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Information site "town Nihonbashi Bridge" of full loading

[mido] December 7, 2018 09:00

When we want to know thing about Nihonbashi Bridge, information site "town Nihonbashi Bridge" is convenient.


From history of Nihonbashi Bridge, it is information full loading including pleasing one every season, sightseeing in seasonal event, gourmet, culture, town circulation. In addition, "we read Nihonbashi Bridge" and can see no back number from this site, too.


As follows main publication contents


   Entertainment up-and-coming from large-scale event that puts together in season, and is held with the whole town, experience-based spot, workshop


 Gourmet who is full of long-established store and well-known stores for tour Cruise who can enjoy various courses, seasonal experience-based tour


  We introduce taste only by Nihonbashi Bridge. From long-established store which has been loved by merchants of Edo well-known store, shop which can taste ingredients of various parts of Japan, cozy cafe


 We introduce special dish of Nihonbashi Bridge to tool and meal of living, new noted product to much-talked-about attention item.


 We introduce main features of Nihonbashi Bridge, famous place, culture, Nihonbashi Bridge revival plan


 Photograph or old scenery that "is felt in" now of Nihonbashi Bridge. "100, Nihonbashi view" that caught various moments is good.