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Monument of Ginza No Yanagi

[CAM] October 22, 2015 18:00

 In "buttocks all sorts of subject," it is only (47 pages) to describe following "Monument of Ginza No Yanagi" (8-9, Ginza point) about monument of willow of Ginza.




   Yaso Saijo words, monument inscribed with a tanka poem of Shinpei Nakayama composition "willow of Ginza." Willow which was planted in town of Ginza as roadside tree in about 1887 with development of town of Ginza popular. This song which sang the willow was predominant in the whole country. Association of authority of Ginza society erected this monument in commemoration of this on April 1, 1954.


    However, there are two places monument about willow of Ginza particularly, and there is one "monument of willow row of trees" in Sukiyabashi Park.


IMG_1851[1]. jpg

"Symbol willow row of trees of Ginza
It was set in age in 1877, and willow of Ginza was considered to be symbol of Ginza, but disappeared with repair of Ginza street after 3 degrees change in 1968
We changed row of trees to Yanagi taking the opportunity of west Ginza Street giving granite pavement with sidewalk expansion as symbol lord of Tokyo and having been renovated honor and carried out symbol revival of Ginza
Authority of west Ginza society prays for what this willow is loved for a long time by people, and continue being got close to, and they erect monument in here Sukiyabashi Park
Authority of November, 1999 west Ginza society's chairperson Seiichi Yanagisawa"


And there is "address derived from Ginza willow" at 1, Ginza one more.



"Willow origin of Ginza
As for symbol of Ginza where was sung by much poetry while passing through change of revival in removal 1931 in 1920 since willow of Ginza was planted in Ginza Street of marriageable age in 1887, and has been got close to to people and the willow that it was of growing power of a tree there is declining; and in 1968 of the sidewalk transplant stops on repairing very much; reached to cry
We erect monument now to convey origin of willow of Ginza for a long time when we reach willow again in this street whole area and name "Ginza-Yanagi-dori St."    Association of authority of Ginza society"


   About this "1931 revival," load style writes down as follows.

March 25, 1932 (Showa 7) "see willow revival memorial festival "or book forthcoming notice of" Ginza at ... way home free-standing tea ceremony room bridge The Asahi Shimbun Company entrance. yo rumokoreo sees word in revival toifu religion in such a thing, and doubt; sho fumononashi. We prove revolt retaruo of the revolt ruruha hearts of the people of words. ・..."