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Christmas charity pin badge and candle of MATSUYA GINZA

[Tsukuda nousako] December 4, 2018 18:00

When December begins, become restless; nowadays every year, "oh! Oh, yes, there is place to stop. It is included from Chuo-dori Ave. of MATSUYA GINZA and is front Exit and Kyobashi Exit on the first floor and the synthesis information desk in two places. Pretty pin badge was sold this year on counter.


MATSUYA badge. jpg 

Designer unit on behalf of Sweden, North European design are the world, and design of pin badge of this year is thing of popular couple "BENGT & LOTTA" (benguto & Lotta).


It will be Christmas season from now on! When there is badge like love that does not come to the chest for neck of coat of outing, we are excited at feeling more and shine.


Wonderful project affects this pin badge. "Education of child changes the world" is contributed to "Room to Read" which continues being active which focused on the cause of faith, literacy education and girl education of Asia Africa all of earnings.


Me and Yisher. jpg Pin badge of pin badge right 2017 of left 2016


There was beeswax candle of Ginza bee on counter one more. Because Matsuya contributes this to "Room to Read" in full, in cooperation with Ryuji Ando of Ginza bee project and the honey candle first person, it is candle which we made from rare beeswax produced from den of Ginza bee.


mitsubachi. jpg 


Ginza bee project is to have already spread among everybodies, but bee is grown for the purpose of city and symbiosis with nature in the roof of Pulp & Paper Building of Matsuya-dori St., and tree planting opens from activity start in 2006 now for saimitsu around Ginza, too.


That reminds me! As for neighbor Tsukiji of Ginza, it was done open city for foreign country at the beginning of the Meiji era, and it was in "Tsukiji settlement". Many missions system school founds a school there and becomes the birthplace of current academy and *yogakuen for women. Cooperation of department store and Ginza areas of Ginza that is next to ground, Tsukiji that women's education of Japan started from is charity activity wonderful at all saving children whom there is not the reading and writing still more in the world. And we are glad that pin badge fan nousakotoshiteha, collections of this year increase again.


As both pin badge and candle have limit to number, please go out early.


Detailed information of Room to Read is this

Detailed information of Ginza bee project is this







Ups and downs of rohachi*ji

[hiba arborvitae] December 4, 2018 14:00

It was December in early thing in this year.

Eight days from December 1 to 8th are rohachidaisetsushin.

At ascetic practices dojo studio of Zen Buddhism in the same way as Buddha
We live a life absorbed in posture of contemplation for this one week.

Large kite of Dharma. png

For teaching of Buddha through "Zen"
It is Bodhidharma to have been successful.

Dharma of "tumbler,"
It is said that it is Bodhidharma of "posture of contemplation".

Tsukiji Dharma. jpg

The deep-black eyebrows and mustache are "Tsukiji Dharma" of fish.
By writing brush letter which live kino like Tsukiji is good for
It is "riverside fish market" and "TSUKIJI" on both sides of face
This is drawn.

Dharma of ups and downs,
It is mascot which business prosperity and luck are suitable for.

We were able to hang with salmon.
Please look for in Tsukiji Outer Market.

 National Diet Library digital collection



Attractive rediscovery of Ibaraki! Place where IBARAKI sense glitters

[Hanes] December 4, 2018 12:00

Hello. It is Hanes (splashes) of new face correspondent
One month or more passed from reopening of antenna shop IBARAKI sense (Ibaraki sense) of Ibaraki,
Did everybody go to new shop yet?
On the day of the reopening, actress Miho Shiraishi from Ibaraki, tape cutting by actor Gota Watabe and others were carried out and became topic!
I dropped in with co-worker concerning Ibaraki native place on the open day, too

(state of store during renewal construction)

We are reborn than before in higher-grade stylish space with open feeling,
Impression of Ibaraki should improve so as to recover in charm degree ranking at a stretch

IBARAKI sense.jpg
(state of store of the beginning of November)
By the way, when we say what Hanes bought in antenna shop of Ibaraki...
■Saza Coffee (sazakohi)
Saza Coffee of BARA cafe where answer is established by IBARAKI sense
"Coffee and person of thought may come by anything", too,
In fact, it is slightly deluxe self roast coffee which is loved by reputation in this, the prefecture by citizen of the prefecture if delicious

BARA cafe.jpg

This coffee house which operator of movie theater "Katsuta Takarazuka Theater" founded in 1969,
We establish direct management farm in South American Columbian kauka in 1997
In 2017, we won first championship at competitive show of FNC korombiakauka prefecture
As it is evaluated at production center of coffee beans, we cannot overlook authority of coffee!
You can eat only several kinds in this cafe,
In store of Saza Coffee, there are Yoshitomo Tokugawa (even if good) him and thing called "General Tokugawa coffee" which makes collaboration, and was born for the fourth generation of the Yoshinobu Tokugawas.
As for this, in the case of opening of a port negotiations of 1867, Prince Yoshinobu employs French cook,
We investigated documents when I gave coffee of service to European and American minister and reappeared
It becomes modern version of French coffee of the late Tokugawa period
Is neither coffee enthusiast nor history enthusiast worried about the flavor?
In this way, Ibaraki where relations are close by the Tokugawas connection with Edo, Tokyo...
From here, we introduce spot about Ibaraki in ward every times!
[the Edo era]
■Samurai residence
Samurai residence of Ibaraki (some Hitachi country, Shimousa countries) existed relatively a lot in ward.
Daimyo's mansion: Hitachi Asao feudal clan Shun Shinjo Komori direct Takeshi (3, Nihonbashihamacho)
Daimyo's second residence: jorikukasakanhammakiyabigoshu*choku (the Meijiza Theater area)
    Shimousa Furukawa feudal clan Oi Doi head Toshinori (Nihonbashihakozakicho, around the IBM Hakozaki Building)
■Company according to Kasama Inari Shrine Tokyo
Company (the God of Longevity) according to one Kasama Inari Shrine Tokyo of 7, Nihonbashi Fukugami in Nihonbashihamacho,
It is in the middle of the Edo era, and it is in Shinto shrine made branch shrine from Kasama Inari Shrine of one Ibaraki of Japan's three biggest Inari.

Kasama Inari Shrine. jpg
(Kasama Inari Shrine becoming the total head office. 2017 shooting.)
Chrysanthemum Festival is held in November and is full of many people every year.
It is easy to relatively access from Tokyo

Kasama Inari Shrine _ chrysanthemum. jpg

■Ishikawajima museum
1853 when Perry visited a shore.
Mito feudal clan Nariaki Tokugawa founded "Ishikawajima shipyard" in order to raise the armaments of Japan.
We started building of first Japanese Western style sailing warship "Xuri circle" here, and modern shipbuilding began.
At this museum in Tsukuda, we come to be able to know the history and culture of Tsukuda Island and shipyard today


[the Meiji era]
■Nihonbashi Bridge

Nihonbashi Bridge which it was built a bridge for the first time in 1603, and played a Japanese key role as the starting point of the Five Routes in the next year.
Two stone arched bridges which we crossed were completed now in 1911.
Bronze sculpture of giraffe and lion which architect Yorinaka Tsumaki designed is impressive,
In fact, unexpectedly there is Ibaraki element in this bridge!
Inada stone which we cut and brought down to pavement and arch part how from Inada, Ibaraki (Kasama-shi) is used more than running out of 40,000


Inada stone said to be "granite which is the whitest in Japan" is used even for the Supreme Court and Hibiya Dai-ichi Mutual Life Insurance Co. building and we are used for stone pavement of inside open space of finished JR Tokyo Station circle in last December and attract attention again recently.
In addition, we are used as obstacle of IBARAKI sense

(nothing of quarry of Inada stone in Kasama-shi. 2017 shooting. Instagenic)

◼️ medicine ancestral god company
Do you know this Shinto shrine right by forest of happiness and prosperity?
We worship pharmaceutical ancestral god Nikami as we can imagine from Shinto shrine name and are said to be when there is benefit of disease-free health, disease recovery.


Seemingly we seem to have nothing to do with Ibaraki, but, in fact, are the medicine industry of Nihonbashihoncho,
We visit in in front of in front of Oarai beach (isosaki) Shinto shrine of Ibaraki that assumes this Nikami enshrined deity from old days and liquor line beach (sakatsuraisosaki) Shinto shrines, and it is said that we showed sense of veneration.

Oarai Isosaki Shrine. jpg
(Oarai Isosaki Shrine in point that went up long stairs. 2017 shooting.)

There is torii of God beach in the nearby sea.
IBARAKI sense renewal was under construction, and this was introduced even poster put on glass.

(2017 shooting.)
We introduced a part of Ibaraki element seen in Chuo-ku after the Edo era to here, but how would about?
We are unexpectedly immediate and think that which we knew for the first time when there is Ibaraki element may come to place with familiarity so that it is representative by Nihonbashi Bridge
We are not only known still more, and there is a lot of charm of Ibaraki!
Please find spot where IBARAKI sense glitters while waiting in Chuo-ku, and doing walk
■IBARAKI sense
Address: 1-2-1, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo dyer Building 1F
Business hours: Shop cafe from 10:30 to 20:00
     Restaurant from 11:00 to 23:00 (on Sunday/Holiday 21:00)
Official web site:
※This article has publication permission than manager of IBARAKI sense.
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Kanto district maintenance station Tokyo country office "decoration of Nihonbashi Bridge"
Kota Kodama (the supervision) "reconstruction, Edo information map" (The Asahi Shimbun Company, 1994).



[Kyobashi] Please in "Kyobashi shop curry" which became membership system takeout

[inochan] December 4, 2018 09:00

Shop to introduce today is Kyobashi shop curry. According to the name, it is curry person in Kyobashi.

Place is very close to Kyobashi daikon bank of a river bluish-skinned fish market trace.




It is this ground in 2006, and, commencing with business, ingredients are all additive-free using as possible organic vegetables,

We provide original spice curry which is high in flavor not to use wheat flour.


Though, today's story about curry about shop. End.




Kyobashi shop curry is entirely non-smoking since the opening time.

Restaurant valuing taste and flavor of ingredients in the present times becomes non-smoking in all seats, all time

This is not rare thing.


But Kyobashi shop curry is slightly different in state.

"Smell apologies of cigarette" entering a shop rule, "perfume is put under ban" is always TV and net

It was taken up in this and became topic.


Surely how is when do not follow rule that must be shop with feelings very much; is stubborn

We imagine when we will be scolded by tough look storekeeper (expectation!) Is place to do this, but of this

The master is very gentle one.


In fact, there was such a reason for severe entering a shop rule.

The master is thing harmful to body because of chemical substance hypersensitivity and passive smoking symptom by toxic substance of cigarette

Symptoms such as pain and swelling, numbness appear when you feel quality, and affect business of shop

We put away. As similar reaction may be caused to chemical substance except cigarette, perfume

We cannot but refrain from visit of person wearing flavor ingredients of detergent for clothes.


We come to be asked about the word "incense harm" recently and surely arrest as environmental problem,

The local governments promoting understanding and consideration to there being people troubled with chemical substance hypersensitivity increase.


For the user side seeking meals that it is delicious not to smell unnecessary in shop

It must be merit.



Can taste only in "Kyobashi shop"; "can untie curry." We tell about the details by next article.


However, as for getting understanding of all one where are actually come to, hard to please is the master and wife

This was able to continue making various efforts, but unfortunately only placard; effect

But, when there is not, and heartless words are poured when I declined entering a shop out of necessity,

There seemed to be great difficulty in shop.


Therefore we will adopt membership system with Kyobashi shop curry from April, 2018.


Membership system of Kyobashi shop curry with such a process was intended to increase members

Then there is not and will be membership system to continue shop in future.


If severe entering a shop rule returns the other side; Kyobashi shop curry toward chemical substance hypersensitivity and the passive smoking symptom

We take, and it means that it is extremely space with a few risks. We need such a place

There may be much number of teiru than possibly oneself thinks.


Please by plain comics about chemical substance hypersensitivity in detail

 "More in understanding, Japan to incense harm" is page of Canaria-Up Kanari up


Curry specialty in it having been interested in this shop with much effort to have become membership system

Can you not taste? That's not true. Sale of business taking away
But, it began. Business in takeout will become central figure in future. First one, member
Please use igai.




At non-smoking boom of these days, sho do not grieve at one of regular smoker that it is always felt small either

We are and think to be thing. May be painful story of ear for such people, but the body of the master

It is product with curry for fans of thought and Kyobashi shop curry with body well forever

When we thought that we want you to continue, ri is thing and membership system to have original entering a shop rule in shop

We wanted to tell many people that we switched to store specializing in takeout more.


Kyobashi shop curry featuring individual original menu.

We seem to aim at shop which customer feels relieved more than before, and can enjoy curry.




Kyobashi shop curry

Kyobashi, Chuo-ku 3-4-3 Chinari Building 2F


Kyobashi Station, Ginza-Itchome Station




Display 2018 of Ginza Itoya winter

[silver ornament] December 3, 2018 18:00

 It becomes Window Display informing the winter arrival when we go along in front of Ginza Itoya.

In the scene where Skier runs on the snowy mountains, we address as "Let's Go".

It is the scene that children seem to be pleased with.

DSCN2348 (400x300). jpg 

 December began. As Christmas card, calendar of the New Year, wonderful stationery including notebook are prepared here, we are going to purchase early. HP of Ginza Itoya is this.



"Crimson light street (we shine and wait) - Nihonbashi Bridge ~"

[Sam] December 3, 2018 18:00

DSC07943ELS'.jpgDSC07944RS'G.jpg Light up "crimson light street (we shine and wait) - Nihonbashi Bridge ..." to finish dyeing town of Nihonbashi Bridge by crimson light on November 30, and to match with gorgeous illuminations of row of cherry blossom trees of Edozakura-dori St., and to turn on the area whole area of brightly is the first appearance.

Period From November 30 to December 28 from 17:00 to 23:00

It is new design wrapped in "fine pattern * winter Akari" who added arrangement to Nihonbashi Bridge as embroidery of light under the theme of Edo-dyed clothe with relationship in contemporary style.

Held area: Mitsui Main Building, Nihonbashi Mitsui Tower, koredo Muromachi 1.3

Cooperation area: Edozakura-dori St., Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Main Store, YUITO, YUITO ANNEX, OVOL Nihonbashi Bridge building

In Edozakura-dori St., we are carrying out "Edo cherry tree illuminations 2018" colored by rouge and champagne gold.

Offer of limited warm menu in each store shop target during period and SNS contribution campaign of "Edo cherry tree illuminations 2018" cooperation measure "fine pattern * winter "Edo-dyed clothe of Akari"-related plan and various kinds of programs such as Ise paper pattern" talk lives are crossed.