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It is birthday dinner in Ginza sushi good luck main store

[mapi ★] January 10, 2019 14:00

It is sushi person which wanted to go to here for some time.


We order champagne of Hanriot with half-bottle,
Then, sushi good luck original wine called "wa"
As we matched sushi very well, we drank three cups.



We bought this wine with Seijo Ishii before for several years and drank,
We matched with sushi then.



Course seems to have entrusting you,
We will have only sushi, or thing with snacks is available.




Sweet shrimp, taste, mejima and yellowtail sashimi,
After char-grilled snacks of rockfish head,
Grip flatfish, fatty tuna, squid, medium-sized gizzard shad, salmon roe, shiitake,
Stewed conger eel, Seriola purpurascens, skin of Seriola purpurascens, miso soup.


As if there is thing to want to eat here, we can add,
We ordered crab and prawns.
And rolled omelet appeared finally as it was Kanpyo roll and the end of the year.



It was delicious.
Rockfish, stewed conger eel, Seriola purpurascens skin, fatty tuna, Kanpyo roll were exquisiteness in particular.



It is Ginza Main Store to have gone, but HP seems to have only Marunouchi store.
Ginza Main Store is near Yasuaki Elementary School.


Ginza sushi good luck main store
6-3-8, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo