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Japanese paper accessory, tip bag - wakamihohashibamihara of Haibara

[rosemary sea] December 11, 2018 12:00

It is rosemary sea collecting data on in o almighty that "gift and oneself enjoy".

IMG_20181127_124828 (2)a.jpg

Change rohowakamiho (wagamiho) of Nihonbashi Bridge, Haibara (Haibara); and Chuo-ku are introduced here.


haibara_logo2.jpgHaibara follows more than 200 years in founding 1806 (Bunka 3).

From Japanese paper, Japanese paper accessory to letter paper, letterset, he/she handles paper-products widely.

From the Imperial Family to each generation prime minister, British rock star, Freddie Mercury of the queen, it has been met request of every one.


Acquaintance on production is a galaxy of distinguished people, too.

Yumeji Takehisa, Kyosai Kawanabe (it blooms Kawanabe today), Hoitsu Sakai (boundary when), Zeshin Shibata (shibatazeshin).

As we spoke the history with article of February, it is said that it is to here.



This time is Chuo-ku are introduced here. in Japanese paper accessory and tip bag. So it is ... from Japanese paper accessory

Japanese paper with colored figures small box a.jpg in shop

We sew Japanese paper with colored figures of Haibara original to accessory.

With unique hue and composition, there is still flavor not to change while using traditional motif.

We select carefully with article which it is easy to take in in modern life, and products such as small box, accessory case, notebook of use of Japanese paper are set.

Japanese paper with colored figures small box 30.11a.jpg

Japanese paper with colored figures box

Box fitting use including Japanese paper with colored figures postcard box which Japanese paper with colored figures small box, postcard of business card size enter is prepared.

Hexagon pencase meeting. jpg

Hexagon pencase. jpgHexagon pencase (writing brush pipe)

It is folding pencil case.

Of writing brush and pen, besides, is available for rearranging of accessory including glasses and remote control.

It is article which it is easy to carry as it becomes sale in state that we folded evenly.

Is it all right as souvenir to foreign countries?

Haibara notebook. jpg

Haibara notebook

It is notebook which garnished cover with Japanese paper with colored figures.

It is finished by binding that thread which we write, and 180 degrees founds to fine paper of taste which is smooth on middle paper takes carefully.

1511_03913-200x200 red seal book. jpg 1511_03890-200x200 red seal book. jpg


We garnish cover with Japanese paper with colored figures and are goshuincho prepared carefully.

Middle paper is finished into a bellows form using good order of the writing brush most moving passage.

Please to attendant of visiting Shinto shrine Buddhist temples.

takujyo2019a.jpgtakujyo12 moon 2019a.jpg

Haibara Japanese paper with colored figures calendar

We prefer monthly pattern to coming "hashibamiharasendaikamikakucho" from the Meiji period, and arrangement is added to go more in the present age.

It is pattern of flower which we put together in season together with season.

There are wall hangings calendar, desk calendar.

Wall hangings calendar (image) 597mm in height X 420mm in width 1,890 yen

Desk calendar (image) 150mm in height X 180mm in width 1,080 yen

kabekake2019a.jpgkabekake3 moon 2019a.jpg


It is introduction of tip bag than here.


Reproduction design tip bag

We reproduced design which reached hashibamihara*gyokubunko to tip bag.

Including lovely pattern and pattern full of humor gather.

Zeshin Shibata tip bag rabbit (2). jpgZeshin Shibata tip bag Shichifukujin (2). jpgZeshin Shibata tip bag sea bream (2). jpg

Zeshin Shibata tip bag

There are three kinds of rabbit, Shichifukujin, sea bream.

It becomes tip bag which is full of flavor.

Printing tip bag rainnappu 30.11 .jpg

In addition, it is printing pattern tip bag, beginning to sell than October.

We use design of "Ise paper pattern" handed down to Haibara.

It is paper pattern stored to Haibara from the Edo era to become the basics of design.

It is plum 30.11 .jpg to printing pattern tip bag running water

"Plum to running water" which tells the early spring

Printing pattern tip bag river play 30.11 .jpg

"River play" that lovely crab plays

Printing pattern tip bag bellflower 30.11 .jpg

One of the seven flowers of autumn "bellflower"

Printing pattern tip bag wave rabbit 30.11 .jpg

"Wave rabbit" which runs the surface of the water

Printing pattern tip bag fukura sparrow 30.11 .jpg

Symbol "fukura sparrow" of fortune

Printing pattern tip bag flower filler 30.11 .jpg

Pretty "flower filler" that quality of paper pattern stands out

There are all 6 patterns.

Besides, it keeps tip bag, a lot of.

Do you not find favorite tip bag in Haibara?



1505_045 store introspectiveness 1a.jpg2-7-1, Nihonbashi Nihonbashi, Tokyo tower

It is the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, Tozai Line / Toei Asakusa Line Nihombashi Station Exit B6 direct top.

It becomes before slant of COREDO Nihonbashi Bridge on station.


Business hours from Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 18:30

      Saturday, Sunday from 10:00 to 17:30

Holiday holiday, the year-end and New Year holidays

 Please see homepage on detailed business day.

Homepage of Haibara is this place




①~ ROJI Nihonbashi Bridge ... which "gift and oneself right enjoy"

[rosemary sea] December 9, 2018 12:00

It is rosemary sea which we decide o stance that "gift and oneself enjoy" and collect data on.


As for what introduce select shop "ROJI Nihonbashi Bridge", shop which the Kokubun group head office runs, it becomes such for approximately two and a half years.

We thought last time, but no special dish which "gift and oneself enjoy" is right array.

And there are various kinds of articles in connection with Nihonbashi Bridge, too.

Furthermore, it becomes lineup that was particular about the subject matter. It is really rich in the number of articles.

IMG_20181129_112408 (2)a.jpg

Thank you for all your support, we were taken care of by Kokubun group head office management Planning public relations section Sanae Mori this time than before.

Speech is explanation of Mori of this.

・・It is introduction of article in ・ it. Price becomes all tax-included.

IMG_20181129_111036 (2)a.jpg

Can tsuma series

At first, from snacks of canned foods basic, "can tsuma". Can tsuma premium, can tsuma poles (extremity) form a line, too.

We introduced before, but are with lineup approximately 76 kinds now.

IMG_20181129_111203 (2)a.jpg

Smoked can tsuma oyster marinating 650 yen ranking No. 1 from Hiroshima

"This is "royal road". We were introduced by Nippon Television "shuichi" in October and had Hidemasa Nakayama eat."


IMG_20181129_111232 (2)a.jpg

Can tsuma Smoke salmon Halas 430 yen ranking No. 2


IMG_20181129_111259 (2). jpg

Honey mustard taste 430 yen ranking No. 3 of can tsuma thick-sliced bacon


IMG_20181129_111326 (2)a.jpg

It is from 4320 yen to 10800 yen to be right here such as can tsuma pole sea urchin, sharkfin, abalone

It is article full of sense of quality.


IMG_20181129_111432 (2)a.jpg

"Series that is related to tabete"

It is soup of freeze dry which is simple, and can taste taste of here.

We introduced before, but have not done every prefecture complete yet on this occasion.

"It kept taste of all the metropolis and districts last year in 47. You can enjoy feeling to take a trip to taste and all over Japan of good old hometown at dining table."


IMG_20181129_111738 (2)a.jpg

Right this side: It is fruit of Japan in the depths from corned beef system, the left

We introduced canned back Peter Rabbit collaboration before.

"Fruit of Japan is series of canned fruit."

"We collect corned beef series here."


IMG_20181129_111805 (2)a.jpg

The left: It is corned beef 410 yen for exclusive use of rice for egg

"Soup stock enters corned beef and can eat softly when we have you mix a little.

It may be unbearable special dish for rice enthusiast for egg."

The center: Sea chicken corned beef 390 yen

It is collaboration product with HAGOROMO FOODS.

"It is relatively recent new product. We have you introduce even TV and are becoming marketable goods product now."

The right: Can tsuma corned beef Mexican salsa taste 460 yen

It is slightly unique one article.

"Habanero sauce is included and can regulate sharp taste by yourself.

As it becomes small sack, we can have it is modest if too hot and put."



Snacks, dehydration thing corner

"Thing around nuts and dried fruit particularly the center is female oriented package.

We had package of such a hue that we wanted woman to eat casually."


IMG_20181129_112211 (2)a.jpg

nichihonkyokabokusuburisei cashew nuts and grilled cheese 240 yen

"nichihonkyokabo becomes our group companies. We develop cakes."

"It is me, product recommended personally."



Is tabete; and noodles series

Two kinds are 170 yen other than 220 yen, it.

"It becomes ramen which was particular about tool and is ramen which we draw taste of each soup stock and made."

"Getting out W crosses soup stock of different taste and provides richer taste. We are like lounge bar John of soup stock noodles."


IMG_20181129_110326 (2)a.jpg

Is clam from Chiba; and salt ramen 170 yen ranking No. 1

We boiled clam from Chiba to bring out the flavor slowly and carefully and took light "soup stock" which felt body peculiar to ingredients inside. It is use of aging dry noodles.


IMG_20181129_110346 (2)a.jpg IMG_20181129_201538 (2)a.jpg

Is Hokkaido scallops; and salt ramen 170 yen ranking No. 2

We decocted only Hokkaido scallops slowly and carefully and took "soup stock".

Unique flavor and sweetness are addicting soup.


IMG_20181129_110419 (2)a.jpg

Is Hinai chicken; and soy sauce ramen 170 yen ranking No. 3

We took "soup stock" utilized characteristic of material out of one of the three major regional chicken, Gullah of Hinai chicken.

Soup stock and balance of soy sauce are exquisiteness.


IMG_20181129_110446 (2)a.jpg

Is prawns pork bones, and is W; and ramen 220 yen

It is getting out W of Hokkaido getting out sweet shrimp and Kirishima black pork pork bones soup stock.


IMG_20181129_110500 (2)a.jpg

It is getting out another W. It is Hokkaido getting out scallops and getting out Hinai chicken. 220 yen


IMG_20181129_115629 (2)a.jpg

By the way, it is appearance of rozumari food lipounit.

The upper step left: Fruit yellow peach (golden peach) Peter Rabbit label of Japan from Yamagata

"It was article which good material of peach was reflected on the front, and was refined. Sweetness of syrup is health-oriented with exquisiteness, too." O.

The upper step center: Is clam; and salt ramen

As "we wanted to confirm taste of the thing, only parsley was good enough and ate. Taste that taste of clam is given well and is hard to quit after starting." rozumari family.

The upper step right: nichihonkyokabokusuburisei cashew nuts and fried cheese

"Combination of fragrant cashew nuts and cheese matched very much and was able to enjoy for taste of adult." S tree.

The central step left: Can tsuma corned beef Mexican salsa taste

"Taste of the first corned beef spreads through tongue, spicily! We seem to be able to enjoy various arrangement." Mt. S.

The central step right: Smoked can tsuma oyster marinating from Hiroshima

"Canned food which was clogged up with large-sized oyster closely. It is creamy and smoked flavor and saltiness are exquisite and match both rice and sake softly!" Mt. T 3.

The lower step most left: nichihonkyokabo almond cashew nuts & cheese crouton

As "it was just right when the small was hungry, it was one article that was nice for woman." Y period.

The lower step left second: Sea chicken corned beef

"It is excellent at vegetables and affinity as ingredients of salad. It is new texture of fusion of the sea and the land." Mt. T 2.

The lower step left third: It is corned beef for exclusive use of rice for egg

"Egg and corned beef match best! It is rice for slightly rich egg. Is Chinese style just to have hung down some sesame oil here; ... This is the best again. One article that rice advances." to Mt. S.

The lower step most right: Bowl of "Chiba field mustard and clam related to tabete"

"Soup stock of clam is delicious! Flower kamaboko and hues of field mustard are in full blossom in spring." S well.


・・To ・ gift, how about as souvenir to oneself?

   Please consult toward the staff by all means if at a loss.


Introduction continues on the next time.


IMG_20181129_114510 (2)a.jpgROJI Nihonbashi Bridge

The first floor of 1-1-1, Nihonbashi Kokubu Building

Kokubu Building is to sleeve, Minamizume of Nihonbashi Bridge.

Business hours from Monday to Friday from 11:00 to 18:30

     Saturday, Sundays and holidays until 18:00

Regular holiday no fixed holiday

03-3276-4162 (yoiroji)

Homepage of ROJI Nihonbashi Bridge is this place





Warm illuminations to enjoy in the ECO Edo era

[Hanes] December 8, 2018 12:00

Hello. It is Hanes (splashes) of new face correspondent
We went to see "crimson light street - Nihonbashi Bridge ..." that Sam of senior correspondent introduced (until December 28) the other day!
In Edozakura-dori St. and the neighboring buildings being dyed warm color,
Even as for the winter when image of cold color including snow and ice is strong, seem to be felt that is mysterious warmly; is lighted up

■Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Main Store
Building of Renaissance style will show expressions different in the daytime.
Will it be only me to feel warmth only in Japan such as kotatsu?


■Mitsui Main Building
Seeing from the front, this building appointed to important cultural property of country is lighted up by rouge. (it is the side that there is ※ copying.)
When we photograph in conjunction with Edo cherry tree illuminations 2018,
We shine by white of building and contrast with rouge of illuminations


■COREDO Muromachi 1
Quality of embroidery of light that featured the theme of Edo-dyed clothe appears


■Nihonbashi Mitsui Tower
Similarly, we charm, and one is different even if it is crimson and lights up!
Warm atmosphere comes


We are lighted up by different method every part of building.


■OVOL Nihonbashi Bridge building
It is the cool finish, but design only in Edo is put for the details from a distance when we see near


As it becomes illuminations that cooperated in the area whole area,
It may be fun when we look around various buildings

Nihonbashi Bridge. jpg

■Warm goods present campaign of ECO EDO Nihonbashi Bridge winter
And we are holding nice plan in conjunction with Instagram.jpgInstagram!
Participation method is easy.
We photograph Edo cherry tree illuminations 2018 and we soak "#ecoedo Nihonbashi Bridge" and post on Instagram
When we show contribution screen in the Nihonbashi Bridge information desk in the first floor of koredo Muromachi 1 basement,
We can have one goods you like from warming drink and bath powder
As number is limited, you want and may not attach.
Please participate early as soon as you disappear as it is the end

(I had this kudzu starch gruel "successive friend (citron, ginger)" (Nara Mahoroba building) of high quality using "Yoshino book arrowroot" of Nara!)

That instagenic photograph comes out and can have warm goods of antenna shop careful selection in Nihonbashimuromachi, is right killing two birds with one stone!
Instagram user is check required

■Warm fair
In addition, we are holding fair that original hot foods and hot drink can have!
Only as for the thing which is worried about menu we cooperated with popular shop of Nihonbashi Bridge
For more details, please see press release document of event.

※This article has publication permission than person in charge of event.



"Izushima of Edo, again introduction" ①~ Nihonbashi Bridge Nagasaki building ~

[rosemary sea] December 7, 2018 14:00

It is rosemary sea collecting data on as o guruman which "gift and oneself enjoy".

We carry role of information dispatch base "of" Nagasaki culture in deep Nihonbashi Bridge of relationship from antenna shop of Nagasaki, Nihonbashi Bridge Nagasaki building, the Edo era. It is right Izushima "of" Edo.

It is full of quality that the shop is renewed and wants to introduce since we introduced in last July.

IMG_20181127_133628 (2)a.jpg

We were taken care of by Shimoda advantage (shimodayuri) of Nihonbashi Bridge Nagasaki building vice-manager.

Then it is introduction start. Price is all tax-included. All the images come by click expansion.

IMG_20181127_132437 (2)a.jpg IMG_20181127_132425 (2)a.jpg

1,080 yen Kujuku-shima Islands (kujukushima) group with eight Nagasaki angels

Very rich madeleine which modelled feather of angel.

We seemed to be born from thought that we wanted to introduce church group and romance of Nagasaki into with cake.

It is subtle taste of milk and texture that we did quickly of sugar coating of flavor.

"Nagasaki and hiding Christian connection inheritance of the Amakusa district" that it was registered world's cultural heritage with in this July.

Oura Catholic Church of Nagasaki-shi is right this main constitution assets.

It is baked confectionery of gorgeous package harking back to stained glass of Oura Catholic Church.

IMG_20181127_132552 (2)a.jpg

IMG_20181127_132627 (2)a.jpg

Series for each 650 yen chocolate house of pure chocolate

The image lower right below: Goddess Ohashi and the passenger ship night view (milk) lower left: In the lantern (white) left: Night view (suite) top right corner of Mt. Inasa: We include Glover Garden night views (bitter). It is canned chocolate series that package of night view is beautiful.

It is one article that is famous as souvenir of Huis Ten Bosch.

"Series of night view sells well."

IMG_20181127_132715 (2)a.jpg

Do you know? Nagasaki, Hong Kong, Monaco ...

We were authorized as "world Shinzo University night view" in 2012.

As for Nagasaki, beauty of night view where wind head parks (kazagashirakouen) were like overlook (they do not blow) from multi-direction seemed to get extremely high evaluation cirque Mt. three-dimensional night view to bring about, Mt. Inasa (we are, and lack stops), pan crown (pan crown mountain).

IMG_20181127_132933 (2)a.jpg

It is corner of "more than"

It is cake which worked of "twist" that we knead wheat flour and fried in oil.

There are various names, but seems to call such a cake "in Nagasaki more than" collectively.

Indication such as top 3.5 or 1.5 displays level of hardness.

"It is Nagasaki origin. We treat famous Suzhou Hayashi and Fujian. There is shop in Chinatown Area, Nagasaki Chinatown both."

IMG_20181127_132942 (2)a.jpg

The mafaru left: 15 Motoiri 1,080 yen right: 7 Motoiri 540 yen Suzhou forests

IMG_20181127_132944 (2)a.jpg

The left: In Chinese and Korean people winding 4 Motoiri 540 yen: It is 9 Motoiri 540 yen right more: It is 6 Motoiri 378 yen Fujian more

IMG_20181127_133216 (2)a.jpg

IMG_20181127_133242_1 (2)a.jpg


A lot of Bunmeido home office castella

The depths left: In the castella 1 1,890 yen depths: Castella 0.6 1,080 yen      The depths right: The castella roll (with six) 820 yen this side right: The castella roll (individually wrap) 119 yen center: Cut castella (with five: plane) 810 yen


It is castella of home Nagasaki who was particular about the subject matter. It is the head family of Bunmeido, taste of origin.

We bake by the traditional manufacturing method.

Crystal sugar entering bottom as for the characteristic of Nagasaki castella.

Crystal sugar is decisive factor of flavor and texture. (the left image)

Cake that we wound up castella roll with skin of "Mt. Mikasa" (dorayaki) of good-quality flavor around castella carefully. It is easy to eat and is special dish which it is easy to distribute as pretty good souvenir in individually wrapping.

"It is direct shipment from factory of Nagasaki."

There was Kaientai castella which reproduced good flavor of the late Tokugawa period on that day. (left this side: 756 yen)

Nagasaki is the stage of "Ryoma biography". It seems to be castella which reproduced recipe in so-called Kaientai diary called "bold spirit name record" (yuukonseimeiroku) of Kyoto National Museum possession faithfully.

IMG_20181127_130921_1 (2)a.jpg

Eat-in corner

We can taste dishes and cake of Nagasaki pride, liquor.

As for the tableware, famous grilled dish "Hasamiyaki" (we sandwich and bake) which we introduced before seems to be used.

IMG_20181127_130932 (2)a.jpg

IMG_20181127_130944 (2)a.jpg

IMG_20181127_130953 (2)a.jpg

Foods menu cafe menu

It is ... with specialty of Nagasaki turkish rice

It is menu which is boryumi where pilaf cutlet Neapolitan salad became one plate.

It seems to be so-called local gourmet who is very popular in Western food restaurants of Nagasaki.

Non-experience is Nihonbashi Bridge Nagasaki building by all means; trial.

"Generally we can eat delicious thing of Nagasaki. We make milk shake with original recipe."

"Champon and turkish rice are popular. These were sold badly the other day after we were introduced in "ad street kku heaven" of broadcast

"We considerably add pressure here. When there is not event, eight seats use neighboring section in vaudeville theater."

IMG_20181127_131239 (2)a.jpgNagasaki building original castella soft serve 400 yen

It is article from April reopening of this year.

"It is Nagasaki building original, popularity No. 1. We are popular badly. As we made flavor of castella with original, soft serve is castella taste, too. Furthermore, we put "today's castella" in the castella in clove and others


It is really soft serve of castella taste. One flake of genuine castella emerges to border with corn when we can keep eating. Though it was new texture, it tasted very good old. It is taste that seems to be habit-forming.

We had you tell back menu-like secret information here.

As "vanilla" "enters machine other than soft serve of castella taste, vanilla and mixture of castella taste are possible, too. It does not appear in menu. Do you make only castella taste and mixture and which if asked? This."

IMG_20181127_132838_1 (2)a.jpg IMG_20181127_132754 (2)a.png

Nagasaki oden

Ingredients materials almost from Nagasaki enter. That we had very well-known book Doke from Omura write menu.

"Soup stock is solid and is delicious. We put kamaboko in shop. Egg is egg (going to introduce with the third) of Nagasaki, too. Soup stock is flying fish of Hirato in shop uses (it is chin, and this is going to introduce with the third, too). Flying fish soup stock sells very well when we explain."

"We open cover at the evening and sell mainly. We maintain favorable reception a year and sell."

IMG_20181127_131125 (2)a.jpg

October degree product sales amount ranking

It is ... for your information. We seem to always have change in ranking.

・・Another two times of ・ introductions continue.

IMG_20181127_125342a.jpgNihonbashi Bridge Nagasaki building

The first floor of 2-1-3, Nihonbashi Urban net 2, Nihonbashi building

Tokyo Metro Nihombashi Station is close.

We see exit or shop sign from Exit B7 in a 1-minute walk.

Shop 03-6262-5352

Guidebook 03-3241-1777

Business hours from 10:00 to 20:00

Year round (building facility check days are excluded)

Homepage of Nihonbashi Bridge Nagasaki building is this place





Information site "town Nihonbashi Bridge" of full loading

[mido] December 7, 2018 09:00

When we want to know thing about Nihonbashi Bridge, information site "town Nihonbashi Bridge" is convenient.


From history of Nihonbashi Bridge, it is information full loading including pleasing one every season, sightseeing in seasonal event, gourmet, culture, town circulation. In addition, "we read Nihonbashi Bridge" and can see no back number from this site, too.


As follows main publication contents


   Entertainment up-and-coming from large-scale event that puts together in season, and is held with the whole town, experience-based spot, workshop


 Gourmet who is full of long-established store and well-known stores for tour Cruise who can enjoy various courses, seasonal experience-based tour


  We introduce taste only by Nihonbashi Bridge. From long-established store which has been loved by merchants of Edo well-known store, shop which can taste ingredients of various parts of Japan, cozy cafe


 We introduce special dish of Nihonbashi Bridge to tool and meal of living, new noted product to much-talked-about attention item.


 We introduce main features of Nihonbashi Bridge, famous place, culture, Nihonbashi Bridge revival plan


 Photograph or old scenery that "is felt in" now of Nihonbashi Bridge. "100, Nihonbashi view" that caught various moments is good.






North Europe is hot in winter! Four selections of North Europe to enjoy in Chuo-ku

[Hanes] December 6, 2018 09:00

Hello. It is Hanes (splashes) of new face correspondent
It was December in no time, but are you getting along happily even if everybody is cold?
In winter...
・Hot food such as pan and oden
・It relates to snow such as ski and snowman
・Event such as Christmas and New Year holidays
We think that there may be many people associating this

Meanwhile, thing which I associate is North Europe known as hometown of Nordic events pattern and Santa!
In thing called this, this time is Chuo-ku are introduced here. every country at North European spot to be able to enjoy in winter
(we intend for 5 countries in North Europe of ※ narrow sense.)

Norway.pngNorwegian & Denmark .pngDenmark
Cafe with the name of capital of Norway is in Chuo-ku.
The name is OSLO COFFEE (Oslo coffee) GINZA CORE shop, too
Here dishes using Norway salmon and Danish cheese,
We can have North European dessert and cake.
We may taste feeling that is in North Europe while being in Ginza that there are feelings to tablewareAirplane


Address: 5-8-20, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo GINZA CORE 1F
Business hours: From 11:00 to 22:00
Official site:

In national movie archive (former: National Film Center),
Special feature screening "invitation to Swedish movie of the 150th anniversary of Japan, the diplomatic relations establishment in Sweden" began on Tuesday, November 27

I who was looking forward to this event for a long time appreciated "Miss April" (original title: Fröken April) shown in opening night (1958)
We reverse ourselves from the beginning harking back to cold winter in North Europe.
In development that tempo by misunderstanding has good whole book by spring weather when we take wrong!
What is story that unique combination called the president of hard bank and young dancer weaves?
Though it is movie more than half a century ago, it is recommended work providing universal laughter

Only as for the contents that other showing movies are interesting!
When it is cold, how about appreciating Swedish movie in the warm room?


■Invitation to Swedish movie of the 150th anniversary of Japan, the diplomatic relations establishment in Sweden
Period From Tuesday, November 27, 2018 to Thursday, December 13, 15th from Saturday to 23rd (Sunday/Holiday)
Venue: National movie archive Nagase memory hall OZU (the second floor)
Official web site:

"Secret ... of Mumin STORY - little Mii" began on Wednesday, November 28 in MATSUYA GINZA.
In addition to Mumin goods including here original product,
Photospot where photograph comes out with Mii is substantial


We are used to Mii's dumpling head look of onion type which is trademark and,


We become Mii completely, and one piece such as cut comes out!
I annoyed Mumin mom for such a feeling, too


It is opportunity when Mumin enthusiast cannot overlook

■Secret ... of Mumin STORY - little Mii
Period From Wednesday, November 28, 2018 to Monday, December 10
Venue: MATSUYA GINZA the eighth floor event square
Business hours: From 10:00 to 20:00
(closed at 17:00 on the last day until 19:30 on ※ December 2, 9th)
Admission: Free of charge
Official web site: This (we link to exhibition & gallery page of MATSUYA GINZA)

In Canon gallery Ginza, photo exhibition "earth construction" by Kazuyoshi Nomachi begins on 6th.
In this exhibition, we can enjoy scenery that can realize greatness and beauty of nature of Iceland.
Iceland without opportunity to be far, and to go very much...
Therefore there may be what we know a little at this opportunity


■Canon gallery EOS R SYSTEM special plan exhibition Kazuyoshi Nomachi photo exhibition: Earth construction
Period From Thursday, December 6, 2018 to Wednesday, December 12
Venue: Canon gallery Ginza
   (3-9-7, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo tolerance Ginza building 1F)
Business hours: From 10:30 to 18:30 (on the last day until 15:00)
Closed days: Sunday/Holiday
Official web site:

We introduced four spots of North European connection to be able to enjoy in Chuo-ku to here,
Would there be curious thing?
It is in a room in Chuo-ku, and related event in North Europe and cooking to be able to enjoy are equal,
We should be able to surely spend time happily on 1st even if cold
How about mentioning such a North European culture when you are in the neighborhood?


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