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Winter "promenade of cherry tree" walk

[quiet knee ☆ cricket] January 12, 2019 09:00


For New Year holidays when cold got into full swing, wankoo was with corner of triton square of Harumi, "promenade of cherry tree" and took a walk


"Promenade of cherry tree" is made with form along Asashio Canal and is clean promenade of cherry tree literally in spring


It is Seigetsu Bridge


It is Asashio Bridge to see when we saw the north side of Asashio Canal from Seigetsu Bridge


It is Tsukishima Bridge appearing in Tsukishima River tying up Sumida River to Asashio Canal that see in the front distantly in "promenade"


Nishinaka Bridge appears in the other side of Tsukishima Bridge (we do not appear in photograph)


It is small bridge which person crosses, cherry tree Kobashi


There is Reimei Bridge that Harumi-dori Ave. crosses Asashio Canal on the other side of Triton Bridge such as tube, but does not appear in photograph


Dumb thing is dumb, but walk while we look at canal and bridge on winter day without wind is fun