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shirohototogisu blooms in Kyobashi

[silver ornament] November 28, 2018 14:00

 We found pretty flower for planting under expressway of Kyobashi. 

Petal resembled Taiwan grayheaded cuckoo and thought whether it was flower called "white grayheaded cuckoo" as leaf was identical. After going for exhibition of botanical art which we held in Hibiya Park, and asking teacher who knew a lot about flower, flower called "shirohototogisu" seemed to appear with garden variety.


 As you said when you had you see photograph probably to be "shirohototogisu", we became glad.

In the neighbor, cherry tree flowers in October. Please admire at the time of walk.

P.S.: "shirohototogisu" is plant of the Liliaceae grayheaded cuckoo genus.



Bolt, and be crowded; the Cock Fair

[young monkeys] November 28, 2018 12:00

There were the Cock Fair, this year of pastime that gives poetic charm to November until the third Cock Fair Day in November, and city was opened in Namiyoke-jinja Shrine of Tsukiji. We were told, "age with the third Cock Fair has many fires." in folk belief, but seemed to come to be said to be from admonition to say that we did not provide fire because cold became severe as for this, and opportunities to use fire increased. They pray for good luck and ribbon fortune of forthcoming year, business prosperity, and people buy lucky charm of rake.

Photograph 2018-11-25 15 29 30.jpg Photograph 2018-11-25 15 39 35.jpg


With all wish, "we bolt fortune" with rake of this mascot, we are called parenthesis when crowded. Until the early period of Tenpo era year of Edo, hit mascot that it was various afterwards to have been thing which touched aspect and yak tail of tortoise on rake of daily necessity, and it was in form like now. 

Photograph 2017-11-18 14 06 15.jpg


Photograph 2018-11-25 15 24 20.jpg Photograph 2018-11-25 15 38 37.jpg Photograph 2018-11-25 15 42 15 (1). jpg


Hall market moves in Toyosu, and, the over-the-counter market which stayed in Tsukiji, "business prosperity" should come true next year.




Introduction - Hakutsuru Ginza-style ... of seminar held for from the middle of December to the end of December

[rosemary sea] November 28, 2018 09:00

It is rosemary sea collecting data on in o contemporary which "gift and oneself enjoy".


It became explanation of Hakutsuru Ginza-style (HAKUTSURU GINZA STYLE), repetition, but was established for the purpose of sending lifestyle with sake from here Ginza.

After 2006, various seminars about sake are held mainly.

The past article that classroom can image, "seminar classroom becomes like this" are this.



This time is Chuo-ku are introduced here. by two from the middle of December to the end of December seminars raising now.

We were taken care of by Hakutsuru Sake Brewing Hakutsuru Ginza-style Fukumoto this time.

Then it is ...

Premium HP.JPG


We toast with special dish of gem!

Let's thoroughly enjoy premium sake in the end of the year

Wednesday, December 12 holding

   Lecturer: Hakutsuru Sake Brewing laboratory Yoshihiro Tamada (tamadayoshihiro)

   Participation fee: 5,000 yen (with lunch, liquor, souvenir)

   Time: From 18:45 to 20:15

   The application deadline: Wednesday, November 28

    It is imminent on the deadline. Please be careful.

You can enjoy the finest sake which collected the technical best of warehouseman including sake and Mond selection gold medal receiving a prize liquor which won gold medal in national young sake competition.

We can thoroughly enjoy deep sake with seasonal lunch with beauty while hearing feelings and chatting about various topics of sake brewing.

Flower HPa.jpg

Flower arrangement course to color sake of the New Year gorgeously

Thursday, December 20 holding

   Lecturer: Royal flower school principal Mami Koizumi (koizumimami) teacher

   Participation fee: 5,000 yen (it includes lunch, souvenir, components of a flower arrangement costs)

   Time: From 18:45 to 20:15

   The application deadline: Wednesday, December 5

We invite Mr. Principal royal flower school, Mami Koizumi as lecturer and hold "flower arrangement seminar that we matched with low dining table for New Year holidays".

We can learn flower arrangement of "sum X modern style" that expressed view of the world of "Hakutsuru size brewing sake from the finest rice".

In addition, we take completed work home with us and can display for New Year holidays.

Beginner can participate in peace, too.

With great brewing sake from the finest rice and gorgeous flower, do you not reach wonderful New Year holidays?


 We may change a few to contents.

 In the case of a lot of applicants, it becomes lottery.

(all seminars are popular. Probability drawing lots rises.)

For more details, please see homepage that we showed in end of a sentence.


Hakutsuru Ginza-style


The seventh floor of 5-12-5, Ginza Hakutsuru building

It is signal corner of Kabukiza Theatre, building of opposite side.


Telephone 03-3543-0776

It is 00 00-17 9:00 - 12:00.13

(excluded on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)

The details, seminar application point is this place





We eat noisily together! Udon society "will make udon with favorite form" ("Hama House" X "valley")

[edamame] November 27, 2018 18:00

It is edamame of correspondent with children

Autumn with many events.

There may be much one challenging the first thing.

Meanwhile, edamame & daughter adzuki bean (favorite 3 years old child of eating)

"We hit the first udon", and ni challenged.

"Hama House" where place was taken care of by various events before

※Some of the past events from this


And teacher of ... today

It is master, Tani of "valley" with shop in Ningyocho and Hamacho.


Go to "valley" and for lunch in my home on holiday

There is that we have udon plenty.

Because it is said, "it is delicious" and comes home each time.

When invitation to event from Hama House came

Already readily "is udon of valley? It was feeling that we went for by all means.

By the way, promptly.

Udon dough which Mr. Tani fitted early in the morning.


※It is wrapped in thick vinyl not to dry.

Dough is vulnerable to drying.


It is around 500 grams by this person ball.

It seems to become around two portions.

By the way, of 4 times this as for the professional in shop

Seem to get along at unit of 2 kilos; ...

Great. It is a word of this.

It is ... in it


We step!

It is point that we do not merely step, and become uniform thickness properly.

This makes waist of udon.

It is also ...


We step on adzuki bean!

Well, we are not readily depressed as, however, it is 15 kilos in weight (wry smile).

But is what you should do ... that point understanding grew up than before?

We are changed to mother edamame on the way and step and step.


If adult greatly opened palm and can lengthen dough

It is work to increase with rolling pin on stand.


Wield nursery powder


We put the weight well and stretch out.

When teacher does it, it seems to be easy.

We do not grow when we do not put the weight well!

Besides, when we are going to do it with adzuki bean

As "two haoris" are in a state, the weight is not just carried well.

... which has taken time too much.

But we seemed to want to try adzuki bean.

It is in to be favorite child of eating.

However, as we almost smash thumb of own child with ... rolling pin

Please be careful enough!


Mr. Tani is chopper with udon which we always use.

Kitchen knife seems to be very heavy.

・・* Also. The finish is beautiful!

We cut edamame with common kitchen knife with adzuki bean.

It is ... weight, to be necessary.

We had a hard time to cut very much.

And with after all doing it with "two haoris"

In fact, as adzuki bean "had kitchen knife for the first time"

There is considerable unreasonableness of cutting a little; and ...


It is completion of super thickness udon (sweating heavily).

"Is it around 25 minutes if we perform comment of Mr. Tani to cool in boil time? If it is warm 15 minutes"

Wow. ・* * Warm, and will eat.

"Please think that udon is increased by 1.5-fold if we boil."

・・We love ・ consent stripe (sweat). This seems to become tremendous thickness.

And as having been in this event title


We cook "udon which we pulled with cookies type".

As for the children, this place seems to be more fun.

"hato!" "Bell!" "We do and write!" It becomes various forms.

It is ... to have kept on being square model or is like ravioli.

Place (commonplace) where "boil time does not write one of one's own udon hard to please in bag."


If yellow-like one is left slightly

Mark that salt in udon remains in it.

So let's wait a little more.

※In addition, when edamame boiled souvenir udon at home

 "Is it yellow-like ...? A little more"

You do this too much, and please be careful in a few one which we boil too much, and feeling was over.

It is the first confirmation method it is simple, and "to eat".

By the way, it is boiled.

Adults are enjoying in "pot tama",

Edamame & adzuki bean with children which does not want to meddle with raw egg yet


Of "valley" and specialite de la maison "run, and please sprinkle soup stock"!

Sticky resistance to the teeth is delicious!

And stock is delicious, too!

Furthermore, we had you bring Mr. Tani specially made chilled Bukkake-udon (tempura topping).

(I'm sorry. Forget to take photograph.)

tsuyattoshite, the beautiful finish!

Of course taste is ..., too!

"Very often. Such and such!"

As for the waist well. It is really delicious udon.

And one which likes edamame secretly this "oak sky."

We are particular about chicken and are very soft though it is breast.

It was impression when it ate for the first time "does chest become so soft?". Oh, it is unbearable!

That's why product become full happily.

Both mother and child were able to spend time happily.

In addition, we want to participate on the next time if there is such a meeting.

And we wanted to eat udon of "valley" again while we were writing ... article.

We go to eat soon!


The first floor of 2-15-17, Nihonbashiningyocho, Chuo-ku

Tel, Fax 03-5695-3060

Business hours from 11:00 to 15:00 from 18:00 to 22:30 (LO)

Year round

Valley and the sum (the second shop)

3-2-7, Nihonbashihamacho, Chuo-ku


Business hours from 11:00 to 14:30 from 17:00 to 22:30 (LO)

Regular holiday Sundays and holidays

Hama House 1F Café & Bookstore

3-10-6, Nihonbashihamacho, Chuo-ku


Business hours

Weekdays from 11:00 to 21:00 (last order 20:00)

Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays from 10:30 to 18:00



Tsukishima colored leaves Autumn Foliage in Tsukishima

[HK] November 27, 2018 14:00


Go for maple-tree viewing far;, too, and enjoy in within easy reach of;, too.

We can enjoy autumn colors in Tsukishima inhabitant of a ward center alley. 

By the way, we can enjoy cherry tree in this street, spring. 


Watching autumn foliage will make you feel so delightful regardless of the place you visit. 

You can also enjoy colorful leaves at the back street of Chuoku Tsukishima Kumin Center. 

The place is also a nice spot to view cherry blossoms in early spring. 






Tokyo 150 years turnout open space

[Sam] November 27, 2018 12:00

DSC07865ELS'.jpgDSC07851RS'G.jpg In Hama-rikyu Gardens, featured the theme of Edo and Tokyo as part of commemorative event in the Meiji era from both days, Edo era for 24.25 days in November for Tokyo prefecture establishment 150 years, depend, and do, and see! It is "Tokyo 150 years turnout open space" now being held.

"Turnout open space" of inner moat open space of venue is lined with Japanese culture experience workshop, souvenir, shops of light eating and drinking.

We add to workshop of "dressing experience" "bonsai workshop" (moss ball) "made with medicinal drinks" "tray llama" (bonsai-style diorama) "outdoor tea ceremony" "calligraphy", and "bonsai display corner is set up, too", and person of much foreign admission watches eagerly.

At souvenir, light eating and drinking corner, 8 place of Lord of 8s general Yoshimune connection "Wakayama-shi tourist association" others stores in total link the eaves. The garden is temperance, but can usually drink only in inner moat open space only for this time.

On November 25, held stamp rally "look for Edo and Meiji!" at the same time We are going to carry out.