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... Shiseido Parlor Ginza Main Store salon de cafe ... where ", ten kinds of strawberry parfait are costarring on day of" strawberry on January 15

[rosemary sea] January 10, 2019 12:00

It is rosemary sea collecting data on to o Infinity which "gift and oneself enjoy".

You expressed, but do you know last year? Every month 22nd "day of strawberry short."

Please see calendar. Even if all moon is any day; is 15 days by all means on 22nd.

In other words, there is "strawberry". Therefore 22nd "day of strawberry short." Smart.

Patisserie of Sendai seemed to be established in 2007 (Heisei 17).

And January 15 "day of strawberry." Day when this enjoys strawberry purely.

National strawberry consumption expansion meeting established and began in 1988 (Showa 63).

201812 straight permanent wave image 03a.jpg

"Special strawberry D 2019" of daily limitation is held on Shiseido Parlor Ginza Main Store salon de cafe, this Tuesday, January 15.

We select the drink head from national delicious strawberry and collect 10 kinds of gooseberry in cathedral and provide ten kinds of strawberry parfait.

In this year reaching the third year, one of "Yamaguchi product dream or", "red pearl" from Ehime, 3 kinds of "redia" from Fukuoka join newly.

As for royal road parfait like love that unique strawberry brought up carefully and traditional vanilla ice cream weave, it is kind style that strawberry sauce in not only the decorations but also parfait has the same each.

At this opportunity once in one year, please thoroughly enjoy unique delicious strawberry parfait.

We were taken care of by Shiseido Co., Ltd. parlor spokesman Kotsugai, Hashimoto this time.

Then it is introduction of article.

<"special strawberry D 2018" lineup ※In a limited quantity>

It is the reception desk end business hours /11 at 30 opening - 20:00 on Tuesday, January 15

* Premium Strawberry Parfait

Premium strawberry parfait (2)a.jpg

1.Premium strawberry parfait 3,240 yen (tax-included) of "Mino daughter" from Gifu

Large strawberry to be able to rarely see is used to ice cream in Kanto.

Flesh is white and is strawberry which taste and flavor have very good.

* Special Strawberry Parfait

Special strawberry parfait (2)a.jpg

2. Special strawberry parfait 2,380 yen (tax-included) of "incense" to set up boiling over from Fukushima

There are few production farmhouses in Fukushima and is valuable.

Large strawberry which was particular about cultivation method that gorgeous flavor and sweetness were features, and lingering sound could enjoy.

3. Special strawberry parfait 2,380 yen (tax-included) of "marihime" from Wakayama

Rare large sweet strawberry not to be able to readily taste is appearance out of Wakayama.

Comfortable flavor spreads to fill the mouth.

4. Special strawberry parfait 2,180 yen (tax-included) of "sky berry" from Tochigi

Meaning called splendid strawberry that size, beauty, taste arrive to sky is put.

5. Special strawberry parfait 2,180 yen (tax-included) of "kirabi incense" from Shizuoka

"Sweetness" that it is strong, and article is good "brightness" such as jewel and fruity "flavor" are strawberries of features.

It is new kind developed at Shizuoka agroforestry technique research institute.

* Strawberry Parfait

Strawberry parfait (2)a.jpg

6. Strawberry parfait 1,890 yen (tax-included) of "body princess" from Gifu

Original kind of Gifu.

Flesh that noble flavor is given off is soft, and thick sweetness spreads.

7. Strawberry parfait 1,890 yen (tax-included) of one of "dream from Aichi or"

Strawberry that thought called "was put to have dream of" everybody realized for the name.

The body is soft, and sweetness and balance of acidity are outstanding.

8. Strawberry parfait 1,890 yen (tax-included) of "red pearl" from Ehime

Original kind of Ehime.

According to name called crimson pearl, acidity that features dark rind of a fruit, and is moderate and gorgeous flavor open.

9. Strawberry parfait 1,890 yen (tax-included) of "redia" from Fukuoka

Strawberry that form such as diamond and shiny red are beautiful.

Moderate sweetness and juiciness are attractive.

* Low-Carb Strawberry Parfait

Low sugar strawberry parfait (2)a.jpg

10. Strawberry parfait 1,890 yen (tax-included) of "four star (we do pot)" for low sugar from Yamaguchi

It seems to be naming from sweetness, acidity, flavor, good flavor being equal, and being four star grade.

We devise sewing such as ice cream or sauce and are preparation with low sugar version which held quantity of sugar in check to 10 g.

・・・ January 15, small New Year holidays. It wants to be healed with special strawberry parfait of Shiseido Parlor Ginza Main Store salon de cafe.

 Image is image.

 On the day it becomes menu only for ten kinds of strawberry parfait.

  As various numbers include limit, it becomes one kind of order in one time of visit per person.

 Strawberry of production center designation is used by fresh fruit and sauce used for parfait.

  As for the premium strawberry parfait, strawberry of production center designation is used for ice cream.

 By the arrival situation of fruit, menu contents and amount may be changed.

 Quantity of sugar is "meal, comfort, healthy association" calculation level. (calculated based on shichi*shokuhinhyojunnarifunhyoriyokanotansuikabutsu.)

3F salon de cafe da.jpgShiseido Parlor Ginza Main Store salon de cafe

The third floor of 8-8-3, Ginza Ginza, Tokyo SHISEIDO building

03-5537-6231 (impossible of reservation.)

Business hours Tuesday to Saturday from 11:30 to 21:00 (last order 20:30)

      Sundays and holidays from 11:30 to 20:00 (last order 19:30)

Regular holiday Monday (in the case of holiday, we do business.)

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