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②~ visit including introduction still more is precocious; Yamaguchi building ...

[rosemary sea] December 5, 2018 18:00

o which "gift and oneself enjoy" is rosemary sea which we organize and collect data on.


It is antenna shop of spacious space where we are precocious in nephews, and Yamaguchi building is located in the center of Nihonbashi Bridge business area.

It is full of special dishes which it is hard to obtain in Kanto. Delicious thing, lineup are great.

The last introduction is this. We introduced article of Suo-Oshima-cho last time.



We were precocious in nephews this time and were taken care of by association of Yamaguchi building public Yamaguchi product Tokyo Branch Akio Yanai (few autumn) director.

Inner comment is word of Director Yanai.

Then it is introduction of article. Price becomes all tax-included amount of money.

 All the images come by click expansion.


Excellent cake eating a food with great relish (shitatsuzumi) 1,275 yen San-in temple Yamaguchi-shi

It is Japanese confectionery which we wrapped in white ano of refined sweetness, Turkish paste (gyuhi) which we did softly.

It seems to be sold out the arrival immediately.

Originally it was called "eating a food with great relish", but Prime Minister Masatake Terauchi of the Taisho era (Yamaguchi-shi native place) praised highly saying "you should be renamed to "excellent cake eating a food with great relish" if it was such a delicious cake.". It is called "excellent cake eating a food with great relish" from there.


In fact, was going to introduce this article, four months ago, but of "summer while was hot, besides did not have introduction realized by policy of manufacturer called" not to ship.

Being sold out continued and at last was able to introduce this time afterwards.

IMG_20181122_132911 (2)a.jpg

The left: Brandy cake (standard M) 1,296 yen royal

We let royal Suntory VSOP fully soak.

It is brandy cake of taste of adult.

The center: Brandy cake (premium) 2,482 yen royal

This is with kuruboanju VSOP.

The right: Brandy cake (Hennessy) 4,104 yen royal

We use top quality goods Hennessy X.O.

"Ranks of brandy using are different. It seems to be very good that we smell brandy."

IMG_20181122_132953 (2)a.jpg

The left: Oran jet white chocolate 540 yen Takenaka

We added white chocolate to skin of Chinese citron.

It is the other version of Chinese citron cake fragrance, drinking sake poured until the blue line in one gulp that we introduced last time.

The right: Oran jet chocolate 540 yen Takenaka

We added cocoa, chocolate liquor to skin of Chinese citron.

IMG_20181122_133007 (2)a.jpg

Oran jet cocoa 380 yen Takenaka

We cover skin of Chinese citron with cocoa powder.

IMG_20181122_133025 (2)a.jpg

Chinese citron cheesecake 540 yen Fukagawa poultry farming agricultural cooperative

Chinese citron cheesecake which skin of Chinese citron from Yamaguchi entered to cheesecake which fully used fresh existence spirit egg.

We are moistened softly and are cake which body of cheese and refreshing feeling of Chinese citron matched exquisitely.

"It is not normal broiler and is chicken near gamefowl. It is not mass production.

Place producing eggs creates, but still is cheap at this price."

IMG_20181122_133201 (2)a.jpg

IMG_20181122_133207 (2)a.jpgBoth top, right images are the right: Rock gong 200 yen cherry tree hermitage Miki-ya

It is start from ... there where "specialty of Iwakuni does not have dorayaki".

It is crustal gashittorino using raw sugar and honey, adzuki bean annodora grill.

"It is basic popular item."

The left: Rock gong (bamboo charcoal, Tamba black soybean) 260 yen cherry tree hermitage Miki-ya

According to the name, it is bamboo charcoal, use of Tamba black soybean.

IMG_20181122_133303 (2)a.jpg

The left: toritama Baum 216 yen Izumo farm

Using vaunted egg, it is use of gluten-free (wheat flour nonuse), Yamaguchi rice flour.

Finish eating; Baumkuchen of size.

"We are very popular when we take to special event. When we use egg abundantly and are delicious.

It is said that this is the best. It is urged on when we advertise more.

As gluten is free, person with allergy to wheat flour can eat, too.

It is Yamaguchi-shi, but is made in place that is full of nature called virtue place." (lottery)

The right: toritama Baum Matcha 216 yen Izumo farm

It is Matcha taste.


Hen's egg senbei (with 18 pieces) 288 yen Fukagawa poultry farming agricultural cooperative

Simple taste using existence spirit egg honey. It is castella-flavored senbei.

IMG_20181122_135007 (2)a.jpg

Hen's egg I senbei 350 yen Fukagawa poultry farming agricultural cooperative

It is "which does not perform" breaking of popular hen's egg senbei. It is virtue.

Do not stop; seem to become. Please be careful.

IMG_20181122_135043 (2)a.jpg IMG_20181122_135056 (2)a.jpg

Hexangular figure senbei Edo gold

The left of the left image: The with six pieces 540 yen right: Canned with eight pieces 756 yen

The right image: With 12 pieces 1,080 yen

Crispy resistance to the teeth and soft tasteful flavor that melts thickly. It is representative famous confection of Yamaguchi.

IMG_20181122_132526 (2)a.jpg IMG_20181122_132602 (2)a.jpg

The left: It is village of blowing 300 yen containing 1,200 yen, one meal with four meals of ramen boiling over

We say globefish in Shimonoseki saying "it blows". This is use of tiger pufferfish.

Specially made globefish stock soup which we cooked for trouble time is delicious instant noodle.

"We were introduced in magazine anan."

The right: Bone senbei 540 yen Hidaka food of blowing

Baked confectionery of senbei type that made bone of globefish unglazed. Calcium is plentiful.

As it is non-fried food which we do not fry in oil, we are not persistent and can just enjoy bone of globefish.

It "is bone senbei to have been introduced next to ramen boiling over in magazine anan."

IMG_20181122_132657 (2)a.jpg

Otter festival (uncool) liquor cake 1,620 yen Asahi brewing 

It is liquor cake which let sake otter festival pure rice size brewing sake from the finest rice proud of to the world fully soak.

"Otter festival cake" which we introduced in August is small article of 216 yen, article big this time.

"We make with sake lees and are 7% for alcohol."

IMG_20181122_132747 (2)a.jpg

Otter festival senbei 756 yen (with 30 pieces) Asahi brewing

It becomes just two per person.

We made with fragmented rice which appeared at the time of rice cleaning of Yamada Nishiki of liquor rice. Liquor is not included.

"This is delicious, too."

IMG_20181122_141610 (2)a.jpgIt is appearance of rozumari food lipounit here.

"Resistance to the teeth and taste that density was high in remained in impression." K Hara 2.

"Just just handle is appearing rice cracker with taste from the back." Y period.

"Moderate saltiness and resistance to the teeth are delicious." Mt. T 3.

"It was favorite hardness. We understand what we made with delicious rice well very much." N.

"Feeling was delicious munch-munch if salted." F male.

"Good flavor is felt only with brand called otter festival." O.

"A feeling of otter festival coming out of nose slightly! Taste that just just hand advances to in just right seasoning." Mt. S.

"Resistance to the teeth and saltiness are delicious." S well.

"Saltiness was delicious moderately." Mt. T 2.


・・We follow on ・ next time. It is expectation to ask for.


IMG_20181122_131255a.jpgIs precocious in nephews; Yamaguchi building

The first floor of 2-3-4, Nihonbashi Nihonbashi Bridge plaza building

Tokyo Metro Tozai Line, Ginza Line Nihombashi Station is close.

It is in contralateral division across Chuo-dori Ave. of Nihonbashi Bridge Takashimaya.


Business hours from 10:30 to 19:00

Year round

 January 3 is excluded from December 31.

Is precocious in nephews; homepage of Yamaguchi building is this place