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Do not go to Harumi Wharf of evening; or ...

[kimitaku] December 10, 2018 18:00

 In autumn evening when it was fine well, we strolled in Harumi Wharf. Time of the noise goes by by Olympics related facility construction, but night view where turn is splendid spreads out in one side in the daytime from evening. kimitaku4_20181127.jpg   kimitaku3_20181127.jpg   Toyosu market Toyomi Ohashi increased newly from this October, too. In Toyosu market, the whole building gives off brilliance and is in particular one side more beauty.  ・・To go to ・ ・ Harumi Wharf. ・・ ...  We get off Tokyo Station by bus for Harumi Wharf for approximately 20 minutes and are 0 minutes on foot.  It is a 20-minute walk from Toei Subway Kachidoki Station.


*** It is *** in photograph of re plot bridge

We shine brightly on the steel tower of this side

(F)Navigation ... free as for this as for free this

(O)... that this is given priority to out, I mean appearing ship

(I)This is meaning given priority to ship entering port. ・* *



What is 300 1:29? It will be careful even that is minimal that we found at construction site

[silver ornament] December 10, 2018 09:00

What is 300 1:29? We displayed on panel which we saw at construction site of apartment in Harumi.

DSCN2555 (400x300). jpg


It was called law of Heinrich with 300 laws 1:29.

 With 300 laws, it is one of the laws learned by experience in work-related accident, and there are 29 minimal accidents behind one serious accident 1:29, and 300 abnormality exists in the background. We come from for Herbert William Heinrich (Herbert William Heinrich) (1886 through 1962) when we arrived at this law and are called law of Heinrich.
 Heinrich who did the deputy manager of technique, research department in American nonlife insurer announced result that analyzed outbreak probability of work-related accident in November, 1929 as article, and, on the back of one serious disaster, there was light disaster of 29 scratch degree and clarified that disaster that there was not of injury that "hiyari hat" of 300 did on the back (it is nearly catastrophe) occurred.

*I analyzed "hiyari, hat" phenomenon to do in shop floor and remembered ISO activity that was going to prevent work-related accident. I think that it leads to casualty for many accidents if I overlook even one minimal phenomenon. Wind becomes strong, and wave of the sea breaks out. This remembered that it was stormy omen.

In distribution and the service sector of company, this law seems to be utilized as failure incidence in business.

For example, there is failure that became clear by objection, complaint put to the back of one real mistake by customer of 29 cases, and, on the back, employee thinks, "we put away", but 300 cases overlooking that is recognized potential failure seems to exist because there is not outside complaint.



Make problem

[Oe door bridge] December 8, 2018 09:00

Then it is problem.

 We transplant roadside tree in area of approximately 1.1 kilos of Chuo-dori Ave. (Ginza Street) of 8, Ginza from 1, Ginza in plan until the end of 2018. In the row of trees, height becomes approximately 8 meters and brighten the fresh green in spring and make the shade of a tree in the summer and is colored by turning yellow in autumn. What is this tree characterized by heart-shaped leaf?

1 willow 2 ginkgo 3 wig 4 poplar


Sightseeing in the eleventh Chuo-ku official approval is carried out on Sunday, February 3, 2019.

In the questions range, 90%, others are 10% from formal text.

Therefore, from topic-like matter, product saw one problem.

It is four person choosing one (shi*), problem of mark sheet method.

We are apt to mistake for the time being because we come in all the problems mark when just after the examination came in total.

We get and, well, we take into with ... and fit in stone and trap.

It fits in into the trap which question-master made every time wonderfully.

Secretariat which does not easily send all the problems correct answer person.

u - tsu is scary; is scared.

But even if examination is too easy, we are worthless, and trouble is over there being too few passers for administration.

We make wisdom, and, as for the person making problem, "spoon of degree of difficulty" will be done so that authorization continues happily for a long time.

We become very glad when we find point that is supposedly pit of shi* from choice during examination.

hehhehhe. We do not ride the hand.

We will surely work out problem while smiling.

In official approval time of 90 minutes, it is feeling that can talk with invisible question-master.

You must not relax till the last.

Hey, trap may be set by the next question.


From expert correspondent, we aimed at all the problems correct answer before and have had you show notebook which wrote kaketebitchiri for several months.

Oh, we were reminded of by the passion when we did not do approach like this senior.

We thought just to enjoy, and to participate when enough.

After when, was more quantity that we forgot than quantity to learn predominantly?

Still we understand if it is to think that it is fun even to be new.

With text and sightseeing map, let's go to town diligently.


Answer is 3 "wigs".

"Way where storm steps over flower, but man lives for ♪♪

   Spring when forthcoming forthcoming Aizome wig has bud before long if we wait comes"



Information site "town Nihonbashi Bridge" of full loading

[mido] December 7, 2018 09:00

When we want to know thing about Nihonbashi Bridge, information site "town Nihonbashi Bridge" is convenient.


From history of Nihonbashi Bridge, it is information full loading including pleasing one every season, sightseeing in seasonal event, gourmet, culture, town circulation. In addition, "we read Nihonbashi Bridge" and can see no back number from this site, too.


As follows main publication contents


   Entertainment up-and-coming from large-scale event that puts together in season, and is held with the whole town, experience-based spot, workshop


 Gourmet who is full of long-established store and well-known stores for tour Cruise who can enjoy various courses, seasonal experience-based tour


  We introduce taste only by Nihonbashi Bridge. From long-established store which has been loved by merchants of Edo well-known store, shop which can taste ingredients of various parts of Japan, cozy cafe


 We introduce special dish of Nihonbashi Bridge to tool and meal of living, new noted product to much-talked-about attention item.


 We introduce main features of Nihonbashi Bridge, famous place, culture, Nihonbashi Bridge revival plan


 Photograph or old scenery that "is felt in" now of Nihonbashi Bridge. "100, Nihonbashi view" that caught various moments is good.






North Europe is hot in winter! Four selections of North Europe to enjoy in Chuo-ku

[Hanes] December 6, 2018 09:00

Hello. It is Hanes (splashes) of new face correspondent
It was December in no time, but are you getting along happily even if everybody is cold?
In winter...
・Hot food such as pan and oden
・It relates to snow such as ski and snowman
・Event such as Christmas and New Year holidays
We think that there may be many people associating this

Meanwhile, thing which I associate is North Europe known as hometown of Nordic events pattern and Santa!
In thing called this, this time is Chuo-ku are introduced here. every country at North European spot to be able to enjoy in winter
(we intend for 5 countries in North Europe of ※ narrow sense.)

Norway.pngNorwegian & Denmark .pngDenmark
Cafe with the name of capital of Norway is in Chuo-ku.
The name is OSLO COFFEE (Oslo coffee) GINZA CORE shop, too
Here dishes using Norway salmon and Danish cheese,
We can have North European dessert and cake.
We may taste feeling that is in North Europe while being in Ginza that there are feelings to tablewareAirplane


Address: 5-8-20, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo GINZA CORE 1F
Business hours: From 11:00 to 22:00
Official site:

In national movie archive (former: National Film Center),
Special feature screening "invitation to Swedish movie of the 150th anniversary of Japan, the diplomatic relations establishment in Sweden" began on Tuesday, November 27

I who was looking forward to this event for a long time appreciated "Miss April" (original title: Fröken April) shown in opening night (1958)
We reverse ourselves from the beginning harking back to cold winter in North Europe.
In development that tempo by misunderstanding has good whole book by spring weather when we take wrong!
What is story that unique combination called the president of hard bank and young dancer weaves?
Though it is movie more than half a century ago, it is recommended work providing universal laughter

Only as for the contents that other showing movies are interesting!
When it is cold, how about appreciating Swedish movie in the warm room?


■Invitation to Swedish movie of the 150th anniversary of Japan, the diplomatic relations establishment in Sweden
Period From Tuesday, November 27, 2018 to Thursday, December 13, 15th from Saturday to 23rd (Sunday/Holiday)
Venue: National movie archive Nagase memory hall OZU (the second floor)
Official web site:

"Secret ... of Mumin STORY - little Mii" began on Wednesday, November 28 in MATSUYA GINZA.
In addition to Mumin goods including here original product,
Photospot where photograph comes out with Mii is substantial


We are used to Mii's dumpling head look of onion type which is trademark and,


We become Mii completely, and one piece such as cut comes out!
I annoyed Mumin mom for such a feeling, too


It is opportunity when Mumin enthusiast cannot overlook

■Secret ... of Mumin STORY - little Mii
Period From Wednesday, November 28, 2018 to Monday, December 10
Venue: MATSUYA GINZA the eighth floor event square
Business hours: From 10:00 to 20:00
(closed at 17:00 on the last day until 19:30 on ※ December 2, 9th)
Admission: Free of charge
Official web site: This (we link to exhibition & gallery page of MATSUYA GINZA)

In Canon gallery Ginza, photo exhibition "earth construction" by Kazuyoshi Nomachi begins on 6th.
In this exhibition, we can enjoy scenery that can realize greatness and beauty of nature of Iceland.
Iceland without opportunity to be far, and to go very much...
Therefore there may be what we know a little at this opportunity


■Canon gallery EOS R SYSTEM special plan exhibition Kazuyoshi Nomachi photo exhibition: Earth construction
Period From Thursday, December 6, 2018 to Wednesday, December 12
Venue: Canon gallery Ginza
   (3-9-7, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo tolerance Ginza building 1F)
Business hours: From 10:30 to 18:30 (on the last day until 15:00)
Closed days: Sunday/Holiday
Official web site:

We introduced four spots of North European connection to be able to enjoy in Chuo-ku to here,
Would there be curious thing?
It is in a room in Chuo-ku, and related event in North Europe and cooking to be able to enjoy are equal,
We should be able to surely spend time happily on 1st even if cold
How about mentioning such a North European culture when you are in the neighborhood?



[sightseeing in Chuo-ku official approval measures] River, bridge (2)

[Hanes] December 2, 2018 14:00

Hello! It is Hanes (splashes) of new face correspondent
By continuance of river, bridge (1), we take up about turn (together with river) of ② bridge this time [sightseeing in Chuo-ku official approval measures].

If we learn order of bridge built over every river at stage when we understood the name of bridge to some extent
After all game of rhyming is recommended!
How to memorize Hanes styles is as follows

■Sumida River (from the upper reaches / north → south)
"We carry Tsukuda (dish simmered in) on our shoulder during the end of parents today"
Ryogoku Bridge (Ryo), Shin-ohashi Bridge (believe), Kiyosu Bridge (clean (kyo)), Sumidagawa-ohashi Bridge (do), Eitai Bridge (obtain), Chuo-ohashi Bridge (chu), Tsukuda-ohashi Bridge (tsukuda), Kachidoki Bridge Tsukiji-ohashi Bridge ((next))
※Sumida River land bridge appearing between Ryogoku Bridge and Shin-ohashi Bridge leaves out.

Game of rhyming wins by thing which we remembered even slightly by force
May it be easy to learn when we image such situation?

Sightseeing in Chuo-ku official approval measures ② .jpg

Still our parents carry foods boiled in soy on their shoulder and may not come home,
There might be such a thing in old days

■Nihonbashi Bridge (from the down stream / east → west)
"You are rich, and go! At 1:00 in Japan!"
Toyomi Bridge Minato Bridge (see), Kayaba Bridge Yoroi Bridge Edobashi Bridge (obtain), Nihonbashi Bridge (nihon), Nishi-gashi Bridge Ikkoku Bridge (as for i / reading of "ichikokubashi"), Tokiwa Bridge former Tokiwa Bridge (come), Shin-tokiwa Bridge ("ni" of / new = New)

Is this such an image?


Game of rhyming of Sumida River was image of traditional culture,
Nihonbashi Bridge is like current Japan high inbound feeling forAirplane

We can learn turn of bridge built over two rivers in this...But, sightseeing in Chuo-ku official approval cannot compete with only in this
Nihonbashi River joins Sumida River where, and what is bridge to appear after the junction very first?...It is necessary to hold this to place where we said!
We assume carrying-over for next article about this.

Finally it is the other!
■Kamejimagawa River (from the upper reaches / north → south) which we want to hold down if able to afford
Kamejimagawa River begins in Nihonbashi Water Gate of upper reaches and ends in downstream Kamejimagawa Water Gate.
Meanwhile, there are five bridges, and person aiming at high score is place that we want to learn in total.
As for the game of rhyming, it "is evolved soul bank! It becomes higher!"
Reigan Bridge (reigan), Shin-Kamejima Bridge (believe), Kamejima Bridge Takabashi Bridge (high (ku)), Minami-Takabashi Bridge (as for "na" / reading of of (ru) / south = "anything" "minamitakabashi")

There is feeling quite by force, but soul bank Island by upheaval of landfill and land,
Please learn in conjunction with the history that became higher in the height above the sea level than the Edo era

※This article introduces a part of the personal official approval measures.
 It is not thing to be able to pass when we learn content written here.
 Please keep in your mind beforehand.


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