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Reluctance of leaving of 15 wards of coming and going Tokyo prefectures

[hiba arborvitae] December 11, 2018 09:00

Starting from 1878, Kojimachi ward with the Imperial Palace,

Write character of clockwise "no"

Kojimachi, Kanda, Nihonbashi Bridge, Kyobashi, turf, Azabu, Akasaka, Yotsuya,
15 wards were set of Ushigome, Koishikawa, Hongo, Shitaya, Asakusa, court noble, Fukagawa.

Nihonbashi Bridge ward and Kyobashi ward are merged on March 15, 1947, and there is current Chuo-ku.

Kyobashi Tsukishima post office _400.jpg

 Station name of Kyobashi Tsukishima post office is trace of Tokyo prefecture Kyobashi ward.

Scenery mark "spatula of Tsukishima Nishinaka-dori St. mall and Monjayaki"

Scenery mark _400.jpg

 <scenery mark: August, 2018 shooting>

There is one side to bristle with high-rise buildings like bamboo shoot after rain while building from the Taisho era to the Showa era is left considerably a lot in town. When Tsukishima area that monjano et al. have a lot of pleasure is taken a walk through leisurely

How about? Please look for constancy.

◆Kyobashi Tsukishima post office
 4-1-14, Tsukishima, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

◆Other scenery mark
Central Tsukiji post office ※We move to Toyosu
Authority of Ginza Miyuki post office



Do not go to Harumi Wharf of evening; or ...

[kimitaku] December 10, 2018 18:00

 In autumn evening when it was fine well, we strolled in Harumi Wharf. Time of the noise goes by by Olympics related facility construction, but night view where turn is splendid spreads out in one side in the daytime from evening. kimitaku4_20181127.jpg   kimitaku3_20181127.jpg   Toyosu market Toyomi Ohashi increased newly from this October, too. In Toyosu market, the whole building gives off brilliance and is in particular one side more beauty.  ・・To go to ・ ・ Harumi Wharf. ・・ ...  We get off Tokyo Station by bus for Harumi Wharf for approximately 20 minutes and are 0 minutes on foot.  It is a 20-minute walk from Toei Subway Kachidoki Station.


*** It is *** in photograph of re plot bridge

We shine brightly on the steel tower of this side

(F)Navigation ... free as for this as for free this

(O)... that this is given priority to out, I mean appearing ship

(I)This is meaning given priority to ship entering port. ・* *



What is 300 1:29? It will be careful even that is minimal that we found at construction site

[silver ornament] December 10, 2018 09:00

What is 300 1:29? We displayed on panel which we saw at construction site of apartment in Harumi.

DSCN2555 (400x300). jpg


It was called law of Heinrich with 300 laws 1:29.

 With 300 laws, it is one of the laws learned by experience in work-related accident, and there are 29 minimal accidents behind one serious accident 1:29, and 300 abnormality exists in the background. We come from for Herbert William Heinrich (Herbert William Heinrich) (1886 through 1962) when we arrived at this law and are called law of Heinrich.
 Heinrich who did the deputy manager of technique, research department in American nonlife insurer announced result that analyzed outbreak probability of work-related accident in November, 1929 as article, and, on the back of one serious disaster, there was light disaster of 29 scratch degree and clarified that disaster that there was not of injury that "hiyari hat" of 300 did on the back (it is nearly catastrophe) occurred.

*I analyzed "hiyari, hat" phenomenon to do in shop floor and remembered ISO activity that was going to prevent work-related accident. I think that it leads to casualty for many accidents if I overlook even one minimal phenomenon. Wind becomes strong, and wave of the sea breaks out. This remembered that it was stormy omen.

In distribution and the service sector of company, this law seems to be utilized as failure incidence in business.

For example, there is failure that became clear by objection, complaint put to the back of one real mistake by customer of 29 cases, and, on the back, employee thinks, "we put away", but 300 cases overlooking that is recognized potential failure seems to exist because there is not outside complaint.



Good restaurant Le Havre of hotel Mariners coat Tokyo view

[silver ornament] December 9, 2018 09:00

 On bus to Harumi Wharf, we strolled in the outskirts that became the Olympic village of the Olympics Paralympics.

And we were going to eat at restaurant of hotel Mariners coat.

In the restaurant, seaside auberge "Le Havre" is on jushitokokichikame, restaurant marurena, the twelfth floor on the first floor.

We assumed meal in good restaurant "Le Havre" of view. It is restaurant of the name of port town of France, but can have Japanese dishes, too. Lunch is affordable. for around 1,000 yen

My lunch. Tempura, sashimi, Nixdorf of Callionymus are piled.

DSCN2535 (400x300). jpg

 And you can look at the construction situation of the Olympic village of the Olympics Paralympics from the twelfth floor. Completion is long in coming.

DSCN2538 (400x300). jpg

To sleeve of Toyosu-ohashi Bridge , apartment is construction rush, too.

DSCN2539 (400x300). jpg

 About access to hotel, restaurant in hotel, please see this.



Odaiba rainbow fireworks 2018

[Sam] December 7, 2018 18:00

DSC07966ELSR'.jpgDSC07988RS'G.jpg "Odaiba rainbow fireworks" performed for approximately ten minutes began at 19:00 this year every Saturday of December in average year.

The date: December day

Season that air clears up in winter and that person is beautiful and sees night view.

Against a backdrop of Rainbow Bridge lighted up special by rainbow color, approximately 1,800 fireworks launched from the Odaiba Kaihinkoen "Statue of Liberty" offing let dynamic bloom bloom in dignified winter night sky.

In spite of being 10-minute condensed fireworks event, fireworks which made an elaborate plans are launched in sequence and they see and meet and are enough.

For 22 days, it is music fireworks conduct plan that linked music.

"Odaiba rainbow fireworks" coloring winter night sky with crash from good Toyosu-ohashi Bridge with possibility of the Harumi Canal most down stream can have a distant view.




[silver ornament] December 7, 2018 12:00

On seeing signboard called HARUMI FLAG, what will it be? We thought of this.

DSCN2550 (400x300). jpg

In meaning called place that the beautiful sea could look around openly, "Harumi" seemed to be named. Therefore we thought this signboard to have made the image picture. But we found URL called HARUMI FLAG (the Harumi Olympic village) when we checked on the Internet just to make sure. After having been used in 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Paralympics as the Olympic village, we are sold in lots and seem to be able to enter in 2023.


We saw a part of formal HP. It is as follows.

 HARUMI FLAG is constructed in five blocks and becomes from 23 of house in a development project, lease house and 24 of one commercial facility in total.
We create interchange and bustle by establishing a lot open space or green tract of land where town plays a key role.
In adjoining land, "hydrogen stations" to supply "multi-mobility station" and next-generation energy to as traffic node are established and redevelopment and elementary and junior high school, child-care facility of "Harumi Terminal Park", maintenance of public facilities including harborside fire department link and are performed.


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