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White Christmas garden

[Sam] December 11, 2018 18:00

DSC08084ELS''.jpgDSC08080RS'G.jpg For ten days of from 7 to 16 on December, we open salon space "royal room" with 10F terrace to the public in FANCL Ginza square (5, Ginza) and are holding "White Christmas garden" dyeing garden in fantastic white. From 16:00 to 19:00

"White Eco Christmas" when theme of this year considered environment in one of "seasonal garden event" carried out eight times a year now.

We express Christmas tree with plastic bottle, and milky poinsettia is arranged, and it is surrounded by white light of LED bulb.

Twice of ..., "Christmas Daily live" that live performance such as violin, piano, chromatic scale harmonica, violin percussion harp, violin contrabass, Hull Dan gel violin can enjoy every day in rotation are crossed at - / 18:00 at 17:00 during period.



San-ai dream center Christmas tree projection

[Sam] December 10, 2018 18:00

DSC08044ELSR'.jpgDSC08048RS'G.jpg Huge Christmas tree of 20m in height grade by projection mapping that utilized 80 super short focus projectors in one of Landmark representing Ginza facing 4, Ginza intersection, San-ai dream center is appearance.

We color night of Ginza of December.

Period From December 5 to December 25 from 19:00 to 23:30 (we reflect every 30 minutes)

Picture direction for a limited time that started from December, 2017 when this approach made use of design of front cylindrical building fitted with glass to the maximum.

At first this projection work is new item for approximately six minutes that that to begin every day from the scene, and state of work and conversation of people working lively in the workplace is projected, and Christmas tree appears when we approach in the middle stage, and snowy crystal or reindeer appear and can enjoy view of the world on Christmas to run up stairs of building.



Fixed-point observation of Ningyocho Amazake-yokocho St.

[mew I] December 9, 2018 18:00

When got on bus in Chuo-ku the other day, "ningyo-yaki of this neighborhood is jusei, Itakura-ya, Kameido near Ningyocho...We heard that it was talked with so and so a certain one.

 I thought "did it revive because that tsu, Kameido sold "saichosembei" (senbei) which became "re-challenge" and double entendre to ... Kameido though they should have closed a shop?." and thought that we must confirm secretly.

We construct building / apartments everywhere in the downtown area including Chuo-ku and think that  it is not unusual for "scenery to have been completely really strange when we notice" now.

We notice that we talk about the noise of the clothing and town of the occasional people to eloquence when it is at now after time, and  thing which cut a part of everyday scenery that should have been ordinary about booklets such as "Nihonbashi Bridge (bu*do) on that day" which I have in those days sees, and I think, "casual thing is fresh and is stimulating and is valuable".

 We went to Amazake-yokocho St. of Ningyocho as fixed-point observation early in the morning while thinking of such a thing. (from the Ningyocho area, we go to the Hamacho area with Meijiza Theater)

 It is likely that we are rebuilding place where there was 100-yen shop before. Wall of construction site serves as nearby advertisement / guidance printing block.
(shadow has been reflected from good arm of camera wonderfully forgive)
 We noticed that Thai neat rear tea room of British cafe moved according to Amazake-yokocho St. in this here. In cafe which imaged this shop, country of the U.K., we can have delicious tea and scone, cake. I had you like clotted cream and scone, tea, chiffon cake, banana cake, too. Shop was slightly small, but it was moved and seemed to be expanded more.


Though "thought that I am delicious as invite to fair of Nihonbashi Bridge Mitsukoshi and Isetan in the U.K. and was done, is considerable because is called by Mitsukoshi" (; (it is this shop to have got official guarantee, and is not me, but is slightly glad) (was before opening in early morning)


Unfortunately Kameido on the right towards the Meijiza Theater area remained a closure. (if, speaking of ningyo-yaki of Ningyocho, juseieishindo, board Kuraya and person who is not updated come until reference)

 By the way, it is photograph which saw construction place of "the best skyscraper (390 meters) more than completion planned ABENO HARUKAS in Japan from the top in 2027" at Tokyo Station Nihonbashi Exit finally.
Ten years later, what will happen 15 years later. The clothing was changed really, and what were that, the front here? We may think of this.
zentai.jpg(extended ↓ few only at construction site)




Odaiba rainbow fireworks 2018

[Sam] December 7, 2018 18:00

DSC07966ELSR'.jpgDSC07988RS'G.jpg "Odaiba rainbow fireworks" performed for approximately ten minutes began at 19:00 this year every Saturday of December in average year.

The date: December day

Season that air clears up in winter and that person is beautiful and sees night view.

Against a backdrop of Rainbow Bridge lighted up special by rainbow color, approximately 1,800 fireworks launched from the Odaiba Kaihinkoen "Statue of Liberty" offing let dynamic bloom bloom in dignified winter night sky.

In spite of being 10-minute condensed fireworks event, fireworks which made an elaborate plans are launched in sequence and they see and meet and are enough.

For 22 days, it is music fireworks conduct plan that linked music.

"Odaiba rainbow fireworks" coloring winter night sky with crash from good Toyosu-ohashi Bridge with possibility of the Harumi Canal most down stream can have a distant view.




[silver ornament] December 7, 2018 12:00

On seeing signboard called HARUMI FLAG, what will it be? We thought of this.

DSCN2550 (400x300). jpg

In meaning called place that the beautiful sea could look around openly, "Harumi" seemed to be named. Therefore we thought this signboard to have made the image picture. But we found URL called HARUMI FLAG (the Harumi Olympic village) when we checked on the Internet just to make sure. After having been used in 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Paralympics as the Olympic village, we are sold in lots and seem to be able to enter in 2023.


We saw a part of formal HP. It is as follows.

 HARUMI FLAG is constructed in five blocks and becomes from 23 of house in a development project, lease house and 24 of one commercial facility in total.
We create interchange and bustle by establishing a lot open space or green tract of land where town plays a key role.
In adjoining land, "hydrogen stations" to supply "multi-mobility station" and next-generation energy to as traffic node are established and redevelopment and elementary and junior high school, child-care facility of "Harumi Terminal Park", maintenance of public facilities including harborside fire department link and are performed.



Open space great ceiling picture Christmas tree 2018 of Harumi triton square myth

[silver ornament] December 6, 2018 18:00

 Open space is to Harumi triton square with just what named by every theme, and large ceiling picture is decorated in mythical open space.

You can look at figure that old man like mermaid whom floor of mythical open space is studded with marbles and decorated blows on bugle horn. This is Kaijin triton. It seems to blow conch. And, as the clothing of this December, excellent Christmas tree is displayed.

DSCN2521 (300x400). jpg

Picture of Greek myth is displayed on the ceiling and is street of the name of triton square. 

DSCN2520 (400x300). jpg

When "age in Japan of Italy" was held in 2001, this picture seemed to be posted. Spring goddess Flora (goddess influencing flower) who is famous Apollo, goddess Artemis of month, goddess Eos in dawn, fall wind zebyurosu and wife is described in painting as live stock farming and God, sun god of prediction. He/she invites to the mythical world, the warm Mediterranean Sea, trip to the Aegean Sea.

In access, the restaurant to Harumi triton square, please see this.


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