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[sightseeing in Chuo-ku official approval measures] River, bridge (2)

[Hanes] December 2, 2018 14:00

Hello! It is Hanes (splashes) of new face correspondent
By continuance of river, bridge (1), we take up about turn (together with river) of ② bridge this time [sightseeing in Chuo-ku official approval measures].

If we learn order of bridge built over every river at stage when we understood the name of bridge to some extent
After all game of rhyming is recommended!
How to memorize Hanes styles is as follows

■Sumida River (from the upper reaches / north → south)
"We carry Tsukuda (dish simmered in) on our shoulder during the end of parents today"
Ryogoku Bridge (Ryo), Shin-ohashi Bridge (believe), Kiyosu Bridge (clean (kyo)), Sumidagawa-ohashi Bridge (do), Eitai Bridge (obtain), Chuo-ohashi Bridge (chu), Tsukuda-ohashi Bridge (tsukuda), Kachidoki Bridge Tsukiji-ohashi Bridge ((next))
※Sumida River land bridge appearing between Ryogoku Bridge and Shin-ohashi Bridge leaves out.

Game of rhyming wins by thing which we remembered even slightly by force
May it be easy to learn when we image such situation?

Sightseeing in Chuo-ku official approval measures ② .jpg

Still our parents carry foods boiled in soy on their shoulder and may not come home,
There might be such a thing in old days

■Nihonbashi Bridge (from the down stream / east → west)
"You are rich, and go! At 1:00 in Japan!"
Toyomi Bridge Minato Bridge (see), Kayaba Bridge Yoroi Bridge Edobashi Bridge (obtain), Nihonbashi Bridge (nihon), Nishi-gashi Bridge Ikkoku Bridge (as for i / reading of "ichikokubashi"), Tokiwa Bridge former Tokiwa Bridge (come), Shin-tokiwa Bridge ("ni" of / new = New)

Is this such an image?


Game of rhyming of Sumida River was image of traditional culture,
Nihonbashi Bridge is like current Japan high inbound feeling forAirplane

We can learn turn of bridge built over two rivers in this...But, sightseeing in Chuo-ku official approval cannot compete with only in this
Nihonbashi River joins Sumida River where, and what is bridge to appear after the junction very first?...It is necessary to hold this to place where we said!
We assume carrying-over for next article about this.

Finally it is the other!
■Kamejimagawa River (from the upper reaches / north → south) which we want to hold down if able to afford
Kamejimagawa River begins in Nihonbashi Water Gate of upper reaches and ends in downstream Kamejimagawa Water Gate.
Meanwhile, there are five bridges, and person aiming at high score is place that we want to learn in total.
As for the game of rhyming, it "is evolved soul bank! It becomes higher!"
Reigan Bridge (reigan), Shin-Kamejima Bridge (believe), Kamejima Bridge Takabashi Bridge (high (ku)), Minami-Takabashi Bridge (as for "na" / reading of of (ru) / south = "anything" "minamitakabashi")

There is feeling quite by force, but soul bank Island by upheaval of landfill and land,
Please learn in conjunction with the history that became higher in the height above the sea level than the Edo era

※This article introduces a part of the personal official approval measures.
 It is not thing to be able to pass when we learn content written here.
 Please keep in your mind beforehand.



Way of enjoying fourth generation liquor shop Imada stores "Shinkawa first ship" of Shinkawa

[silver ornament] November 24, 2018 18:00

 We go and worship at Masaru Shinkawa major shrine and, in dedicated matting barrel, find that there is sake called "Shinkawa first ship",


We went to the nearest liquor shop, Imada store from the Grand Shrine at Ise. "Shinkawa first ship" was sold in sho bottle.


After having you look for excellent sake of 4 go bottle (720 ml) as it had no confidence to empty sho bottle, he/she recommended sake called "*hana" per person. We can see scenery that young sake reaches from the upper part with barrel carrier in the Edo era.

In "Tsu figure shown in HP of Masaru Shinkawa major shrine with new sake heater Funae door Shinkawa," please see this.

And staff gave leaflet called "way of enjoying fourth generation liquor shop Imada stores of Shinkawa". In it,

It is struck corner on weekdays by mind light car

 We do it every day. One coin of beginner warm welcome one coin sampling 500 yen

 It is weekdays, from 17:00 to 20:00.

 We experience local sake three kinds 500 yen along theme, change of taste! Hot sake 300 yen,

 A lot of much-talked-about craft beer


It is event in broad daylight on Saturday 

 Petit event on Saturday when we made an elaborate plans 

 It is from 13:00 to 18:00 on second fourth Saturday.

 For details, we check HP and facebook.


唎 comes every month; liquor event

 Brewing visit quite popular sampling meeting

 One or two times a month of from 18:00 to 20:00

 Liquor is fun, and knowing one cup of liquor five kinds + favorite 1,500 yen is delicious 

 Sake, shochu, wine

For details, please see this HP.




Tsu figure with Masaru Shinkawa major shrine refined sake matting barrel young sake turn Funae door Shinkawa

[silver ornament] November 23, 2018 12:00

We went to Masaru Shinkawa major shrine for worship.



A lot of sake barrels were dedicated to the left when we entered the precincts. It is scene to see for the first time. Barrel of liquor called Shinkawa first ship was dedicated, too.



There was explanation about matting barrel.



Explanation is as follows.

"Dedication refined sake matting barrel

 In the Edo era, Shinkawa prospered as wholesale dealer source of "rice wine transported from the Kyoto-Osaka area to Edo" put into Edo from the upper part that was mei*ji of sake (refined sake). Masaru Shinkawa major shrine founded in 1625 (Kanei 2) by this ground attracts veneration as liquor wholesale dealer, brewing household gods. We fill tree barrel with liquor to the Edo era and transported with exclusive barrel carrier, but what we wound matting around for the purpose of preventing damage of barrel is said to be opening of matting crown (matting barrel) on this occasion in those days. And design representing characteristic of each brand was taken to distinguish from other brands to matting. Matting barrel (2 to barrel = 36L) piled up here was presented sense of godliness of whole country each place to than ardent brewer at the member of godliness fair beginning that Masaru Shinkawa major shrine and relationship were bound together for many years. We thank people who had you dedicate, and industry to take traditional food culture of our country including the alcoholic beverage industry on prays for honor masukotoogo more and more."

In HP of Masaru Shinkawa major shrine, you can look at picture of "Tsu figure with new sake heater Funae door Shinkawa".

 We go to look for dedicated sake on the next time.

Kayabacho, Echizen moat, the details of soul bank Island walk look at blog on September 1, 2017.




Votive card stamp & name of a street quiz rally now being held 

[silver ornament] November 22, 2018 09:00

"Votive card stamp & name of a street quiz rally" begins. It is holding until January 14, 2019, but please enjoy early.

1) 2) When collect all stamps;, for the first 2,000 people, is prize for participation to get * by all means

 "Original seal of stamp pattern" ※It is one set per person

2) When collect all stamps, and all the problems answer correctly by quiz more; is prize for achievement to be able to have * for the first 2,000 people by all means

 "Original mini-drawstring purse of stamp pattern" ※It is one piece per person

3) Furthermore, local prize is presented by * lottery when we answer questionnaire

 Please see aspect in "stamp & quiz rally mount in detail".

  Wonderful present called Ginza prize, Tsukiji prize, Nihonbashi Bridge prize, Ningyocho prize, Tsukishima prize, Akashicho Prize, Yaesu Prize, Susumu Hakozaki, Higashinihombashi Prize, Tokyo center Odori Prize, Chuo-ku tourist association Prize, Tokyo Chuo City Tourist Information Center Prize may hit.

With serious discount called this, it is appetizing stamp & quiz Larry.

 Therefore we went. We get * prize for participation to get by all means of 1) in this.

DSCN2311 (400x300). jpg


2) When collect all stamps, and all the problems answer correctly by quiz more; is prize for achievement to be able to have * for the first 2,000 people by all means

 "Original mini-drawstring purse of stamp pattern" ※We had one piece per person. One of different colors is thing of friend.

DSCN2346 (400x300). jpg

 As for the details of "votive card stamp & name of a street quiz rally", please see this guidance.



Shop which is Showa of hinsoroikayajocho

[hiba arborvitae] November 16, 2018 09:00

Baker of sellout pardon that took root in area.

The veneer appearance. jpg

Bun meal with voluminous feel is main generally.

Marketable goods. jpg

Marketable goods ranking that it is stretched in store, shop.

We purchase popular number one tomato ball.

Bun meal. jpg

Bread is sticky, taste is mayonnaise and cheese.

As there is acidity of tomato, it is easy to eat unexpectedly.

The volume is plentiful, and cost performance is all right, too,

We feel disposition of well-established bakery.

It is First come, first served. Curious one by all means.

◆Veneer (BENIYA)
 2-4-7, Nihonbashikayabacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
 Business hours: From 7:30 to 18:00 (until sold out)
 Regular holiday: Saturday, Sundays and holidays



2018 Tokyo Skytree Christmas-limited writing

[Sam] November 11, 2018 18:00

DSC07663ELS'.jpgDSC07659RSG.jpg "Candle tree" which likened the Tokyo Skytree to candle which continues burning powerfully while shaking on November 8 turns on.

It is every other day lighting start of two kinds of Christmas-limited writing with "champagne tree" which we likened to Christmas tree.

The lighting date and time: From November 8 to December 25

During period, various events such as the special program "Happy Christmas" in super panorama screen "SKYTREE ROUND THEATER" of sky wish deck screening are now being held "Christmas greeting" that participation type mini show can come in contact with SORA Kalla of costume "Christmas love song live" on sky wish deck overlooking night view of 350m above the ground on Christmas on "HAPPY Christmas 2018 of SORA Kalla" in addition titled "TOKYO SKYTREE DREAM CHRISTMAS 2018". Skeleton of Christmas color shines over Kiyosu Bridge than Sumidagawa-ohashi Bridge.


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