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These seasonal red, yellow, green

[quiet knee ☆ cricket] December 6, 2018 14:00

Red only by this season when we were going to work and realized


It is leaf of cherry tree of Tsukijigawa-Kameibashi Park

Leaf of one in particular cherry tree is red

Yellow of ginkgo of Showa-dori Ave.


As for the Showa-dori Ave., tree of all ginkgos has not completely turned yellow yet

In the first place the chlorophyll seems to be dismantled when this seems to be because "chlorophyll" is included, and it becomes in autumn that leaf looks like green, and the daylight hours shorten.

And red of leaf comes from pigment "Anthozyan", and Anthozyan does not exist on leaf from spring to summer and seems to be made with () newly in process of aging

In addition, as for the yellow of leaf, xanthophyll of carotenoid pigment system is included in leaf since the age of young leave by pigment "carotenoid", but seems to come to stand out by chlorophyll of leaf dismantling in autumn without being able to recognize visually over summer from spring.

Huh, it is ...

And it is green of willow of Ginza-Yanagi-dori St.


We are thankful for keeping this green without losing cold simply because it is this season

In thing called this, it was red, yellow, green only by this season


By the way, it is December 4 present status.