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Is it island? Is it shima?

[wienerhorn] December 6, 2018 12:00

Matsushima-jinja Shrine and Matsushima Shrine. jpgThere are one, Matsushima-jinja Shrine of "7, Nihonbashi Fukugami" in Nihonbashiningiyoucho, and large country God is worshiped. Because "pines grew thick, according to the buttocks all sorts of subject of Chuo-ku, in the outskirts, Shimauchi had this name in Kojima of inlet at the time of the foundation" and seems to be one.
However, we are written as "Matsushima Shrine" in torii, and which of "island" "shima" is right? We think of this.
After there not being document which we used "shima" for, or looking for, we were found! "Kanpo dignity figure" made in 1744 (Kanpo 4) was published in Chuo-ku, Tokyo Board of Education "collection of figures of Chuo-ku history" (Nihonbashi Bridge), and the place name of "Matsushima town" was written down.
Was "island", judging from origin, "shima" has been used, should it be understood to drink?
It is pleasant thing to look at ancient map.