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It is ... neatly on the sidewalk of Gumclean✨ - Ginza Street

[Tokyo Dumbo] May 21, 2018 18:00

 Even if the sidewalk of Ginza Street goes whenever, it is cleaned neatly. Association of authority of Ginza society entrusts specialized supplier with it, and it picks up twice, sidewalk in the morning and the afternoon for 364 days except New Year's Day in total and garbage of flower bed, tree planting Zone, and this seems to be because it collects together if there are flyer and handbill put on corrugated cardboard and signal of non-collection and Paul including street light.


As group which worked by machine not to get used to when Tokyo Dumbo walked Ginza Street in the morning on one day was, they asked about story.






We seem to remove gum which there was in the sidewalk by trust from association of authority of Ginza society in water jet.




Pochi Pochi and thing which was on fall off neatly black.


Machine using is called Gumclean and seems to be machine which that HONDA makes.





All of association of authority of Ginza society is that it is always made an effort to follow beautiful, pleasant Ginza. Ginza will be to become in a day.

 Screenshot 2018-05-18 21.49.41.png

 This is logo mark of association of authority of Ginza society.

Design which treated weight used in silver foundry for Edo period eight for Ginza eight orders. 


 Association of authority of Ginza society:



Interested! 7, Hacchoubori wonder

[Hanes] May 21, 2018 14:00

Hello. It is Hanes (splashes) of new face correspondent
Over two articles, we took away Cawaii Bread & Coffee, recommended shop of Hatchobori such as ROAR COFFEE HOUSE & ROASTERY until now.
It is near to Tokyo Station, and it is convenient Hatchobori, do you know that there are the seven wonders in such a place all the time?

In the origin of these seven wonders, company residence of police sergeant, kindred spirit dates back to the Edo era that there was and is one of the things conveying state of their human empathy and life lively
This time is Chuo-ku are introduced here. by the seven wonders with modern story.

■We meet, and there is no temple in grave
In the early period of Edo era, is called "Hatchobori temple town"; outside samurai family place of Hatchobori

There were many temples, but, taking the opportunity of big fire of the Meiryaku era, was in west Hatchobori Okazaki-cho in those days

They left ball Japanese yen temple alone, and other temples moved from the center of Edo to remote place.
Because ball Japanese yen temple was main by propagation in Honganji end and did not have grave
We seemed to come to be said in this way

Thumbnail image of DSC_2081.JPG

As it is story in front for several hundred years, we thought that the only temple may have disappeared when it is at now, but ball Japanese yen temple (the Jodo Shin sect of Buddhism) still exists how
Because we moved after the Meiji Restoration, it was not in original place, but was impressed by staying in the present age


■We meet, and there is no depths in lord
Police sergeant, sympathizer low paid lent a part of the given land and lived.
Police sergeant lends Confucianism person, painter, doctor while sympathizer lends merchant such as liquor shop and Yoneya,
We seemed to be treated as town place while being samurai family place.
Because such they were trusted and were existence with sense of closeness,
It was called "the master" not "lord" who was anti-word of "wife" from person of town
This is drawn on seen panel under construction with Kyuan era bridge now


■Neck is connected by money
Because police sergeant, sympathizer often moved at the request of person of town,
It was said that we had, and neck was connected by bribe

■The entrance of interval meter
Rice grappled him between sympathizer, and Tadashi Maruhashi finally suffered serious wound at the time of arrest.
After saying that we say wish because prefect who knew it does reward,
He could not say desire to want to become police sergeant honestly and seemed to say that we wanted to set up the entrance hall
Because he did not become police sergeant later, and it was allowed only to establish the entrance hall,
We are ashamed, and episode that set up the entrance hall on the back not table becomes the cause

■Sword-rack of ladies' bath
People of Hatchobori that is usually taken care of by police sergeant, sympathizer.
For them who like taking a morning bath as well as Edoite, we open ladies' bath which does not come of visitor in morning,
We intended to have you take a bath before commuting leisurely
Because they placed sword, sword-rack seemed to be prepared for only in morning by ladies' bath.

Thumbnail image of IMG_9201.JPG

For me who did not think that there was public bath in the modern Tokyo downtown area,
We still remember shock when we found ship entering port hot water accidentally
After checking, nine public baths are in Chuo-ku now,
Hot water becomes one house of three public baths having been continued since the Edo era in spring founded in 1863.

Thumbnail image of IMG_9223.JPG

And at "community contact public bath" held twice a month (second fourth Friday),
Person of resident, working in ward can take a bath for adult normal 460 yen notokoro 100 yen
(but, as for identification of respect for the old bathing bringing person and less than primary schoolchild, free.)
We can enjoy game hot water and citron hot water by season,
In day of public bath on October 10, there is public bath where lavender hot water appears
How about being sometimes relaxed at bathhouse with open feeling?
For more details, please see central bathhouse association official site (

■We meet, and there is no guardian deity of children bridge in guardian deity of children
Guardian deity of children is moved somewhere all too soon by sleeve of bridge and can understand that only bridge was left.
Now when park gaining guardian deity of children bridge and the name is left...
Possibly day when guardian deity of children at the time is found may come!

■Ghost appears in house of ogre
There is high boarding fence in mansion of police sergeant whom there was between Kayabacho 1-2 chome,
It seemed to become terribly dark way when we advanced a little
According to "kaeinichikisho," there is called ghost bystreet and ghost who painted neck white appears frequently every night and is when we pulled sleeve of passerby.
Then would rotation of mansion of police sergeant be really spirit spot?
It is said that real identity of curious ghost was working women in those days in the night world.

By the way, we introduced the seven wonders to here,
Actually, there is such a reason more than seven,
When there was "bystreet for lantern" as soon as "household can last elsewhere without one sentence", we are informed

From such a reason at the time, we have a glimpse of live Chuo-ku of police sergeant, kindred spirit,
We can know trace of Edo breathing in the present age.
When we walk Hatchobori, it is pleasant to look for such a trace

Chuo-ku Board of Education Secretariat Social Education Division (1989) "-8 orders moat - - Tsukuda Island - that talks about old days of Chuo-ku" (one).



Edo Tokyo museum

[mew I] May 21, 2018 12:00

 We went to Edo Tokyo museum reopened after repair work in April, 2018.

In souvenir section before entering "is that? Can I buy kusamochi not to be able to buy if we do not go to Higashimukojima here? You can buy that dumpling of gemmonkyo here, and to is early, and tension goes up. It is the interesting finish to tie past and present when promotion video in hall reminds of "Tokyo2020" to.

That, no, what enter hall while having expectation toward such a previous swing, and at first meet meets ...; cross "Nihonbashi" more, and leave in hall.


"gibo" who thinks to be the one and only as me who pushed forward mascot study of all over the country of the whole country speaking of official character of this Edo Tokyo museum. What world is there character that railing knob of a bridge post (giboshi) of Nihonbashi becomes motif in? Would the gentle character who wanted to question the person in charge closely in this for small one hour take permission of Chuo-ku? We cannot help having doubt in this secretly.

gibochan.jpgToo enthusiastic ..., gibo.

Idea that permanent construction showpiece varies is concentrated, and "entering gakago of daimyo" is not in time for counting up that "we actually lift fireman's standard (fireman's standard) letting the morale of fire fighter become exalted at the time of fire". Miniature edition which was made extremely precisely in that, "state of town at the time of Edo" can be fascinated with Nagahama of Shiga for me who go to see museum of KAIYODO.

toori.jpgBinoculars are installed at hand and feel self-confidence on the display side that the minute design reads giving if he/she increases and comes loose.

nihombasi.jpgA lot of students who were supposedly school excursion were observed in hall.

"Edo Shogunate tteitsudakke, brag" "1600 tokajane" "dari"

Conversation to be,

And "Ieyasu becomes commander-in-chief of an expeditionary force against the barbarians in 1603 tsugi idajanka by job shuchu two years" later "is like that, there is repair very much, and is ・・" with building of this Marutaka stone wall as a start of Edo-jo Castle in aredaro, 1606 as if waited for sono charges substitute

It is sure that guraini conversation revises (we served a little).

mitukosimae.jpgThere was miniature of existing silver overcharge nashioutai big sale Mitsui Echigo-ya whom we worked as (present Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi). It will be that small setting that watching sumo of woman was forbidden is considered in those days that sumo wrestler walking way in a grand manner attracts eyes of woman.

By the way, Edo Tokyo museum where is full of the highlight. We introduced as spot to be able to enjoy as the teaching materials which looked back on the history of Chuo-ku all day.



"Ochiyaya public memory of hawk" hotakajutsujitsuen

[Sam] May 21, 2018 09:00

P5201147ELS'.jpgP5201158RS'G.jpg Reconstruction maintenance construction of Hamarikyu Gardens "Ochiyaya of hawk" which general used in the case of falconry as waiting for, rest station in the Edo era was completed, and, in commemoration of having started internal exhibition on April 20, demonstration of hotakajutsu by falconer was performed as part of "Ochiyaya exhibition commemorative project of hawk" in inner moat open space on May 20 equal to exhibition start one month.

(from 12:00 to 14:30 ...)

Performance of "Suwa style" hotakajutsu assumed one of the groups of falconers of family to inherit the shogunate employing of the Edo era.

"Ferry" to let branch of tree and fist of falconer come and go "transfer" to let you jump from fist of falconer to fist of different falconer "the ring circumference" that falconer put hawk on fist, and went around the front of sightseer round and round was shown.

As is expected, power of observation of goshawk of Raptores to look at close in time of taking a ceremonial photograph is force perfect score.



The sidewalk of Chuo-ku is interesting! 4 [gun bank street]

[Minato native] May 20, 2018 09:00

In Chuo-ku, nickname is on from wish that it become way to be able to get close to for inhabitant of a ward clearly on 98 lines. We walk Kyobashi district "gun bank street" today.


It is the distance of approximately 600m from the sleeve of "Takahashi" that "gun bank street" with nickname is built over 4-14, Hacchoubori, the Kamejima River in 1989 to 3-11, Minato meeting Tsukuda Ohashi through 1, Minato and 2. Metropolitan bus, Edo bus establish "gun bank" "3, Minato" and two stations together and are got close to local everybody in the name of "according to bus". Along the street, gun bank Inari Shrine, gun bank children's parks form a line.


tep03m.jpg♪ *kawa

In fact, this "gun bank street," there were two rivers which there was not anymore and deep relation now. Main pillar written as "Inari bridge" is left on the sidewalk between "Takahashi" and "south Takahashi". This is trace of "Hatchobori" that has ever drifted to here.

Because there was length eight orders (approximately 872m) in canal excavated for the purpose of ship luck toward Sumida River from the Kyoubashi River in the early period of Edo era in "Hatchobori", we were accompanied by the name. We changed the name to "*kawa" for the Meiji period and, in 1986, landfill of the whole area was completed and disappeared. It was about 1932 that south Takahashi appeared in the Kamejima River, but, during then, Inari bridge overlooked Sumida River. In addition, God of this water right watched security of voyage from gate "Minato" of water until "Inari" was gun bank Inari Shrine and we entered in the Meiji era and were done gotsushiza in the present place.

♪ Gun bank river

And another river, "gun bank river." This river right flowed through "gun bank street". This river which spread pulled gun bank street out of park with current Akashicho dirt, former Akashi moat and turned at alley located in Sakai of 2, Minato and 3 and just flowed straight into Sumida river.


It is thought that gun bank bridge was built over the area with Minato-cho first child play garden now. This gun bank river was filled up as part of earthquake disaster revival in 1929. Unfortunately thing to have those days in is left in nothing, but it may be feature as river mouth region that alley lengthening alone from gun bank street to port town first child play garden is wide clearly.

♪ Hydrophilic space


On the sidewalk of gun bank street, hydrophilic space is established along the Kamejima River. Thinning materials that occurred in "forest of Chuo-ku" are used for bench established here. "Forest of Chuo-ku" business tied up agreement about forest preservation to NPO hojinrisansainarijuku of Hinohara-mura, Nishitama-gun, Tokyo and forest owner in forest cover approximately 37.4ha under the theme of so that "future child quits the beautiful earth" in October, 2006, and wrestles in global warming measure more than areas.


"Gun bank street" is just what roadside tree is very beautiful. Plane tree which greatly grew lets bright young leaves grow thick, and orange way continues in step. Waterside and fountain small in gun bank children's park along the sidewalk. In the afternoon, sunshine filtering through foliage is dazzling shiningly and hears cheerful voice of children. Old store makes lively atmosphere along the street, and inhabitants and office worker of neighborhood, taxi driver are seen in scenery to take a short break. It is such "gun bank street" where time goes by slowly.

Sightseeing in Chuo-ku correspondent Minato native

Eighth May 17, 2018



Season, the arrival of rose!

[quiet knee ☆ cricket] May 19, 2018 18:00

It is season of rose


Around my office (1, Tsuiji), rose blooms beautifully


At first rose of Kaede River Shintomi Bridge park (2, Shintomi) is this


Shintomi Bridge park is space where it is quiet and settled with slightly hideaway atmosphere


Rose of bridge (Akashicho) is this in Tsukiji River Park dawn


Rose of bridge is this rose, one kind in dawn

White dusty miller which was planted to surround bright red rose is very good; accentuate


Rose of Tsukiji River celebration bridge park (1, Tsuiji) is this


Rose of several kinds is planted in celebration bridge park (park made on the Metropolitan expressway) and, for the lunch breaks, becomes place of recreation and relaxation for office worker


Of course "flower of Chuo-ku" blooms with azalea (we include satsukio) in here and there at the present, but rose blooms plenty any place other than the place on with rose


Let's enjoy season of rose


Blog which we introduced rose of Kaede River Shintomi Bridge park to in last May is this ⇒

Similarly blog which we introduced rose of bridge to in Tsukiji River Park dawn is this ⇒

Blog which we introduced rose of Tsukiji River celebration bridge park to in May, the year before last is this ⇒


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