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Do not go to Harumi Wharf of evening; or ...

[kimitaku] December 10, 2018 18:00

 In autumn evening when it was fine well, we strolled in Harumi Wharf. Time of the noise goes by by Olympics related facility construction, but night view where turn is splendid spreads out in one side in the daytime from evening. kimitaku4_20181127.jpg   kimitaku3_20181127.jpg   Toyosu market Toyomi Ohashi increased newly from this October, too. In Toyosu market, the whole building gives off brilliance and is in particular one side more beauty.  ・・To go to ・ ・ Harumi Wharf. ・・ ...  We get off Tokyo Station by bus for Harumi Wharf for approximately 20 minutes and are 0 minutes on foot.  It is a 20-minute walk from Toei Subway Kachidoki Station.


*** It is *** in photograph of re plot bridge

We shine brightly on the steel tower of this side

(F)Navigation ... free as for this as for free this

(O)... that this is given priority to out, I mean appearing ship

(I)This is meaning given priority to ship entering port. ・* *



Two Nakamura Kengo exhibition [Megumi Ogita gallery]

[quiet knee ☆ cricket] December 10, 2018 14:00


In 2, Ginza, art gallery in the first floor of Ginza Otsuka Building basement, Megumi Ogita gallery, the fifth and two private exhibitions called "modishness lovers" exhibition and "JAPANS" exhibition of Mr. Nakamura Kengo that it is are held at the same time since April, 2015 from Tuesday, December 4 to Saturday, December 22


As for the time, on Sunday and Monday, holiday, we are absent in from 11:00 to 19:00.


When work of Nakamura was displayed before by these gallery, I saw, and, besides, we had an impression that it was fresh at all and silhouette of balloon and character of comics was unique in work that floor plans of one-room apartment were done by motif, and strongly remained in memory


It is different exhibition of atmosphere that "to challenge the collected studies of theme that wrestled through Nakamura reason to think about "modishness" through "art" of daringly this chain of islands from Meiji in year in the Heisei last for 150 years, Don Quixote-like attempt until now", and this exhibition seemed to be done to be in HP of gallery and is surely until now


In university, graduate school, he/she seemed to learn Japanese painting, and Nakamura reconstitutes modern painting after the Impressionists around Europe by "modern lovers" exhibition, and work described in process painting over in "mineral colors" which are color of Japanese painting by print, the top is displayed by Japanese paper

When it is like Western painting and is like Japanese painting which is not Western painting and says with mysterious work, word that are not Japanese painting, is it "modishness" which after all author says to?

Anyway, it is many attractive works which we want to see all the time


It is time busy all the time of December, it may be good to spend unhurried time in quiet gallery under the ground on the first floor.

We recommend that you drop in by all means and look at


In addition, about photography in gallery, we had the consent and had you explain held purposes at this two exhibition same time

Thank you


Blog article that we introduced private exhibition of Nakamura held in the gallery in April, 2015 to is this ⇒

HP of Megumi Ogita gallery is this ⇒




[period limitation] What is game to be possible with glass block of Ginza maison Hermes?

[Hanes] December 10, 2018 12:00

Hello. It is Hanes (splashes) of new face correspondent
With Christmas near at hand, we came to be able to enjoy illuminations in at every turn of town!
Meanwhile, in Ginza maison Hermes and Ginza Sony Park (Ginza SONY park),
Would you know that you could have an experience different in gangs?


HERMÈS JINGLE GAMES! is held for a limited time as it is in upper photograph,
On special stage established in Ginza SONY park,
We substituted glass block of Ginza maison Hermes for screen
We can challenge game only by Christmas
Sound only by game sounded and there were many people who stopped with interest and was founded

(it looks like we play on special stage)

Everybody construction game is admirable execution when we see state of people playing with one set of two people,
Letter such as GREAT! and PERFECT! was displayed
There is uneasiness "can I of game inexperienced person play?",
Glass block of Ginza maison Hermes whom architect Renzo Piano world-famous in this way designed
We think that there is not very at opportunity to use boldly, and to be able to play!


In such a meaning, person that one good at game is not so should be able to have a valuable experience
Game begins after dark,
We can take a picture with art object of Kelly bag (one of the icons of Hermes) installed in various places of Ginza SONY park in the daytime,
Regardless of any people regardless of age or sex, it becomes space to be able to enjoy regardless of the night and day
In the case of calling, it is Let's play here near!


Period From Friday, December 7, 2018 to Tuesday, December 25
Time: Weekdays, Saturday from 18:00 to 22:00
   Sundays and holidays from 18:00 to 21:00
Place: Ginza SONY park (5-4-1, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo)



In Kanze school noh theater "University of Tokyo Kanze school meeting, Univ. of Tokyo Kanze school alumnus society combination self-playing meeting"

[Dharma] December 10, 2018 09:00

 Ability 80.jpg

Memory of the 70th anniversary of the University of Tokyo Kanze school society

"University of Tokyo Kanze school society, Univ. of Tokyo Kanze school alumnus society combination self-playing meeting" is held.



<time> Sunday, December 23, 2018 start 10:00 (18:00 curtain plan)

 No charge for admission (when you do not have letters of invitation, you may not enter)

<place> The third floor of 25th Sakon Kanze memory "Kanze school noh theater" ... 6, Ginza GINZA SIX basement


Show; Noh okok.jpg


This year is lion, the end of student ability "Tamura" (about 14:00) others student, alumnus, activity of historical ability of singing a No song without accompaniment ... Univ. of Tokyo! Please please hearing, sight.

University of Tokyo Kanze school meeting, Univ. of Tokyo Kanze school alumnus society combination self-playing meeting of the next fiscal year on Saturday, December 21, 2019 of Kanze school noh theater put; and holding.

Homepage ... University of Tokyo Kanze school society








What is 300 1:29? It will be careful even that is minimal that we found at construction site

[silver ornament] December 10, 2018 09:00

What is 300 1:29? We displayed on panel which we saw at construction site of apartment in Harumi.

DSCN2555 (400x300). jpg


It was called law of Heinrich with 300 laws 1:29.

 With 300 laws, it is one of the laws learned by experience in work-related accident, and there are 29 minimal accidents behind one serious accident 1:29, and 300 abnormality exists in the background. We come from for Herbert William Heinrich (Herbert William Heinrich) (1886 through 1962) when we arrived at this law and are called law of Heinrich.
 Heinrich who did the deputy manager of technique, research department in American nonlife insurer announced result that analyzed outbreak probability of work-related accident in November, 1929 as article, and, on the back of one serious disaster, there was light disaster of 29 scratch degree and clarified that disaster that there was not of injury that "hiyari hat" of 300 did on the back (it is nearly catastrophe) occurred.

*I analyzed "hiyari, hat" phenomenon to do in shop floor and remembered ISO activity that was going to prevent work-related accident. I think that it leads to casualty for many accidents if I overlook even one minimal phenomenon. Wind becomes strong, and wave of the sea breaks out. This remembered that it was stormy omen.

In distribution and the service sector of company, this law seems to be utilized as failure incidence in business.

For example, there is failure that became clear by objection, complaint put to the back of one real mistake by customer of 29 cases, and, on the back, employee thinks, "we put away", but 300 cases overlooking that is recognized potential failure seems to exist because there is not outside complaint.



Fixed-point observation of Ningyocho Amazake-yokocho St.

[mew I] December 9, 2018 18:00

When got on bus in Chuo-ku the other day, "ningyo-yaki of this neighborhood is jusei, Itakura-ya, Kameido near Ningyocho...We heard that it was talked with so and so a certain one.

 I thought "did it revive because that tsu, Kameido sold "saichosembei" (senbei) which became "re-challenge" and double entendre to ... Kameido though they should have closed a shop?." and thought that we must confirm secretly.

We construct building / apartments everywhere in the downtown area including Chuo-ku and think that  it is not unusual for "scenery to have been completely really strange when we notice" now.

We notice that we talk about the noise of the clothing and town of the occasional people to eloquence when it is at now after time, and  thing which cut a part of everyday scenery that should have been ordinary about booklets such as "Nihonbashi Bridge (bu*do) on that day" which I have in those days sees, and I think, "casual thing is fresh and is stimulating and is valuable".

 We went to Amazake-yokocho St. of Ningyocho as fixed-point observation early in the morning while thinking of such a thing. (from the Ningyocho area, we go to the Hamacho area with Meijiza Theater)

 It is likely that we are rebuilding place where there was 100-yen shop before. Wall of construction site serves as nearby advertisement / guidance printing block.
(shadow has been reflected from good arm of camera wonderfully forgive)
 We noticed that Thai neat rear tea room of British cafe moved according to Amazake-yokocho St. in this here. In cafe which imaged this shop, country of the U.K., we can have delicious tea and scone, cake. I had you like clotted cream and scone, tea, chiffon cake, banana cake, too. Shop was slightly small, but it was moved and seemed to be expanded more.


Though "thought that I am delicious as invite to fair of Nihonbashi Bridge Mitsukoshi and Isetan in the U.K. and was done, is considerable because is called by Mitsukoshi" (; (it is this shop to have got official guarantee, and is not me, but is slightly glad) (was before opening in early morning)


Unfortunately Kameido on the right towards the Meijiza Theater area remained a closure. (if, speaking of ningyo-yaki of Ningyocho, juseieishindo, board Kuraya and person who is not updated come until reference)

 By the way, it is photograph which saw construction place of "the best skyscraper (390 meters) more than completion planned ABENO HARUKAS in Japan from the top in 2027" at Tokyo Station Nihonbashi Exit finally.
Ten years later, what will happen 15 years later. The clothing was changed really, and what were that, the front here? We may think of this.
zentai.jpg(extended ↓ few only at construction site)