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Fixed-point observation of Ningyocho Amazake-yokocho St.

[mew I] December 9, 2018 18:00

When got on bus in Chuo-ku the other day, "ningyo-yaki of this neighborhood is jusei, Itakura-ya, Kameido near Ningyocho...We heard that it was talked with so and so a certain one.

 I thought "did it revive because that tsu, Kameido sold "saichosembei" (senbei) which became "re-challenge" and double entendre to ... Kameido though they should have closed a shop?." and thought that we must confirm secretly.

We construct building / apartments everywhere in the downtown area including Chuo-ku and think that  it is not unusual for "scenery to have been completely really strange when we notice" now.

We notice that we talk about the noise of the clothing and town of the occasional people to eloquence when it is at now after time, and  thing which cut a part of everyday scenery that should have been ordinary about booklets such as "Nihonbashi Bridge (bu*do) on that day" which I have in those days sees, and I think, "casual thing is fresh and is stimulating and is valuable".

 We went to Amazake-yokocho St. of Ningyocho as fixed-point observation early in the morning while thinking of such a thing. (from the Ningyocho area, we go to the Hamacho area with Meijiza Theater)

 It is likely that we are rebuilding place where there was 100-yen shop before. Wall of construction site serves as nearby advertisement / guidance printing block.
(shadow has been reflected from good arm of camera wonderfully forgive)
 We noticed that Thai neat rear tea room of British cafe moved according to Amazake-yokocho St. in this here. In cafe which imaged this shop, country of the U.K., we can have delicious tea and scone, cake. I had you like clotted cream and scone, tea, chiffon cake, banana cake, too. Shop was slightly small, but it was moved and seemed to be expanded more.


Though "thought that I am delicious as invite to fair of Nihonbashi Bridge Mitsukoshi and Isetan in the U.K. and was done, is considerable because is called by Mitsukoshi" (; (it is this shop to have got official guarantee, and is not me, but is slightly glad) (was before opening in early morning)


Unfortunately Kameido on the right towards the Meijiza Theater area remained a closure. (if, speaking of ningyo-yaki of Ningyocho, juseieishindo, board Kuraya and person who is not updated come until reference)

 By the way, it is photograph which saw construction place of "the best skyscraper (390 meters) more than completion planned ABENO HARUKAS in Japan from the top in 2027" at Tokyo Station Nihonbashi Exit finally.
Ten years later, what will happen 15 years later. The clothing was changed really, and what were that, the front here? We may think of this.
zentai.jpg(extended ↓ few only at construction site)




Is it island? Is it shima?

[wienerhorn] December 6, 2018 12:00

Matsushima-jinja Shrine and Matsushima Shrine. jpgThere are one, Matsushima-jinja Shrine of "7, Nihonbashi Fukugami" in Nihonbashiningiyoucho, and large country God is worshiped. Because "pines grew thick, according to the buttocks all sorts of subject of Chuo-ku, in the outskirts, Shimauchi had this name in Kojima of inlet at the time of the foundation" and seems to be one.
However, we are written as "Matsushima Shrine" in torii, and which of "island" "shima" is right? We think of this.
After there not being document which we used "shima" for, or looking for, we were found! "Kanpo dignity figure" made in 1744 (Kanpo 4) was published in Chuo-ku, Tokyo Board of Education "collection of figures of Chuo-ku history" (Nihonbashi Bridge), and the place name of "Matsushima town" was written down.
Was "island", judging from origin, "shima" has been used, should it be understood to drink?
It is pleasant thing to look at ancient map.



Kasama Inari Shrine

[wienerhorn] December 5, 2018 14:00

Inari, Kasama IMG_6883.jpg

Photograph: Kasama Inari Shrine (Kasama-shi, Ibaraki)

"7, Nihonbashi Fukugami" is in Suitengumae Station, Ningyocho Station, Kodemmacho Station of Tokyo Metro, neighborhood of Hamacho Station of Toei Subway and can circulate through Shichifukujin in one hour if we do our best. There is "company according to Kasama Inari Shrine Tokyo" in that. Sightseeing in Chuo-ku official approval that study was accomplished knows well. As it is a certain long name, ten characters are impressive, too. It was made at current position as branch shrine of Kasama Inari Shrine (Kasama-shi, Ibaraki) in 1859 of last years of Edo era.
As "Kasama Inari Shrine" was displayed by car navigation system when it drives the Ibaraki prefecture by chance on the other day, this is that! We thought of this and dropped in in a hurry. It is Shinto shrine counted by the foundation of 651 years in Japan's three biggest Inari. It was the precincts of solemn atmosphere, big company, very impressive space including Nakamise. We reach New Year's visit to a Shinto shrine, but many worshipers will come soon.



Attractive rediscovery of Ibaraki! Place where IBARAKI sense glitters

[Hanes] December 4, 2018 12:00

Hello. It is Hanes (splashes) of new face correspondent
One month or more passed from reopening of antenna shop IBARAKI sense (Ibaraki sense) of Ibaraki,
Did everybody go to new shop yet?
On the day of the reopening, actress Miho Shiraishi from Ibaraki, tape cutting by actor Gota Watabe and others were carried out and became topic!
I dropped in with co-worker concerning Ibaraki native place on the open day, too

(state of store during renewal construction)

We are reborn than before in higher-grade stylish space with open feeling,
Impression of Ibaraki should improve so as to recover in charm degree ranking at a stretch

IBARAKI sense.jpg
(state of store of the beginning of November)
By the way, when we say what Hanes bought in antenna shop of Ibaraki...
■Saza Coffee (sazakohi)
Saza Coffee of BARA cafe where answer is established by IBARAKI sense
"Coffee and person of thought may come by anything", too,
In fact, it is slightly deluxe self roast coffee which is loved by reputation in this, the prefecture by citizen of the prefecture if delicious

BARA cafe.jpg

This coffee house which operator of movie theater "Katsuta Takarazuka Theater" founded in 1969,
We establish direct management farm in South American Columbian kauka in 1997
In 2017, we won first championship at competitive show of FNC korombiakauka prefecture
As it is evaluated at production center of coffee beans, we cannot overlook authority of coffee!
You can eat only several kinds in this cafe,
In store of Saza Coffee, there are Yoshitomo Tokugawa (even if good) him and thing called "General Tokugawa coffee" which makes collaboration, and was born for the fourth generation of the Yoshinobu Tokugawas.
As for this, in the case of opening of a port negotiations of 1867, Prince Yoshinobu employs French cook,
We investigated documents when I gave coffee of service to European and American minister and reappeared
It becomes modern version of French coffee of the late Tokugawa period
Is neither coffee enthusiast nor history enthusiast worried about the flavor?
In this way, Ibaraki where relations are close by the Tokugawas connection with Edo, Tokyo...
From here, we introduce spot about Ibaraki in ward every times!
[the Edo era]
■Samurai residence
Samurai residence of Ibaraki (some Hitachi country, Shimousa countries) existed relatively a lot in ward.
Daimyo's mansion: Hitachi Asao feudal clan Shun Shinjo Komori direct Takeshi (3, Nihonbashihamacho)
Daimyo's second residence: jorikukasakanhammakiyabigoshu*choku (the Meijiza Theater area)
    Shimousa Furukawa feudal clan Oi Doi head Toshinori (Nihonbashihakozakicho, around the IBM Hakozaki Building)
■Company according to Kasama Inari Shrine Tokyo
Company (the God of Longevity) according to one Kasama Inari Shrine Tokyo of 7, Nihonbashi Fukugami in Nihonbashihamacho,
It is in the middle of the Edo era, and it is in Shinto shrine made branch shrine from Kasama Inari Shrine of one Ibaraki of Japan's three biggest Inari.

Kasama Inari Shrine. jpg
(Kasama Inari Shrine becoming the total head office. 2017 shooting.)
Chrysanthemum Festival is held in November and is full of many people every year.
It is easy to relatively access from Tokyo

Kasama Inari Shrine _ chrysanthemum. jpg

■Ishikawajima museum
1853 when Perry visited a shore.
Mito feudal clan Nariaki Tokugawa founded "Ishikawajima shipyard" in order to raise the armaments of Japan.
We started building of first Japanese Western style sailing warship "Xuri circle" here, and modern shipbuilding began.
At this museum in Tsukuda, we come to be able to know the history and culture of Tsukuda Island and shipyard today


[the Meiji era]
■Nihonbashi Bridge

Nihonbashi Bridge which it was built a bridge for the first time in 1603, and played a Japanese key role as the starting point of the Five Routes in the next year.
Two stone arched bridges which we crossed were completed now in 1911.
Bronze sculpture of giraffe and lion which architect Yorinaka Tsumaki designed is impressive,
In fact, unexpectedly there is Ibaraki element in this bridge!
Inada stone which we cut and brought down to pavement and arch part how from Inada, Ibaraki (Kasama-shi) is used more than running out of 40,000


Inada stone said to be "granite which is the whitest in Japan" is used even for the Supreme Court and Hibiya Dai-ichi Mutual Life Insurance Co. building and we are used for stone pavement of inside open space of finished JR Tokyo Station circle in last December and attract attention again recently.
In addition, we are used as obstacle of IBARAKI sense

(nothing of quarry of Inada stone in Kasama-shi. 2017 shooting. Instagenic)

◼️ medicine ancestral god company
Do you know this Shinto shrine right by forest of happiness and prosperity?
We worship pharmaceutical ancestral god Nikami as we can imagine from Shinto shrine name and are said to be when there is benefit of disease-free health, disease recovery.


Seemingly we seem to have nothing to do with Ibaraki, but, in fact, are the medicine industry of Nihonbashihoncho,
We visit in in front of in front of Oarai beach (isosaki) Shinto shrine of Ibaraki that assumes this Nikami enshrined deity from old days and liquor line beach (sakatsuraisosaki) Shinto shrines, and it is said that we showed sense of veneration.

Oarai Isosaki Shrine. jpg
(Oarai Isosaki Shrine in point that went up long stairs. 2017 shooting.)

There is torii of God beach in the nearby sea.
IBARAKI sense renewal was under construction, and this was introduced even poster put on glass.

(2017 shooting.)
We introduced a part of Ibaraki element seen in Chuo-ku after the Edo era to here, but how would about?
We are unexpectedly immediate and think that which we knew for the first time when there is Ibaraki element may come to place with familiarity so that it is representative by Nihonbashi Bridge
We are not only known still more, and there is a lot of charm of Ibaraki!
Please find spot where IBARAKI sense glitters while waiting in Chuo-ku, and doing walk
■IBARAKI sense
Address: 1-2-1, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo dyer Building 1F
Business hours: Shop cafe from 10:30 to 20:00
     Restaurant from 11:00 to 23:00 (on Sunday/Holiday 21:00)
Official web site:
※This article has publication permission than manager of IBARAKI sense.
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Kanto district maintenance station Tokyo country office "decoration of Nihonbashi Bridge"
Kota Kodama (the supervision) "reconstruction, Edo information map" (The Asahi Shimbun Company, 1994).



[sightseeing in Chuo-ku official approval measures] River, bridge (2)

[Hanes] December 2, 2018 14:00

Hello! It is Hanes (splashes) of new face correspondent
By continuance of river, bridge (1), we take up about turn (together with river) of ② bridge this time [sightseeing in Chuo-ku official approval measures].

If we learn order of bridge built over every river at stage when we understood the name of bridge to some extent
After all game of rhyming is recommended!
How to memorize Hanes styles is as follows

■Sumida River (from the upper reaches / north → south)
"We carry Tsukuda (dish simmered in) on our shoulder during the end of parents today"
Ryogoku Bridge (Ryo), Shin-ohashi Bridge (believe), Kiyosu Bridge (clean (kyo)), Sumidagawa-ohashi Bridge (do), Eitai Bridge (obtain), Chuo-ohashi Bridge (chu), Tsukuda-ohashi Bridge (tsukuda), Kachidoki Bridge Tsukiji-ohashi Bridge ((next))
※Sumida River land bridge appearing between Ryogoku Bridge and Shin-ohashi Bridge leaves out.

Game of rhyming wins by thing which we remembered even slightly by force
May it be easy to learn when we image such situation?

Sightseeing in Chuo-ku official approval measures ② .jpg

Still our parents carry foods boiled in soy on their shoulder and may not come home,
There might be such a thing in old days

■Nihonbashi Bridge (from the down stream / east → west)
"You are rich, and go! At 1:00 in Japan!"
Toyomi Bridge Minato Bridge (see), Kayaba Bridge Yoroi Bridge Edobashi Bridge (obtain), Nihonbashi Bridge (nihon), Nishi-gashi Bridge Ikkoku Bridge (as for i / reading of "ichikokubashi"), Tokiwa Bridge former Tokiwa Bridge (come), Shin-tokiwa Bridge ("ni" of / new = New)

Is this such an image?


Game of rhyming of Sumida River was image of traditional culture,
Nihonbashi Bridge is like current Japan high inbound feeling forAirplane

We can learn turn of bridge built over two rivers in this...But, sightseeing in Chuo-ku official approval cannot compete with only in this
Nihonbashi River joins Sumida River where, and what is bridge to appear after the junction very first?...It is necessary to hold this to place where we said!
We assume carrying-over for next article about this.

Finally it is the other!
■Kamejimagawa River (from the upper reaches / north → south) which we want to hold down if able to afford
Kamejimagawa River begins in Nihonbashi Water Gate of upper reaches and ends in downstream Kamejimagawa Water Gate.
Meanwhile, there are five bridges, and person aiming at high score is place that we want to learn in total.
As for the game of rhyming, it "is evolved soul bank! It becomes higher!"
Reigan Bridge (reigan), Shin-Kamejima Bridge (believe), Kamejima Bridge Takabashi Bridge (high (ku)), Minami-Takabashi Bridge (as for "na" / reading of of (ru) / south = "anything" "minamitakabashi")

There is feeling quite by force, but soul bank Island by upheaval of landfill and land,
Please learn in conjunction with the history that became higher in the height above the sea level than the Edo era

※This article introduces a part of the personal official approval measures.
 It is not thing to be able to pass when we learn content written here.
 Please keep in your mind beforehand.



We eat noisily together! Udon society "will make udon with favorite form" ("Hama House" X "valley")

[edamame] November 27, 2018 18:00

It is edamame of correspondent with children

Autumn with many events.

There may be much one challenging the first thing.

Meanwhile, edamame & daughter adzuki bean (favorite 3 years old child of eating)

"We hit the first udon", and ni challenged.

"Hama House" where place was taken care of by various events before

※Some of the past events from this


And teacher of ... today

It is master, Tani of "valley" with shop in Ningyocho and Hamacho.


Go to "valley" and for lunch in my home on holiday

There is that we have udon plenty.

Because it is said, "it is delicious" and comes home each time.

When invitation to event from Hama House came

Already readily "is udon of valley? It was feeling that we went for by all means.

By the way, promptly.

Udon dough which Mr. Tani fitted early in the morning.


※It is wrapped in thick vinyl not to dry.

Dough is vulnerable to drying.


It is around 500 grams by this person ball.

It seems to become around two portions.

By the way, of 4 times this as for the professional in shop

Seem to get along at unit of 2 kilos; ...

Great. It is a word of this.

It is ... in it


We step!

It is point that we do not merely step, and become uniform thickness properly.

This makes waist of udon.

It is also ...


We step on adzuki bean!

Well, we are not readily depressed as, however, it is 15 kilos in weight (wry smile).

But is what you should do ... that point understanding grew up than before?

We are changed to mother edamame on the way and step and step.


If adult greatly opened palm and can lengthen dough

It is work to increase with rolling pin on stand.


Wield nursery powder


We put the weight well and stretch out.

When teacher does it, it seems to be easy.

We do not grow when we do not put the weight well!

Besides, when we are going to do it with adzuki bean

As "two haoris" are in a state, the weight is not just carried well.

... which has taken time too much.

But we seemed to want to try adzuki bean.

It is in to be favorite child of eating.

However, as we almost smash thumb of own child with ... rolling pin

Please be careful enough!


Mr. Tani is chopper with udon which we always use.

Kitchen knife seems to be very heavy.

・・* Also. The finish is beautiful!

We cut edamame with common kitchen knife with adzuki bean.

It is ... weight, to be necessary.

We had a hard time to cut very much.

And with after all doing it with "two haoris"

In fact, as adzuki bean "had kitchen knife for the first time"

There is considerable unreasonableness of cutting a little; and ...


It is completion of super thickness udon (sweating heavily).

"Is it around 25 minutes if we perform comment of Mr. Tani to cool in boil time? If it is warm 15 minutes"

Wow. ・* * Warm, and will eat.

"Please think that udon is increased by 1.5-fold if we boil."

・・We love ・ consent stripe (sweat). This seems to become tremendous thickness.

And as having been in this event title


We cook "udon which we pulled with cookies type".

As for the children, this place seems to be more fun.

"hato!" "Bell!" "We do and write!" It becomes various forms.

It is ... to have kept on being square model or is like ravioli.

Place (commonplace) where "boil time does not write one of one's own udon hard to please in bag."


If yellow-like one is left slightly

Mark that salt in udon remains in it.

So let's wait a little more.

※In addition, when edamame boiled souvenir udon at home

 "Is it yellow-like ...? A little more"

You do this too much, and please be careful in a few one which we boil too much, and feeling was over.

It is the first confirmation method it is simple, and "to eat".

By the way, it is boiled.

Adults are enjoying in "pot tama",

Edamame & adzuki bean with children which does not want to meddle with raw egg yet


Of "valley" and specialite de la maison "run, and please sprinkle soup stock"!

Sticky resistance to the teeth is delicious!

And stock is delicious, too!

Furthermore, we had you bring Mr. Tani specially made chilled Bukkake-udon (tempura topping).

(I'm sorry. Forget to take photograph.)

tsuyattoshite, the beautiful finish!

Of course taste is ..., too!

"Very often. Such and such!"

As for the waist well. It is really delicious udon.

And one which likes edamame secretly this "oak sky."

We are particular about chicken and are very soft though it is breast.

It was impression when it ate for the first time "does chest become so soft?". Oh, it is unbearable!

That's why product become full happily.

Both mother and child were able to spend time happily.

In addition, we want to participate on the next time if there is such a meeting.

And we wanted to eat udon of "valley" again while we were writing ... article.

We go to eat soon!


The first floor of 2-15-17, Nihonbashiningyocho, Chuo-ku

Tel, Fax 03-5695-3060

Business hours from 11:00 to 15:00 from 18:00 to 22:30 (LO)

Year round

Valley and the sum (the second shop)

3-2-7, Nihonbashihamacho, Chuo-ku


Business hours from 11:00 to 14:30 from 17:00 to 22:30 (LO)

Regular holiday Sundays and holidays

Hama House 1F Café & Bookstore

3-10-6, Nihonbashihamacho, Chuo-ku


Business hours

Weekdays from 11:00 to 21:00 (last order 20:00)

Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays from 10:30 to 18:00


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