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Two selections of souvenirs to be able to buy in Chuo-ku which we chose at the time of homecoming

[Hanes] January 11, 2019 09:00

Hello. It is Hanes (splashes) of new face correspondent
In person living in Tokyo, we think that there may be much which bought souvenir home when we go home at the end of the year.
I am the one and think, "we want to buy souvenir like New Year holidays in Chuo-ku!",
We bought some souvenirs home with Ginza, Tsukiji

■Seed and "hishi hanabira"
This is product of seed of Shiga not Ginza,
Shop which we can purchase even if we see is limited, and there is the handling nationwide in three places of Ginza Mitsukoshi shop, Nihonbashi Bridge Mitsukoshi shop, Nihonbashi Bridge Takashimaya shop in the center.
After purchasing in Ginza Mitsukoshi shop, it is in packing with "Ginza Mitsukoshi shop" "silver three", and it reaches to have purchased in Ginza (Chuo-ku)


And inside; hang and is written on paper with "cotton young (seem to exist as all) to know" in stippling
It seems to be thing which had you write toward the calligrapher in mark of Taneya group where you loaded with "meaning to express continuation of relationship that we expressed as annual ring using words of Laozi".
We hang, and appearance is good in lucky pattern, and, in addition to packing with ear of rice, is paper not good for New Year holidays, too?

Thumbnail image of IMG_3720.JPG

It is important hishi hanabirahakonoyona appearance.
In addition, "we included mukaeharumanekifuku and purchased Tenpyo", but all were refined, and there was bloom and was Japanese confectionery of satisfaction very much


■Coffee (※ this is not souvenir which was conscious of New Year holidays.)
There are many cafe and cafes in Chuo-ku,
Mail is possible, and may readily particular thing not float when it is coffee like Chuo-ku where storable duration makes?
Recommended there; it is drip bag of No. 1 "city blend" of marketable goods firmness of rice of the place book coffee old that is good
Cannot despise just because of drip; is fragrant deeply; taste.


There are other cafes which only Chuo-ku which can purchase coffee beans has,
There are not many things which can grasp quality of Chuo-ku in Japanese, English on the package.
How about in souvenir of Chuo-ku and present to overseas acquaintance?

Products which were conscious of well-established product which is available only here in Chuo-ku and store-limited product, season are substantial
Selection of souvenir is apt to be troubled, but we surely give and get delightfully, and glad one article should be found.