away with novel like decorative street lamp among them,
Tool for bridge light, light still pleases our eyes in old days



Isamu Sekido photo exhibition [communication gallery Fugen company]

[quiet knee ☆ cricket] January 9, 2019 09:00

In 1, Tsuiji, communication gallery Fugen company on the second floor of Tsukiji garden building, "Isamu Sekido photo exhibition "point of eyes" PARTII" is held


For exhibition period, it is from Tuesday, January 8 to 26th Saturday.

As for the time, 19:00, Saturday is from 12:00 to 17:00 from 12:00 Friday from Tuesday, and Sunday and Monday become absent.


Photo exhibition of Yu Sekido is this gallery; secondary to last year of the third seem to become held


Sekido is photographer resident in Kitakamakura where it is active in freelance now via Iwanami producing lot photograph department


Joint work of Sekido and Yukio Murata of nine haze garden third generation "brings up many wonder January bonsai", and this photo exhibition is held for release of (Gospel building bookstore) in addition, but display photograph is work which was photographed while Sekido charmed by bonsai which is great deal of effort of existing nine haze garden owner Yu Murata goes for ten several years


Bonsai of displayed work has surprising bonsai () including sweet potato () parsley () akebi () among Tang maple and zelkova, Chionanthus retusus, bonsais which we usually image such as Japanese white pine


But it felt that beauty of molding of nature and beauty by person having added hand cooperated well concerning "beauty" to be common

It is photo exhibition that work which cut the most beautiful moment of the bonsai beautifully was displayed


As the beauty is hardly conveyed with snapshot of venue scenery that I took, you come to right or wrong, gallery, and please confirm directly this beauty with eyes of


In addition, about photography in gallery, Sekido broken by gallery and venue on that day gave the consent to

Thank you


HP of communication gallery Fugen company is this ⇒




Harumi Wharf Tokyo Olympics Paralympics Olympic village construction scenery

[silver ornament] January 9, 2019 09:00

From offing of Harumi Wharf, we photographed construction scenery of the Tokyo Olympics Paralympics Olympic village.

Construction makes progress smoothly, and completion is long in coming. We saw signboard of Harumi Flag, too.

DSCN3085 (400x300). jpg



We taste the beauty of national treasure Japan

[hiba arborvitae] January 8, 2019 18:00

Hall stored possession exhibition that national treasures form a line.

 The appearance. jpg

Do you see display live than you watch in photograph?
It will be greatly different as experience.

With display case which reproduced tea-ceremony room "Jo-an Teahouse" of national treasure,
Place where we mix "kokutakarashiyachawammeiuhanasho"
We may realize in various ways.

As well as all around of bowl, it is structure of hill from possibility
There is originality in made zenhoi and is the highlight.

Is attached by Sekishu Katagiri; in note of authentication on a box containing an object of art,


Would you liken Shino glaze to snow and flower?
It is splendid song. It was figure of the street.

"Figure of national treasure snow pine screen" which became annual is released.

When you go to visit by all means and look at this rare national treasure
How about?

 New Year holidays decoration. jpg

◆Mitsui Memorial Museum
 The seventh floor of the 2-1-1, Nihonbashimuromachi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Mitsui Main Building
 Figure of national treasure snow pine and animal art
 Until Thursday, January 31, 2019



Tokyo-Hakone collegiate ekiden and votive card stamp rally of the Heisei last

[silver raccoon dog] January 8, 2019 14:00

We participated in "votive card stamp & name of a street quiz rally" that watching games and Tokyo Chuo City Tourist Information Center of Tokyo-Hakone collegiate ekiden of the Heisei last carried out on Thursday, January 3.


At first we decided to watch a game in this neighborhood as "we were running in around Sengakuji and seemed to come to Nihonbashi Bridge for intelligence in another ten several minutes" when we were running, or player heard where to woman whom we guided with kimono of Nihonbashi Bridge tourist information center now.

When saw image of giraffe and lion of Nihonbashi Bridge slowly and carefully while was waiting for player, it was revealed with finger, and, as for two feet of giraffe, finger, four feet of lion got big crop; felt.

At 13:22, player of the top passes the very front instantly.

I did not see face very well in the excessive speed, and voice with "... which did not come out" was audible from people who were going to photograph with smartphone.

... which player of the second place comes three minutes later, but this goes through instantly

The Nihonbashi Bridge outskirts are watching games points that is popular at 1 kilo point until goal.

Next left for "votive card stamp & name of a street quiz Larry" reflectively when we must think of watching games point carefully.

This carries out until Monday, January 14 and gets "prize for participation" when we collect seven places of stamps in ward and gets "achievement Prize" more when all the problems answer all stamp & quizzes correctly.

※Prize for prize for participation, achievement is limited in number together.


Like player of Tokyo-Hakone collegiate ekiden, we think that it is good to run through Chuo-ku in instant, how about going round Chuo-ku while doing suntapurari slowly and carefully?