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The Kabukiza Theatre "lumber-carriers' work song beginning"

[Sam] January 10, 2019 18:00

DSC08309ELS'.jpgDSC08306RS'G.jpg "The lumber-carriers' work song beginning" was performed in intermission by Edo firefighting memory fair that just finished Tokyo New Year's parade of fire brigades held in Kabukiza Theatre which did well by authorized kabuki in the New Year in the morning in Tokyo Big Sight on January 6, the first ward sixth groups.

We greet the New Year, and kadomatsu is displayed in front of theater, and kagamimochi is offered in Oma (the first-floor lobby), and gorgeous atmosphere is directed with preparation of decoration for New Year holidays.

Firstly performance of energetic fireman's standard swing continued, and happy lumber-carriers' work song song was shown in voice to echo to the second floor through colonnade.

Decorating with sacred straw festoons is made on fireman's standard.

Finally while take "loan and voice by everybody, hand", and, with visitors of sightseeing, do appreciative clapping, and is lively at "the lumber-carriers' work song beginning"; the end. Big applause arose from the hall.