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Taimei-dori St. authority of noodles udon, pasta, Chinese noodles, ramen, Soba

[silver ornament] January 11, 2019 12:00

 "Taimei-dori St." means contralateral street of road of Yasuaki Elementary School. Address corresponds to 6-2, Ginza.

DSCN3086 (400x300). jpg

Taimei-dori St. has store specializing in many noodles as it is not so long. I think that it is just what authority of noodles goes.

1) "Udon teahouse" which opened in July, 2018. Address is 6-2-6, Ginza.

We use udon from Higashimatsuyama, Saitama. It is hand-kneaded udon of simple cut. Couple who introduced udon of Saitama through acquaintance came to eat expressly on December 26 and thoroughly enjoyed seasoning. It was horizontal and heard story, and there was thing which came with a tingle. It was warm talk. We had, and quantity of "kake-udon" was size of two ball degree. Other than forest udon, kake-udon 500 yen (tax-included), there is meat reckoning udon. There is one cup liquor 500 yen ... of excellent sake of each prefecture, too. 

DSCN3087 (400x300) (2). jpg

2) "CANTINA SICILIANA" is Italian and is good shop of pasta. The same name, shop of similar line are in Higashiginza.

It is suitable shop to spend time relaxedly.

DSCN3089 (400x300). jpg

3) We visited "Beijing dishes east straight garden" approximately ten times of pasts. It is good shop of set meal. Of course we are glad that we can talk about Chinese noodles slowly in good shop.

 Shop without having still gone has two stores.

4) In "noodles shop men with a clownish mask," it is store specializing in ramen.

DSCN3091 (400x300). jpg

5) "Yasuaki soba" is shop of appearance of venerable Japanese house. Other than Soba, there is rice thing, too.

DSCN3092 (400x300). jpg

Shop where many noodles are even on concentrates on every day even if we go every day in rotation. You eat noodles in Taimei-dori St., and please enjoy.