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Early spring, 2019, around Harumi aimlessly

[early summer rain George] January 11, 2019 18:00

As custom of these past several years, we walk Kachidoki, the Harumi neighborhood using day of New Year holidays. This neighborhood is like construction rush for the Tokyo Olympics of the next year. Therefore it became slightly restless scene this year. There were many places under construction, and Harumi Terminal Park was Closed to the Public, too.


At first in indoor graveyard to Toyoin Temple with gravestone of Jippensha-Ikku. There are 19 monuments which Musei Tokugawa wrote if for explanation at entrance.

Toyoin Temple 1.jpeg

▲Toyoin Temple


Toyoin Temple 2.jpg

▲Monument of and it is for explanation of Jippensha-Ikku (the left) 19


We cross Niijima Bridge of Kiyosumi-dori Ave. and we turn left at the second signal and go to Asashio-kobashi Bridge. Asashio-kobashi Bridge is bicycle and bridge for exclusive use of walker.

Asashio-kobashi Bridge. jpg

▲Stairs (the left) and Asashio-kobashi Bridge to Kobashi


Than Asashio-kobashi Bridge. jpg

▲View (the right: southeast, the Tokyo Bay area left: the northeast, the Harumi Canal area) from Asashio-kobashi Bridge


Harumi trade fair venue monument that it came for the first time this time to have gone next. It was in corner in civic center garbage and sewage plant site. My Tokyo auto show visit debut was this ground (good old ‥ ‥).

Harumi trade fair venue monument. jpg

▲Harumi trade fair venue monument


Civic center garbage and sewage plant. jpg

▲Chimney of civic center garbage and sewage plant

Chimney of garbage and sewage plant to back to Harumi Wharf.
We are building many big buildings whether it is apartment. Therefore Harumi Wharf which a lot of roads during traffic regulation were able to expect from far away several years ago is not readily seen. If think that finally arrived at passenger vessel terminal, the next Harumi Terminal Park is Closed to the Public this time! 

Park of Harumi Wharf and Closed to the Public. jpg


Steel tower of passenger vessel terminal. jpg


We could find shikashi, heart named ream which we found several years ago, self-styled "power spot that caused happiness" and were relieved. Can you find?

Heart 1.jpg named ream

▲Self-styled "power spot that causes happiness"


We went through this simple, beautiful "cherry tree Kobashi" opened from Harumi Island Triton Square last year aimlessly in walk, the last and left for home.

My favorite point. jpg

▲Angle of my favorite triton square.


The pavement is wonderful, too! .jpg

▲As for the triton square, the pavement is wonderful, too!


Cherry tree Kobashi. jpg

▲Cherry tree Kobashi


From the cherry tree Kobashi top. jpg

▲We see the north side from the cherry tree Kobashi top


It is winter Harumi where point that we want to introduce still more is a lot, but should be curtain this time in this neighborhood.