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Do not go to Harumi Wharf of evening; or ...

[kimitaku] December 10, 2018 18:00

 In autumn evening when it was fine well, we strolled in Harumi Wharf. Time of the noise goes by by Olympics related facility construction, but night view where turn is splendid spreads out in one side in the daytime from evening. kimitaku4_20181127.jpg   kimitaku3_20181127.jpg   Toyosu market Toyomi Ohashi increased newly from this October, too. In Toyosu market, the whole building gives off brilliance and is in particular one side more beauty.  ・・To go to ・ ・ Harumi Wharf. ・・ ...  We get off Tokyo Station by bus for Harumi Wharf for approximately 20 minutes and are 0 minutes on foot.  It is a 20-minute walk from Toei Subway Kachidoki Station.


*** It is *** in photograph of re plot bridge

We shine brightly on the steel tower of this side

(F)Navigation ... free as for this as for free this

(O)... that this is given priority to out, I mean appearing ship

(I)This is meaning given priority to ship entering port. ・* *



In Kanze school noh theater "University of Tokyo Kanze school meeting, Univ. of Tokyo Kanze school alumnus society combination self-playing meeting"

[Dharma] December 10, 2018 09:00

 Ability 80.jpg

Memory of the 70th anniversary of the University of Tokyo Kanze school society

"University of Tokyo Kanze school society, Univ. of Tokyo Kanze school alumnus society combination self-playing meeting" is held.



<time> Sunday, December 23, 2018 start 10:00 (18:00 curtain plan)

 No charge for admission (when you do not have letters of invitation, you may not enter)

<place> The third floor of 25th Sakon Kanze memory "Kanze school noh theater" ... 6, Ginza GINZA SIX basement


Show; Noh okok.jpg


This year is lion, the end of student ability "Tamura" (about 14:00) others student, alumnus, activity of historical ability of singing a No song without accompaniment ... Univ. of Tokyo! Please please hearing, sight.

University of Tokyo Kanze school meeting, Univ. of Tokyo Kanze school alumnus society combination self-playing meeting of the next fiscal year on Saturday, December 21, 2019 of Kanze school noh theater put; and holding.

Homepage ... University of Tokyo Kanze school society









[Tokyo Dumbo] December 9, 2018 14:00

 Ruins where Ginza SONY Building was dismantled become Ginza Sony Park, and various events are performed, but cooperate with Ginza maison Hermes of erumesujapon headquarters building which is next until from December 7 to December 25; HERMES JINGLE GAMES! But, it is performed.




When there is SONY Building, we make glass block of  headquarters building Ginza maison Hermes of erumesujapon which we did not see screen and can enjoy game that we projected by projection mapping with one set for two people.



 Short movie flows between games and there are many horse and art objects of Kelly bag (kind of purse for woman on behalf of Hermes) to draw sled into Ginza Sony Park and invites.  




One that approaches at the end of the year, and is busy is HERMES JINGLE GAMES with smartphone as follows! We can enjoy this! Read QR code; and LET'S TRY!



Screenshot 2018-12-08 22.06.55.png 


In Ginza of Christmas season, various displays and pleasant events are varied. When a lot of Tokyo Dumbo wants to go, there is thought.



Warm illuminations to enjoy in the ECO Edo era

[Hanes] December 8, 2018 12:00

Hello. It is Hanes (splashes) of new face correspondent
We went to see "crimson light street - Nihonbashi Bridge ..." that Sam of senior correspondent introduced (until December 28) the other day!
In Edozakura-dori St. and the neighboring buildings being dyed warm color,
Even as for the winter when image of cold color including snow and ice is strong, seem to be felt that is mysterious warmly; is lighted up

■Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Main Store
Building of Renaissance style will show expressions different in the daytime.
Will it be only me to feel warmth only in Japan such as kotatsu?


■Mitsui Main Building
Seeing from the front, this building appointed to important cultural property of country is lighted up by rouge. (it is the side that there is ※ copying.)
When we photograph in conjunction with Edo cherry tree illuminations 2018,
We shine by white of building and contrast with rouge of illuminations


■COREDO Muromachi 1
Quality of embroidery of light that featured the theme of Edo-dyed clothe appears


■Nihonbashi Mitsui Tower
Similarly, we charm, and one is different even if it is crimson and lights up!
Warm atmosphere comes


We are lighted up by different method every part of building.


■OVOL Nihonbashi Bridge building
It is the cool finish, but design only in Edo is put for the details from a distance when we see near


As it becomes illuminations that cooperated in the area whole area,
It may be fun when we look around various buildings

Nihonbashi Bridge. jpg

■Warm goods present campaign of ECO EDO Nihonbashi Bridge winter
And we are holding nice plan in conjunction with Instagram.jpgInstagram!
Participation method is easy.
We photograph Edo cherry tree illuminations 2018 and we soak "#ecoedo Nihonbashi Bridge" and post on Instagram
When we show contribution screen in the Nihonbashi Bridge information desk in the first floor of koredo Muromachi 1 basement,
We can have one goods you like from warming drink and bath powder
As number is limited, you want and may not attach.
Please participate early as soon as you disappear as it is the end

(I had this kudzu starch gruel "successive friend (citron, ginger)" (Nara Mahoroba building) of high quality using "Yoshino book arrowroot" of Nara!)

That instagenic photograph comes out and can have warm goods of antenna shop careful selection in Nihonbashimuromachi, is right killing two birds with one stone!
Instagram user is check required

■Warm fair
In addition, we are holding fair that original hot foods and hot drink can have!
Only as for the thing which is worried about menu we cooperated with popular shop of Nihonbashi Bridge
For more details, please see press release document of event.

※This article has publication permission than person in charge of event.



North Europe is hot in winter! Four selections of North Europe to enjoy in Chuo-ku

[Hanes] December 6, 2018 09:00

Hello. It is Hanes (splashes) of new face correspondent
It was December in no time, but are you getting along happily even if everybody is cold?
In winter...
・Hot food such as pan and oden
・It relates to snow such as ski and snowman
・Event such as Christmas and New Year holidays
We think that there may be many people associating this

Meanwhile, thing which I associate is North Europe known as hometown of Nordic events pattern and Santa!
In thing called this, this time is Chuo-ku are introduced here. every country at North European spot to be able to enjoy in winter
(we intend for 5 countries in North Europe of ※ narrow sense.)

Norway.pngNorwegian & Denmark .pngDenmark
Cafe with the name of capital of Norway is in Chuo-ku.
The name is OSLO COFFEE (Oslo coffee) GINZA CORE shop, too
Here dishes using Norway salmon and Danish cheese,
We can have North European dessert and cake.
We may taste feeling that is in North Europe while being in Ginza that there are feelings to tablewareAirplane


Address: 5-8-20, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo GINZA CORE 1F
Business hours: From 11:00 to 22:00
Official site:

In national movie archive (former: National Film Center),
Special feature screening "invitation to Swedish movie of the 150th anniversary of Japan, the diplomatic relations establishment in Sweden" began on Tuesday, November 27

I who was looking forward to this event for a long time appreciated "Miss April" (original title: Fröken April) shown in opening night (1958)
We reverse ourselves from the beginning harking back to cold winter in North Europe.
In development that tempo by misunderstanding has good whole book by spring weather when we take wrong!
What is story that unique combination called the president of hard bank and young dancer weaves?
Though it is movie more than half a century ago, it is recommended work providing universal laughter

Only as for the contents that other showing movies are interesting!
When it is cold, how about appreciating Swedish movie in the warm room?


■Invitation to Swedish movie of the 150th anniversary of Japan, the diplomatic relations establishment in Sweden
Period From Tuesday, November 27, 2018 to Thursday, December 13, 15th from Saturday to 23rd (Sunday/Holiday)
Venue: National movie archive Nagase memory hall OZU (the second floor)
Official web site:

"Secret ... of Mumin STORY - little Mii" began on Wednesday, November 28 in MATSUYA GINZA.
In addition to Mumin goods including here original product,
Photospot where photograph comes out with Mii is substantial


We are used to Mii's dumpling head look of onion type which is trademark and,


We become Mii completely, and one piece such as cut comes out!
I annoyed Mumin mom for such a feeling, too


It is opportunity when Mumin enthusiast cannot overlook

■Secret ... of Mumin STORY - little Mii
Period From Wednesday, November 28, 2018 to Monday, December 10
Venue: MATSUYA GINZA the eighth floor event square
Business hours: From 10:00 to 20:00
(closed at 17:00 on the last day until 19:30 on ※ December 2, 9th)
Admission: Free of charge
Official web site: This (we link to exhibition & gallery page of MATSUYA GINZA)

In Canon gallery Ginza, photo exhibition "earth construction" by Kazuyoshi Nomachi begins on 6th.
In this exhibition, we can enjoy scenery that can realize greatness and beauty of nature of Iceland.
Iceland without opportunity to be far, and to go very much...
Therefore there may be what we know a little at this opportunity


■Canon gallery EOS R SYSTEM special plan exhibition Kazuyoshi Nomachi photo exhibition: Earth construction
Period From Thursday, December 6, 2018 to Wednesday, December 12
Venue: Canon gallery Ginza
   (3-9-7, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo tolerance Ginza building 1F)
Business hours: From 10:30 to 18:30 (on the last day until 15:00)
Closed days: Sunday/Holiday
Official web site:

We introduced four spots of North European connection to be able to enjoy in Chuo-ku to here,
Would there be curious thing?
It is in a room in Chuo-ku, and related event in North Europe and cooking to be able to enjoy are equal,
We should be able to surely spend time happily on 1st even if cold
How about mentioning such a North European culture when you are in the neighborhood?



Attractive rediscovery of Ibaraki! Place where IBARAKI sense glitters

[Hanes] December 4, 2018 12:00

Hello. It is Hanes (splashes) of new face correspondent
One month or more passed from reopening of antenna shop IBARAKI sense (Ibaraki sense) of Ibaraki,
Did everybody go to new shop yet?
On the day of the reopening, actress Miho Shiraishi from Ibaraki, tape cutting by actor Gota Watabe and others were carried out and became topic!
I dropped in with co-worker concerning Ibaraki native place on the open day, too

(state of store during renewal construction)

We are reborn than before in higher-grade stylish space with open feeling,
Impression of Ibaraki should improve so as to recover in charm degree ranking at a stretch

IBARAKI sense.jpg
(state of store of the beginning of November)
By the way, when we say what Hanes bought in antenna shop of Ibaraki...
■Saza Coffee (sazakohi)
Saza Coffee of BARA cafe where answer is established by IBARAKI sense
"Coffee and person of thought may come by anything", too,
In fact, it is slightly deluxe self roast coffee which is loved by reputation in this, the prefecture by citizen of the prefecture if delicious

BARA cafe.jpg

This coffee house which operator of movie theater "Katsuta Takarazuka Theater" founded in 1969,
We establish direct management farm in South American Columbian kauka in 1997
In 2017, we won first championship at competitive show of FNC korombiakauka prefecture
As it is evaluated at production center of coffee beans, we cannot overlook authority of coffee!
You can eat only several kinds in this cafe,
In store of Saza Coffee, there are Yoshitomo Tokugawa (even if good) him and thing called "General Tokugawa coffee" which makes collaboration, and was born for the fourth generation of the Yoshinobu Tokugawas.
As for this, in the case of opening of a port negotiations of 1867, Prince Yoshinobu employs French cook,
We investigated documents when I gave coffee of service to European and American minister and reappeared
It becomes modern version of French coffee of the late Tokugawa period
Is neither coffee enthusiast nor history enthusiast worried about the flavor?
In this way, Ibaraki where relations are close by the Tokugawas connection with Edo, Tokyo...
From here, we introduce spot about Ibaraki in ward every times!
[the Edo era]
■Samurai residence
Samurai residence of Ibaraki (some Hitachi country, Shimousa countries) existed relatively a lot in ward.
Daimyo's mansion: Hitachi Asao feudal clan Shun Shinjo Komori direct Takeshi (3, Nihonbashihamacho)
Daimyo's second residence: jorikukasakanhammakiyabigoshu*choku (the Meijiza Theater area)
    Shimousa Furukawa feudal clan Oi Doi head Toshinori (Nihonbashihakozakicho, around the IBM Hakozaki Building)
■Company according to Kasama Inari Shrine Tokyo
Company (the God of Longevity) according to one Kasama Inari Shrine Tokyo of 7, Nihonbashi Fukugami in Nihonbashihamacho,
It is in the middle of the Edo era, and it is in Shinto shrine made branch shrine from Kasama Inari Shrine of one Ibaraki of Japan's three biggest Inari.

Kasama Inari Shrine. jpg
(Kasama Inari Shrine becoming the total head office. 2017 shooting.)
Chrysanthemum Festival is held in November and is full of many people every year.
It is easy to relatively access from Tokyo

Kasama Inari Shrine _ chrysanthemum. jpg

■Ishikawajima museum
1853 when Perry visited a shore.
Mito feudal clan Nariaki Tokugawa founded "Ishikawajima shipyard" in order to raise the armaments of Japan.
We started building of first Japanese Western style sailing warship "Xuri circle" here, and modern shipbuilding began.
At this museum in Tsukuda, we come to be able to know the history and culture of Tsukuda Island and shipyard today


[the Meiji era]
■Nihonbashi Bridge

Nihonbashi Bridge which it was built a bridge for the first time in 1603, and played a Japanese key role as the starting point of the Five Routes in the next year.
Two stone arched bridges which we crossed were completed now in 1911.
Bronze sculpture of giraffe and lion which architect Yorinaka Tsumaki designed is impressive,
In fact, unexpectedly there is Ibaraki element in this bridge!
Inada stone which we cut and brought down to pavement and arch part how from Inada, Ibaraki (Kasama-shi) is used more than running out of 40,000


Inada stone said to be "granite which is the whitest in Japan" is used even for the Supreme Court and Hibiya Dai-ichi Mutual Life Insurance Co. building and we are used for stone pavement of inside open space of finished JR Tokyo Station circle in last December and attract attention again recently.
In addition, we are used as obstacle of IBARAKI sense

(nothing of quarry of Inada stone in Kasama-shi. 2017 shooting. Instagenic)

◼️ medicine ancestral god company
Do you know this Shinto shrine right by forest of happiness and prosperity?
We worship pharmaceutical ancestral god Nikami as we can imagine from Shinto shrine name and are said to be when there is benefit of disease-free health, disease recovery.


Seemingly we seem to have nothing to do with Ibaraki, but, in fact, are the medicine industry of Nihonbashihoncho,
We visit in in front of in front of Oarai beach (isosaki) Shinto shrine of Ibaraki that assumes this Nikami enshrined deity from old days and liquor line beach (sakatsuraisosaki) Shinto shrines, and it is said that we showed sense of veneration.

Oarai Isosaki Shrine. jpg
(Oarai Isosaki Shrine in point that went up long stairs. 2017 shooting.)

There is torii of God beach in the nearby sea.
IBARAKI sense renewal was under construction, and this was introduced even poster put on glass.

(2017 shooting.)
We introduced a part of Ibaraki element seen in Chuo-ku after the Edo era to here, but how would about?
We are unexpectedly immediate and think that which we knew for the first time when there is Ibaraki element may come to place with familiarity so that it is representative by Nihonbashi Bridge
We are not only known still more, and there is a lot of charm of Ibaraki!
Please find spot where IBARAKI sense glitters while waiting in Chuo-ku, and doing walk
■IBARAKI sense
Address: 1-2-1, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo dyer Building 1F
Business hours: Shop cafe from 10:30 to 20:00
     Restaurant from 11:00 to 23:00 (on Sunday/Holiday 21:00)
Official web site:
※This article has publication permission than manager of IBARAKI sense.
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Kanto district maintenance station Tokyo country office "decoration of Nihonbashi Bridge"
Kota Kodama (the supervision) "reconstruction, Edo information map" (The Asahi Shimbun Company, 1994).


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