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"Izushima of Edo, again introduction" ①~ Nihonbashi Bridge Nagasaki building ~

[rosemary sea] December 7, 2018 14:00

It is rosemary sea collecting data on as o guruman which "gift and oneself enjoy".

We carry role of information dispatch base "of" Nagasaki culture in deep Nihonbashi Bridge of relationship from antenna shop of Nagasaki, Nihonbashi Bridge Nagasaki building, the Edo era. It is right Izushima "of" Edo.

It is full of quality that the shop is renewed and wants to introduce since we introduced in last July.

IMG_20181127_133628 (2)a.jpg

We were taken care of by Shimoda advantage (shimodayuri) of Nihonbashi Bridge Nagasaki building vice-manager.

Then it is introduction start. Price is all tax-included. All the images come by click expansion.

IMG_20181127_132437 (2)a.jpg IMG_20181127_132425 (2)a.jpg

1,080 yen Kujuku-shima Islands (kujukushima) group with eight Nagasaki angels

Very rich madeleine which modelled feather of angel.

We seemed to be born from thought that we wanted to introduce church group and romance of Nagasaki into with cake.

It is subtle taste of milk and texture that we did quickly of sugar coating of flavor.

"Nagasaki and hiding Christian connection inheritance of the Amakusa district" that it was registered world's cultural heritage with in this July.

Oura Catholic Church of Nagasaki-shi is right this main constitution assets.

It is baked confectionery of gorgeous package harking back to stained glass of Oura Catholic Church.

IMG_20181127_132552 (2)a.jpg

IMG_20181127_132627 (2)a.jpg

Series for each 650 yen chocolate house of pure chocolate

The image lower right below: Goddess Ohashi and the passenger ship night view (milk) lower left: In the lantern (white) left: Night view (suite) top right corner of Mt. Inasa: We include Glover Garden night views (bitter). It is canned chocolate series that package of night view is beautiful.

It is one article that is famous as souvenir of Huis Ten Bosch.

"Series of night view sells well."

IMG_20181127_132715 (2)a.jpg

Do you know? Nagasaki, Hong Kong, Monaco ...

We were authorized as "world Shinzo University night view" in 2012.

As for Nagasaki, beauty of night view where wind head parks (kazagashirakouen) were like overlook (they do not blow) from multi-direction seemed to get extremely high evaluation cirque Mt. three-dimensional night view to bring about, Mt. Inasa (we are, and lack stops), pan crown (pan crown mountain).

IMG_20181127_132933 (2)a.jpg

It is corner of "more than"

It is cake which worked of "twist" that we knead wheat flour and fried in oil.

There are various names, but seems to call such a cake "in Nagasaki more than" collectively.

Indication such as top 3.5 or 1.5 displays level of hardness.

"It is Nagasaki origin. We treat famous Suzhou Hayashi and Fujian. There is shop in Chinatown Area, Nagasaki Chinatown both."

IMG_20181127_132942 (2)a.jpg

The mafaru left: 15 Motoiri 1,080 yen right: 7 Motoiri 540 yen Suzhou forests

IMG_20181127_132944 (2)a.jpg

The left: In Chinese and Korean people winding 4 Motoiri 540 yen: It is 9 Motoiri 540 yen right more: It is 6 Motoiri 378 yen Fujian more

IMG_20181127_133216 (2)a.jpg

IMG_20181127_133242_1 (2)a.jpg


A lot of Bunmeido home office castella

The depths left: In the castella 1 1,890 yen depths: Castella 0.6 1,080 yen      The depths right: The castella roll (with six) 820 yen this side right: The castella roll (individually wrap) 119 yen center: Cut castella (with five: plane) 810 yen


It is castella of home Nagasaki who was particular about the subject matter. It is the head family of Bunmeido, taste of origin.

We bake by the traditional manufacturing method.

Crystal sugar entering bottom as for the characteristic of Nagasaki castella.

Crystal sugar is decisive factor of flavor and texture. (the left image)

Cake that we wound up castella roll with skin of "Mt. Mikasa" (dorayaki) of good-quality flavor around castella carefully. It is easy to eat and is special dish which it is easy to distribute as pretty good souvenir in individually wrapping.

"It is direct shipment from factory of Nagasaki."

There was Kaientai castella which reproduced good flavor of the late Tokugawa period on that day. (left this side: 756 yen)

Nagasaki is the stage of "Ryoma biography". It seems to be castella which reproduced recipe in so-called Kaientai diary called "bold spirit name record" (yuukonseimeiroku) of Kyoto National Museum possession faithfully.

IMG_20181127_130921_1 (2)a.jpg

Eat-in corner

We can taste dishes and cake of Nagasaki pride, liquor.

As for the tableware, famous grilled dish "Hasamiyaki" (we sandwich and bake) which we introduced before seems to be used.

IMG_20181127_130932 (2)a.jpg

IMG_20181127_130944 (2)a.jpg

IMG_20181127_130953 (2)a.jpg

Foods menu cafe menu

It is ... with specialty of Nagasaki turkish rice

It is menu which is boryumi where pilaf cutlet Neapolitan salad became one plate.

It seems to be so-called local gourmet who is very popular in Western food restaurants of Nagasaki.

Non-experience is Nihonbashi Bridge Nagasaki building by all means; trial.

"Generally we can eat delicious thing of Nagasaki. We make milk shake with original recipe."

"Champon and turkish rice are popular. These were sold badly the other day after we were introduced in "ad street kku heaven" of broadcast

"We considerably add pressure here. When there is not event, eight seats use neighboring section in vaudeville theater."

IMG_20181127_131239 (2)a.jpgNagasaki building original castella soft serve 400 yen

It is article from April reopening of this year.

"It is Nagasaki building original, popularity No. 1. We are popular badly. As we made flavor of castella with original, soft serve is castella taste, too. Furthermore, we put "today's castella" in the castella in clove and others


It is really soft serve of castella taste. One flake of genuine castella emerges to border with corn when we can keep eating. Though it was new texture, it tasted very good old. It is taste that seems to be habit-forming.

We had you tell back menu-like secret information here.

As "vanilla" "enters machine other than soft serve of castella taste, vanilla and mixture of castella taste are possible, too. It does not appear in menu. Do you make only castella taste and mixture and which if asked? This."

IMG_20181127_132838_1 (2)a.jpg IMG_20181127_132754 (2)a.png

Nagasaki oden

Ingredients materials almost from Nagasaki enter. That we had very well-known book Doke from Omura write menu.

"Soup stock is solid and is delicious. We put kamaboko in shop. Egg is egg (going to introduce with the third) of Nagasaki, too. Soup stock is flying fish of Hirato in shop uses (it is chin, and this is going to introduce with the third, too). Flying fish soup stock sells very well when we explain."

"We open cover at the evening and sell mainly. We maintain favorable reception a year and sell."

IMG_20181127_131125 (2)a.jpg

October degree product sales amount ranking

It is ... for your information. We seem to always have change in ranking.

・・Another two times of ・ introductions continue.

IMG_20181127_125342a.jpgNihonbashi Bridge Nagasaki building

The first floor of 2-1-3, Nihonbashi Urban net 2, Nihonbashi building

Tokyo Metro Nihombashi Station is close.

We see exit or shop sign from Exit B7 in a 1-minute walk.

Shop 03-6262-5352

Guidebook 03-3241-1777

Business hours from 10:00 to 20:00

Year round (building facility check days are excluded)

Homepage of Nihonbashi Bridge Nagasaki building is this place