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We pass "sightseeing in Chuo-ku authorization" of Chuo-ku Tourism Association conduct and introduce "seasonal" information of Chuo-ku by sightseeing volunteer member who did correspondent registration.

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About this blog

It is delivered administration to our blog by Correspondent "Chuo-ku Tourism Association" authorized than high-ranking passer of "sightseeing in Chuo-ku official approval".
We utilize knowledge, experience that each correspondent oneself cultivated and introduce in glance "of" citizen around Chuo-ku, Tokyo.
Let alone all of you resident in Chuo-ku, we will provide recommended information that does not appear in all of you coming to Chuo-ku in guidebook either.

About sightseeing in Chuo-ku official approval

Sightseeing in Chuo-ku official approval has you rediscover attractive tourist attractions of Chuo-ku by learning wide fields such as the history or culture, tradition, famous place, historic site, the old downtown atmosphere that Edoite temperament remains that have been cultivated since the Edo era and expects that we have it be to "fan of Chuo-ku" in more various places and, in various places of inhabitant of a ward, carries out for the purpose of thing having proudly for native district.
Toward the passer, we give "certificate" (passing proof) "Chuo-ku Tourism Association original postcard". In addition, among applicants, you have it be "correspondent of tourist association" toward score high rank person for one year and keep knowledge that you learned alive, and please send information of "life" of Chuo-ku for sightseeing promotion.


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(except reception hours from 9:00 to 17:00 ※ Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays festival day, the year-end and New Year holidays)

※Article of this blog is published based on voluntary coverage of correspondent, and Chuo-ku Tourism Association does not give integrity, accuracy of information listed in this blog all guarantees.
Chuo-ku Tourism Association shall not take responsibility about loss that they occurred indirectly directly by using information included in this homepage or contents at all.