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Open space great ceiling picture Christmas tree 2018 of Harumi triton square myth

[silver ornament] December 6, 2018 18:00

 Open space is to Harumi triton square with just what named by every theme, and large ceiling picture is decorated in mythical open space.

You can look at figure that old man like mermaid whom floor of mythical open space is studded with marbles and decorated blows on bugle horn. This is Kaijin triton. It seems to blow conch. And, as the clothing of this December, excellent Christmas tree is displayed.

DSCN2521 (300x400). jpg

Picture of Greek myth is displayed on the ceiling and is street of the name of triton square. 

DSCN2520 (400x300). jpg

When "age in Japan of Italy" was held in 2001, this picture seemed to be posted. Spring goddess Flora (goddess influencing flower) who is famous Apollo, goddess Artemis of month, goddess Eos in dawn, fall wind zebyurosu and wife is described in painting as live stock farming and God, sun god of prediction. He/she invites to the mythical world, the warm Mediterranean Sea, trip to the Aegean Sea.

In access, the restaurant to Harumi triton square, please see this.