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[Tokyo Dumbo] December 9, 2018 14:00

 Ruins where Ginza SONY Building was dismantled become Ginza Sony Park, and various events are performed, but cooperate with Ginza maison Hermes of erumesujapon headquarters building which is next until from December 7 to December 25; HERMES JINGLE GAMES! But, it is performed.




When there is SONY Building, we make glass block of  headquarters building Ginza maison Hermes of erumesujapon which we did not see screen and can enjoy game that we projected by projection mapping with one set for two people.



 Short movie flows between games and there are many horse and art objects of Kelly bag (kind of purse for woman on behalf of Hermes) to draw sled into Ginza Sony Park and invites.  




One that approaches at the end of the year, and is busy is HERMES JINGLE GAMES with smartphone as follows! We can enjoy this! Read QR code; and LET'S TRY!



Screenshot 2018-12-08 22.06.55.png 


In Ginza of Christmas season, various displays and pleasant events are varied. When a lot of Tokyo Dumbo wants to go, there is thought.



①~ ROJI Nihonbashi Bridge ... which "gift and oneself right enjoy"

[rosemary sea] December 9, 2018 12:00

It is rosemary sea which we decide o stance that "gift and oneself enjoy" and collect data on.


As for what introduce select shop "ROJI Nihonbashi Bridge", shop which the Kokubun group head office runs, it becomes such for approximately two and a half years.

We thought last time, but no special dish which "gift and oneself enjoy" is right array.

And there are various kinds of articles in connection with Nihonbashi Bridge, too.

Furthermore, it becomes lineup that was particular about the subject matter. It is really rich in the number of articles.

IMG_20181129_112408 (2)a.jpg

Thank you for all your support, we were taken care of by Kokubun group head office management Planning public relations section Sanae Mori this time than before.

Speech is explanation of Mori of this.

・・It is introduction of article in ・ it. Price becomes all tax-included.

IMG_20181129_111036 (2)a.jpg

Can tsuma series

At first, from snacks of canned foods basic, "can tsuma". Can tsuma premium, can tsuma poles (extremity) form a line, too.

We introduced before, but are with lineup approximately 76 kinds now.

IMG_20181129_111203 (2)a.jpg

Smoked can tsuma oyster marinating 650 yen ranking No. 1 from Hiroshima

"This is "royal road". We were introduced by Nippon Television "shuichi" in October and had Hidemasa Nakayama eat."


IMG_20181129_111232 (2)a.jpg

Can tsuma Smoke salmon Halas 430 yen ranking No. 2


IMG_20181129_111259 (2). jpg

Honey mustard taste 430 yen ranking No. 3 of can tsuma thick-sliced bacon


IMG_20181129_111326 (2)a.jpg

It is from 4320 yen to 10800 yen to be right here such as can tsuma pole sea urchin, sharkfin, abalone

It is article full of sense of quality.


IMG_20181129_111432 (2)a.jpg

"Series that is related to tabete"

It is soup of freeze dry which is simple, and can taste taste of here.

We introduced before, but have not done every prefecture complete yet on this occasion.

"It kept taste of all the metropolis and districts last year in 47. You can enjoy feeling to take a trip to taste and all over Japan of good old hometown at dining table."


IMG_20181129_111738 (2)a.jpg

Right this side: It is fruit of Japan in the depths from corned beef system, the left

We introduced canned back Peter Rabbit collaboration before.

"Fruit of Japan is series of canned fruit."

"We collect corned beef series here."


IMG_20181129_111805 (2)a.jpg

The left: It is corned beef 410 yen for exclusive use of rice for egg

"Soup stock enters corned beef and can eat softly when we have you mix a little.

It may be unbearable special dish for rice enthusiast for egg."

The center: Sea chicken corned beef 390 yen

It is collaboration product with HAGOROMO FOODS.

"It is relatively recent new product. We have you introduce even TV and are becoming marketable goods product now."

The right: Can tsuma corned beef Mexican salsa taste 460 yen

It is slightly unique one article.

"Habanero sauce is included and can regulate sharp taste by yourself.

As it becomes small sack, we can have it is modest if too hot and put."



Snacks, dehydration thing corner

"Thing around nuts and dried fruit particularly the center is female oriented package.

We had package of such a hue that we wanted woman to eat casually."


IMG_20181129_112211 (2)a.jpg

nichihonkyokabokusuburisei cashew nuts and grilled cheese 240 yen

"nichihonkyokabo becomes our group companies. We develop cakes."

"It is me, product recommended personally."



Is tabete; and noodles series

Two kinds are 170 yen other than 220 yen, it.

"It becomes ramen which was particular about tool and is ramen which we draw taste of each soup stock and made."

"Getting out W crosses soup stock of different taste and provides richer taste. We are like lounge bar John of soup stock noodles."


IMG_20181129_110326 (2)a.jpg

Is clam from Chiba; and salt ramen 170 yen ranking No. 1

We boiled clam from Chiba to bring out the flavor slowly and carefully and took light "soup stock" which felt body peculiar to ingredients inside. It is use of aging dry noodles.


IMG_20181129_110346 (2)a.jpg IMG_20181129_201538 (2)a.jpg

Is Hokkaido scallops; and salt ramen 170 yen ranking No. 2

We decocted only Hokkaido scallops slowly and carefully and took "soup stock".

Unique flavor and sweetness are addicting soup.


IMG_20181129_110419 (2)a.jpg

Is Hinai chicken; and soy sauce ramen 170 yen ranking No. 3

We took "soup stock" utilized characteristic of material out of one of the three major regional chicken, Gullah of Hinai chicken.

Soup stock and balance of soy sauce are exquisiteness.


IMG_20181129_110446 (2)a.jpg

Is prawns pork bones, and is W; and ramen 220 yen

It is getting out W of Hokkaido getting out sweet shrimp and Kirishima black pork pork bones soup stock.


IMG_20181129_110500 (2)a.jpg

It is getting out another W. It is Hokkaido getting out scallops and getting out Hinai chicken. 220 yen


IMG_20181129_115629 (2)a.jpg

By the way, it is appearance of rozumari food lipounit.

The upper step left: Fruit yellow peach (golden peach) Peter Rabbit label of Japan from Yamagata

"It was article which good material of peach was reflected on the front, and was refined. Sweetness of syrup is health-oriented with exquisiteness, too." O.

The upper step center: Is clam; and salt ramen

As "we wanted to confirm taste of the thing, only parsley was good enough and ate. Taste that taste of clam is given well and is hard to quit after starting." rozumari family.

The upper step right: nichihonkyokabokusuburisei cashew nuts and fried cheese

"Combination of fragrant cashew nuts and cheese matched very much and was able to enjoy for taste of adult." S tree.

The central step left: Can tsuma corned beef Mexican salsa taste

"Taste of the first corned beef spreads through tongue, spicily! We seem to be able to enjoy various arrangement." Mt. S.

The central step right: Smoked can tsuma oyster marinating from Hiroshima

"Canned food which was clogged up with large-sized oyster closely. It is creamy and smoked flavor and saltiness are exquisite and match both rice and sake softly!" Mt. T 3.

The lower step most left: nichihonkyokabo almond cashew nuts & cheese crouton

As "it was just right when the small was hungry, it was one article that was nice for woman." Y period.

The lower step left second: Sea chicken corned beef

"It is excellent at vegetables and affinity as ingredients of salad. It is new texture of fusion of the sea and the land." Mt. T 2.

The lower step left third: It is corned beef for exclusive use of rice for egg

"Egg and corned beef match best! It is rice for slightly rich egg. Is Chinese style just to have hung down some sesame oil here; ... This is the best again. One article that rice advances." to Mt. S.

The lower step most right: Bowl of "Chiba field mustard and clam related to tabete"

"Soup stock of clam is delicious! Flower kamaboko and hues of field mustard are in full blossom in spring." S well.


・・To ・ gift, how about as souvenir to oneself?

   Please consult toward the staff by all means if at a loss.


Introduction continues on the next time.


IMG_20181129_114510 (2)a.jpgROJI Nihonbashi Bridge

The first floor of 1-1-1, Nihonbashi Kokubu Building

Kokubu Building is to sleeve, Minamizume of Nihonbashi Bridge.

Business hours from Monday to Friday from 11:00 to 18:30

     Saturday, Sundays and holidays until 18:00

Regular holiday no fixed holiday

03-3276-4162 (yoiroji)

Homepage of ROJI Nihonbashi Bridge is this place





Good restaurant Le Havre of hotel Mariners coat Tokyo view

[silver ornament] December 9, 2018 09:00

 On bus to Harumi Wharf, we strolled in the outskirts that became the Olympic village of the Olympics Paralympics.

And we were going to eat at restaurant of hotel Mariners coat.

In the restaurant, seaside auberge "Le Havre" is on jushitokokichikame, restaurant marurena, the twelfth floor on the first floor.

We assumed meal in good restaurant "Le Havre" of view. It is restaurant of the name of port town of France, but can have Japanese dishes, too. Lunch is affordable. for around 1,000 yen

My lunch. Tempura, sashimi, Nixdorf of Callionymus are piled.

DSCN2535 (400x300). jpg

 And you can look at the construction situation of the Olympic village of the Olympics Paralympics from the twelfth floor. Completion is long in coming.

DSCN2538 (400x300). jpg

To sleeve of Toyosu-ohashi Bridge , apartment is construction rush, too.

DSCN2539 (400x300). jpg

 About access to hotel, restaurant in hotel, please see this.



2, Shintomi, delicious Italian [trattoria do task]

[quiet knee ☆ cricket] December 8, 2018 14:00

2, Shintomi, lunch menu are abundant, and anything is Italian of delicious homemade pasta, "trattoria do task"


Monday through Friday is lunchtime and dinnertime, and, as for the business hours, it is only dinnertime on Saturday

At detailed time, please confirm in HP of the end


We order "domestic clam rosso" of tomato sauce with pasta set today

It was hard to throw away "pescatore of various seafood, too", is it the next time?

At first, it is green vegetable salad

Dressing raises appetite


And "domestic clam rosso"

Clam of purippuri enters a lot.

Place, rate of 150 g of height of normal were the same and asked at 200 g of heap of today

We thoroughly enjoyed fluency of raw noodles and clam, taste of tomato


Anyway, this has abundant kinds of pasta, and anything is delicious


Blog which we introduced the shop to in this October is this ⇒

HP of this shop is this ⇒



Warm illuminations to enjoy in the ECO Edo era

[Hanes] December 8, 2018 12:00

Hello. It is Hanes (splashes) of new face correspondent
We went to see "crimson light street - Nihonbashi Bridge ..." that Sam of senior correspondent introduced (until December 28) the other day!
In Edozakura-dori St. and the neighboring buildings being dyed warm color,
Even as for the winter when image of cold color including snow and ice is strong, seem to be felt that is mysterious warmly; is lighted up

■Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Main Store
Building of Renaissance style will show expressions different in the daytime.
Will it be only me to feel warmth only in Japan such as kotatsu?


■Mitsui Main Building
Seeing from the front, this building appointed to important cultural property of country is lighted up by rouge. (it is the side that there is ※ copying.)
When we photograph in conjunction with Edo cherry tree illuminations 2018,
We shine by white of building and contrast with rouge of illuminations


■COREDO Muromachi 1
Quality of embroidery of light that featured the theme of Edo-dyed clothe appears


■Nihonbashi Mitsui Tower
Similarly, we charm, and one is different even if it is crimson and lights up!
Warm atmosphere comes


We are lighted up by different method every part of building.


■OVOL Nihonbashi Bridge building
It is the cool finish, but design only in Edo is put for the details from a distance when we see near


As it becomes illuminations that cooperated in the area whole area,
It may be fun when we look around various buildings

Nihonbashi Bridge. jpg

■Warm goods present campaign of ECO EDO Nihonbashi Bridge winter
And we are holding nice plan in conjunction with Instagram.jpgInstagram!
Participation method is easy.
We photograph Edo cherry tree illuminations 2018 and we soak "#ecoedo Nihonbashi Bridge" and post on Instagram
When we show contribution screen in the Nihonbashi Bridge information desk in the first floor of koredo Muromachi 1 basement,
We can have one goods you like from warming drink and bath powder
As number is limited, you want and may not attach.
Please participate early as soon as you disappear as it is the end

(I had this kudzu starch gruel "successive friend (citron, ginger)" (Nara Mahoroba building) of high quality using "Yoshino book arrowroot" of Nara!)

That instagenic photograph comes out and can have warm goods of antenna shop careful selection in Nihonbashimuromachi, is right killing two birds with one stone!
Instagram user is check required

■Warm fair
In addition, we are holding fair that original hot foods and hot drink can have!
Only as for the thing which is worried about menu we cooperated with popular shop of Nihonbashi Bridge
For more details, please see press release document of event.

※This article has publication permission than person in charge of event.



Make problem

[Oe door bridge] December 8, 2018 09:00

Then it is problem.

 We transplant roadside tree in area of approximately 1.1 kilos of Chuo-dori Ave. (Ginza Street) of 8, Ginza from 1, Ginza in plan until the end of 2018. In the row of trees, height becomes approximately 8 meters and brighten the fresh green in spring and make the shade of a tree in the summer and is colored by turning yellow in autumn. What is this tree characterized by heart-shaped leaf?

1 willow 2 ginkgo 3 wig 4 poplar


Sightseeing in the eleventh Chuo-ku official approval is carried out on Sunday, February 3, 2019.

In the questions range, 90%, others are 10% from formal text.

Therefore, from topic-like matter, product saw one problem.

It is four person choosing one (shi*), problem of mark sheet method.

We are apt to mistake for the time being because we come in all the problems mark when just after the examination came in total.

We get and, well, we take into with ... and fit in stone and trap.

It fits in into the trap which question-master made every time wonderfully.

Secretariat which does not easily send all the problems correct answer person.

u - tsu is scary; is scared.

But even if examination is too easy, we are worthless, and trouble is over there being too few passers for administration.

We make wisdom, and, as for the person making problem, "spoon of degree of difficulty" will be done so that authorization continues happily for a long time.

We become very glad when we find point that is supposedly pit of shi* from choice during examination.

hehhehhe. We do not ride the hand.

We will surely work out problem while smiling.

In official approval time of 90 minutes, it is feeling that can talk with invisible question-master.

You must not relax till the last.

Hey, trap may be set by the next question.


From expert correspondent, we aimed at all the problems correct answer before and have had you show notebook which wrote kaketebitchiri for several months.

Oh, we were reminded of by the passion when we did not do approach like this senior.

We thought just to enjoy, and to participate when enough.

After when, was more quantity that we forgot than quantity to learn predominantly?

Still we understand if it is to think that it is fun even to be new.

With text and sightseeing map, let's go to town diligently.


Answer is 3 "wigs".

"Way where storm steps over flower, but man lives for ♪♪

   Spring when forthcoming forthcoming Aizome wig has bud before long if we wait comes"