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2019 New Year cutting of the New Year's rice cake, shiruko behavior with rice cake

[Sam] January 11, 2019 18:00

DSC08340ELS'.jpgDSC08346RS'G.jpg January 11 is the cutting of the New Year's rice cake. In nichihonkyo*ta**honho, shiruko with rice cake was served to 500 first arrival this year from 14:00.

Sound of musical accompaniment of public entertainment "Edo grand performance of sacred music and dancing at the Ise Shrine" mainly on lion dance and acrobatic feats to be informed when we have the history of 400 years in Tokyo designated immaterial folk cultural assets at store is played by Maruichi Lychnis senno company.

Sale of bargain is held, too and shows bustle in many visit visitors.

Annual function that to lower kagamimochi which we offered in household Shinto altar and tokonoma as decoration for New Year holidays, and to thank the gods and Buddha, and to pray for perfect state of health, and the cutting of the New Year's rice cake is zoni or does to shiruko, and to eat.

We hear with it remembering old imported reddish rice we break in mallet because kagamimochi avoided the word that samurai cuts in old days, or it is said that we open by hand, and to do to shiruko of adzuki bean.

As for the heart, body mohokkori warms under the wintry sky.