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[January 11 grand opening] We are related to Tsukiji Namiyoke-jinja Shrine! New noted product @ TSUKIJI DELI Tsukiji alley house in a back street of Tsukiji

[Hanes] January 10, 2019 14:00

Hello. It is Hanes (splashes) of new face correspondent
After joining on tour (privilege of correspondent who can observe places that are not usually opened to the public) for correspondents
We went to Tsukiji Outer Market with Kozaru of senior correspondent who had you get along well the other day.

One of the merits of becoming correspondent includes that the history, culture, gourmet, event of Chuo-ku can interchange with having interest equally
Person who is looking for town walk companion and Ginza, Tsukiji gourmet between reclamation relation you are looking for,
We take an entrance examination for sightseeing in Chuo-ku official approval, and how about aiming at correspondent?

By the way, is new noted product of Tsukiji in title, but on January 11 of grand opening
We can have in TSUKIJI DELI Tsukiji alley houses in a back street of Tsukiji Oomi-ya beef restaurant produce
Place is the left side where we went ahead through some narrow passages between Tadashi Ise and Tsukiji Kimuraya of marine products that bean-jam bun is famous to.

(the area where billboard is seen.)

In the shop, brick which seems to hark back to Tsukiji of the Tsukiji settlement times is dressed up in motif
And because it is located in back alley as it is in store's name,
We calm down so as to think to be that "it is really Tsukiji Outer Market" and are right like hideaway
When crowd wants to be slightly slow with much Tsukiji, is it not ideal place?



And menu that newly popular thing is expected,
It is Tsukiji sake lees milk mashiro (MASHIRO) and roast beef onigiri (RBO)

Tsukiji Deli.jpg

Because it was pre-opening period before grand opening at the time of visit,
We were able to have mashiro (plane) for at half price 100 yen!
White rabbit (based on moon rabbit legend of Kaga) seems to be popular with girls very cutely,
We are not only only pretty

Tsukiji Deli 2.jpg

What this drink was made with rice which offered to God of Tsukiji Namiyoke-jinja Shrine, and did
Precious sake lees and milk of famous sake "Manzai comfort" of Hyakumangoku, Kaga are blended things
With drink near God who watched Tsukiji since the age of landfill, creation of Tsukiji for a long time,
It is drinkable to driver regardless of any people regardless of age or sex, too
Point becoming non-alcoholic is point

Flavor resembles normal amazake closely, but is surprised to drink!
It turns out that we surely contain sake lees, we work well without becoming conspicuous of milk being defeated by sake lees and are very smooth
It is sweets itself to take of new sense that there did not seem to be so far.

And sake lees have a lot of nice effects.
As each taste is given, and sesame, Matcha, soybean flour taste are with recommendation, too,
We want to have other taste on the next time.


In addition, because roast beef in case too looked delicious,
We had roast beef onigiri!
To roast beef of sirloin having a reputation of Oomi-ya beef restaurant this year as for this in business for 90 years,
It is certain collaboration product which took in ingredients of shop in Tsukiji Outer Market as ingredients materials

It seemed to become six kinds later, but, as for the ingredients at the time of visit, "Iida mizansho best among Edo" was "Suita store shisoshiokombu" "Fujimoto store yuzu pepper" "ponzutare specially made by Oomi shop".
Anything looks delicious and is at a loss
Meanwhile, what we chose "Suita store shisoshiokombu" (Kozaru) and "Fujimoto store yuzu pepper" (Hanes).

Tsukiji Deli 3.jpg
(the lower berth left: shisoshiokombu, the lower berth right: yuzu pepper)

So as that roast beef is very tender and thinks, "it may be easy to bite off than seaweed onigiri!"
We are substantial that we use approximately 4 g of roast beef,
Though part of onigiri is surrounded with roast beef not once several times, we are moved

Is different that usually imagine one reason, yuzu pepper of shop, and is fresh, some Pirie ttokurutonokotodeshitaga,
You are exactly like that, and flavor is very good, and right feel, "yuzu pepper was so delicious"
Certain taste and feelings of offer shop of ingredients shined.

Tsukiji is famous as sightseeing spot, but is the workplace.
TSUKIJI DELI Tsukiji alley house in a back street which we introduced this time heaps up Tsukiji Outer Market with new product (new noted product),
Person working with Tsukiji drops in casually and seems to aim at doing in available shop.
Of course person who word of mouth of tourist serves as a reference, but after all it is the land to know secret well-known store, and works.
It is said to be "Tsukiji hall person concerned purveyance for the government", and, with Tsukiji, there are a lot of shops which became popular "Tsukiji pro purveyance for the government".
Thus, it is important that we get support of person working with Tsukiji

This is called "roast beef onigiri" (RBO) now, but, in fact, raises names! (as for the deadline February 28, 2019)


To employed person with what! Lump of flesh of sirloin roast beef of 3 kg of equivalency is presented
After showing how much it is, it seems to actually become this.
Is it not quite a lot?


When you come to Tsukiji, you taste this onigiri, and please participate in name offer campaign.
There is not readily such a luxurious, magnanimous campaign

Furthermore, we hide and handle mackerel simmered in miso which we succeeded than Chiaki for the riverside fish market third generation (freezing) as feature.
There is thickness, and is strong; enjoy, and look delicious


In addition, we sell goods such as stylish bag and can badge which T-shirt, rabbit have a cute.
When we did shopping with Tsukiji, why do plastic bags increase?
Town has this bag well just right in such a case to gather up baggage
Souvenir of Tsukiji can do it and is glad of being design which we usually use, and there is


As people of shop are kind and are comfortable and think that it will be shop becoming topic more and more from now on,
How about going to taste new noted product earlier?

■TSUKIJI DELI Tsukiji alley house in a back street
Address: Chuo-ku, Tokyo 4-14-1 monte Velde 109, Tsuiji
(the left side where we went ahead through some narrow passages between Tadashi Ise and Tsukiji Kimuraya to)
Business hours: From 9:00 to 15:00
Regular holiday: Sundays and holidays
It supports take-out: Possible
Official Facebook: This
Formal LINE: We search in "TSUKIJI DELI alley house in a back street"!

※We have permission of introduction than shop.