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[silver ornament] December 7, 2018 12:00

On seeing signboard called HARUMI FLAG, what will it be? We thought of this.

DSCN2550 (400x300). jpg

In meaning called place that the beautiful sea could look around openly, "Harumi" seemed to be named. Therefore we thought this signboard to have made the image picture. But we found URL called HARUMI FLAG (the Harumi Olympic village) when we checked on the Internet just to make sure. After having been used in 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Paralympics as the Olympic village, we are sold in lots and seem to be able to enter in 2023.


We saw a part of formal HP. It is as follows.

 HARUMI FLAG is constructed in five blocks and becomes from 23 of house in a development project, lease house and 24 of one commercial facility in total.
We create interchange and bustle by establishing a lot open space or green tract of land where town plays a key role.
In adjoining land, "hydrogen stations" to supply "multi-mobility station" and next-generation energy to as traffic node are established and redevelopment and elementary and junior high school, child-care facility of "Harumi Terminal Park", maintenance of public facilities including harborside fire department link and are performed.