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Odaiba rainbow fireworks 2018

[Sam] December 7, 2018 18:00

DSC07966ELSR'.jpgDSC07988RS'G.jpg "Odaiba rainbow fireworks" performed for approximately ten minutes began at 19:00 this year every Saturday of December in average year.

The date: December day

Season that air clears up in winter and that person is beautiful and sees night view.

Against a backdrop of Rainbow Bridge lighted up special by rainbow color, approximately 1,800 fireworks launched from the Odaiba Kaihinkoen "Statue of Liberty" offing let dynamic bloom bloom in dignified winter night sky.

In spite of being 10-minute condensed fireworks event, fireworks which made an elaborate plans are launched in sequence and they see and meet and are enough.

For 22 days, it is music fireworks conduct plan that linked music.

"Odaiba rainbow fireworks" coloring winter night sky with crash from good Toyosu-ohashi Bridge with possibility of the Harumi Canal most down stream can have a distant view.