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Chutoro is runny? Recommended Tsukiji sweets @ Tsukiji sanokiya

[Hanes] September 25, 2018 09:00

Hello. It is Hanes (splashes) of new face correspondent
For autumn of appetite, opportunities to go to the office after buying Chuo-ku gourmet increased (laugh)

Having purchased to return that we went to see Tsukiji hall market in the morning the other day in one
Correspondent senior hiba arborvitae who joined by collecting of radio introduced
Tsukiji sanokiyanomaguroyaki


It is sold two kinds of following nomaguroyakiga now.
・Crunchy dough + Kokura anno "bluefin tuna"
・Sticky dough + apricot + Kokura anno "Chutoro"

I choose "Chutoro" which apricot and Kokura anno entered in sticky dough!
We were able to see process to make from the storefront


Because we ordered approximately at the same time with the opening time, we are madly in love in fresh one,
We were able to have thing of the inside fatty, as it were, melty contents besides
In addition, seemingly it is appearance such as taiyaki,
Does it turn out that characteristic of sea bream yorimoshuttoshita tuna is reproduced faithfully?


As it becomes the very than this, appearance sticky finish,
We recommend that we have pack hire not paper bag

It is in formal HP of Tsukiji Outer Market with business for from 7:00 to 15:00,
Please be careful now as it is from 8:00 to 15:00 (finished as soon as we disappear)
(on ※ Sunday, whole day, market holiday holiday)


It is possible anywhere, and there is not...
Please appreciate sweets only by such Tsukiji this autumn

※About this article, we have publication permission from Tsukiji sanokiyano various places.



We start on "letter of invitation 2018 to mystery under the ground" October 1! (relations with Chuo-ku are ... ? ?)

[edamame] September 24, 2018 18:00

It is edamame of correspondent with children

・・Oh, * Was wrong.

About this time

"It is edamame of correspondent loving demystification"

We will make this.

As we wrote for article that we posted at this time of last year

It is edamame loving kind of "demystification event"

It rotates in various ways afterwards.

While sweating to brains at the full blast

We taste pleasant feeling when it came loose.

Meanwhile, we found flyer in Tokyo Metro station.


It is "letter of invitation 2018 to Tokyo Metro basement mystery".

"Mystery that began in 2014 under the ground" series.

It seems to become the fifth in this year.

It was 2016 that we knew me being, but participates after it every year.

It will be held this year for from Monday, October 1 to Thursday, January 31, next year.


When it is ..., but, as for the details, the back side of flyer is called in a word

At first in the Tokyo Metro commuter pass section predetermined

We purchase demystification kit with "Tokyo Metro 24 hours ticket" (2,200 yen).

 ※The commuter pass section: It is each station of Ueno, Kitasenju, Tokyo, prince, Shinjuku, Shibuya.

 We sold at Ginza Station, but there seemed to disappear last year. Careful!

Well, as we open kit and solve mystery and are led to mystery

It is ... taking a trip to various places along Tokyo Metro.

With 24 hours ticket then there is, but, as for the limit, there are none in "time to solve mystery" itself.

(maa, one that we have finished untying in a day are bargain. As we will pay transportation expenses by addition.)

As there is problem of sweaty level with brains quite solidly

Great scene has demystification with children.

Still we do our best every time. Yes.

What kind of problem is it? One that we were worried about in this

Please take a look at "exercise".

When it is kit of public performance, casual designs are some ninattekitarinado of frightful large device, points that it considerably loves to be made problems that we devoted ourselves to last.

SCRAP which mysterious production is "real escape game", and is famous recently.

High quality is assent, too.


Why did you think this to be "(related to = Chuo-ku) to be able to make into article of correspondent blog?"

It is in this year to go to "somewhere along Tokyo Metro", or it is not surely revealed that it is only this information, and, as for the further information, there are none in official site.

Though is anything; ...



Logo becomes available under the first of the flyer surface small.

With logo of Coca-Cola Co., Asahi group food

Because we contain Tokyo Chuo City Tourist Information Center on the first floor under the ground, it is familiar

Logo of "Kyobashi Ed Grand!" !

Point is only mere supposition of edamame from here, but ...

Probably for in one way or another this demystification event

When Kyobashi Ed Grand is concerned, is it not thing? ?

In what kind of timing, how are you also concerned?

It does not actually turn out that we do not try.

(process itself when demystification event is led to

Because it is surprising and is discovery, it is fun.)

"Ed Grand does not matter in this really!" Then it is interesting in its own right (laugh).

When we participate in this event,

In fact, we have not seen from this angle though we had gone to neighborhood! !

We can discover a lot of places that are.

It is the powerful charm of "demystification X street walk", too.

This time again Chuo-ku neighborhood (whether is Ed Grand neighborhood by any chance ?) Can you find such a scenery in this?

And was supposition of edamame right? ?

Please check the answer with your eyes, everybody.

※As it is manner violation (spoiling strict prohibition) to expose result that the edamame did, we never do!



Cluster-amaryllis of the Kamei Bridge sleeve

[quiet knee ☆ cricket] September 24, 2018 14:00

Cluster-amaryllis (cluster amaryllis) bloomed by Chuo-ku government office neighborhood, the sleeve of three-pronged Miyoshi Bridge and Kamei Bridge in between celebration bridge (Metropolitan expressway downtown area belt line is running in bottom)


As this flower is bulb characteristics, it should have bloomed the year before last last year here, but I am slightly amazed to learn without noticing at all


It is "atamasco lily" (bead blind) that this blooms in this season to bloom in the neighbor


Atamasco lily is South America, bulbous plant native to Paraguay, and course name, the generic name are the amaryllidaceous atamasco lily genus (the zefiransasu genus)

It is Amaryllidaceae

Another name is rain Lily (rain lily)


When autumn came, we feel that red cluster-amaryllis begins to bloom


Blog article that we introduced next celebration bridge cluster-amaryllis which bloomed near to in last September is this ⇒



Place ③~ Mie terrace ... which Mie is felt close

[rosemary sea] September 24, 2018 12:00

o which "gift and oneself enjoy" is rosemary sea which we choose and collect data on.

Triple terrace which is in Nihonbashi is "antenna shop where" three folds are felt close.

It is the opening fifth anniversary in this September.

We were taken care of by Mie business headquarters department in charge metropolitan area business promotion group Hiromi Moriya (moritanihiromi).

Speech is explanation of Moriya of this.

Then it is introduction of product.

IMG_20180904_132215 (2)a.jpg

Corner Ise-shi of Ise Udon

Constant seller, Ise Udon of triple local gourmet.

Sauce of sop soy sauce of jet black is frank taste of bonito base. Affinity with very thick noodles that it was said that it is sticky is outstanding.

"We think that Ise Udon is entirely different from other udon in thickness and the softness.

We may be slightly unsatisfactory for person thinking that waist is important to udon, but is it udon that we are glad for to want to taste texture that we did light if sticky?

If anything, taste seems to be sweet and thinks whether it is seasoning that you can eat for whom."

"Ise Udon builds soup, and, as for the topping, only green onion is common, but it is chilled Ise Udon or puts miso of Kameyama in Yachi udon, and it is grilled kiudonnishitaridesutoka, curry udon, or slightly different product comes out a lot recently.

And there is udon with sea lettuce as a lot of seaweed called "sea lettuce" is produced."

IMG_20180904_191730a.jpg IMG_20180905_192803a.jpg

With yokozuna mark Ise Udon two meals sauce (*2 bag of 240 g, 30 ml of sauce *2 bag) 630 noodle making Ise-shi at the same level as circle

It is Ise Udon which is familiar as "yokozuna mark" in hometown.

Meal lipodesu of rozumari family.

"The softness that noodles are baby and the elderly, but can eat. It is sweet, and taste of sauce is preference, too."


Ten thousand old roast (bankoyaki) Yokkaichi-shi

Semiporcelain which is heat-resistant, and has property between superior earthenware and porcelain which began at the middle of Edo era.

Though "it is Yokkaichi, it is birth 300 years of person who has begun to cook ten thousand old roast this year.

It is ten thousand old roast years.

We are available for teacup one around 1,000 yen."

IMG_20180904_132627a.jpg IMG_20180904_132648a.jpg

IMG_20180904_132731 (2)a.jpg

Corner of earthenware pot

Cook Chrysanthemum flower rice hotpot 2 go; 4,104 enginho*ki (gimpotouki) Yokkaichi-shi

As not only we can cook rice deliciously, but also save heat and are hard to cool down, it is available to food cooked by boiling or stewing using residual heat.

"Ten thousand old roast is earthenware pots.

How to use is easy, too and we pour water and hang on fire for 12, three minutes and we cut fire and only steam and can cook rice."

(we cook rice with earthenware pot in house of rozumari for approximately one year. We can cook very delicious rice.)

IMG_20180904_132547a.jpg IMG_20180904_132559a.jpg

The left: Tetera (Tish) teacup 872 yen-maru earthenware teapot 3,888 yen

The right: Both Guo re-mug cup rust 1,296 yen Demi cup rust 972 yen is 4th-market Yokkaichi-shi

Teacup just fits into hand in form that we did around.

As it is design wearing well, is errand all right every day? Semiporcelain.

Material that messenger can use mug cup, Demi cup without unreasonableness every day. Semiporcelain.

IMG_20180904_132747a.jpg IMG_20180912_192032 (2)a.jpg

Corner of seaweed

Long hijikia fusiformis 25 g 492 yen Kitamura product Ise-shi

Water carried from the triple mountains, water of the nutritious river flow into Rias coast, and it is long, and flavor is good, and the best hijikia fusiformis is brought up thickly.

It is article to be able to use for wide dishes. We bought this.


Corner of Matsusaka cotton Ise cotton (bottom)

Striped pattern that Matsusaka cotton weaves using yarn-dyed thread of natural indigo plant is feature.

Design being infinite in being able to express the delicate light and shade in how to dye.

Matsusaka cotton called Ise cotton, Ise Province cotton is all the rage at the time of the Edo era.

We called thing of striped pattern "matsusakashima". Cotton and spinning technology of raw materials were accepted.

Cotton wholesale dealers from Ise seemed to gather in Nihonbashiodenmacho in particular.

"Matsusaka cotton is indigo plant, blue color basically. We make noren of shop with Matsusaka cotton.

With traditional chic hue, bags are sold that it is pouch."

Ise cotton is hard to get wrinkled in soft material and is full of breathability, humidity retention characteristics.

We become petty person of natural texture.

"If anything, Ise cotton is colorful, and there is coloration."

IMG_20180904_133235 (2)a.jpg IMG_20180904_133250 (2). jpg

oisesan series 

864 yen with purifying salt shampoo 2,376 yen purifying salt hair treatment 2,700 yen purifying salt candle portable 3,024 yen purge love lip treatment 1,620 yen bath Kanbana 972 yen bath love ball 864 yen bath God ball honey

Take oil; God 400 yen purifying salt spray 1,080 yen purifying salt love play 1,080 yen Martinique Ise-shi

Beauty brand which cleanses, and presents cosmetics that "oisesan" featured the theme of "purification of heart and body."

We cleanse, and spray is fragrance spray which salt and nature essential oil of a lot of mineral which we dried by the sun were combined with.

It is popular item which delicate, easy flavor and purification can enjoy.

We take oil, and God does not destroy makeup and absorbs only extra sebum which skin floated immediately.

In addition, it is usable cleanly without sebum which we got rid of by one side special coat being dyed on finger, and falling out.

Bath Kanbana is bath cube.

We can enjoy three kinds of flavor to feeling on the day.

Delicate, easy flavor of natural essential oil softens feeling and salt including natural mineral tightens skin and it is smooth and does.

"We have good magazine take up oisesan series."

IMG_20180904_133321 (2)a.jpg

Hot-bath resort Sakakibara building maromi series

Milky lotion 2,571 yen hot spring skin water 1,543 yen

Sakakibara Onsen that is considered to be two major excellent springs of The Pillow Book for a long time as hot water gorino place.

It is cosmetic of high source use of fair skin effect of Sakakibara Onsen.

"It is hot spring which there is a little toward the heart of a mountain which entered at Tsu-shi. It is cosmetic using the hot spring water."

IMG_20180904_133507 (2)a.jpg

The left: akiyannomochi U.S. 750 g 432 yen brown rice noakiyan Tsu-shi

Using organic fertilizer, rice is cultivated in gennoyaku.

Bringing up rice so that we spray rice bran, oyster doughboy on the making of soil, and sweetness of rice increases.

The right: Iga U.S. Koshihikari * A amber 1 go 240 yen FOOBOR (Hoover)

Anyway, we have * A, the best evaluation.

With chewy rice, we feel sweetness to be strong.

It is feature of Iga rice to be delicious even if it cools down as tenacity is strong.

Flavor, tenacity to spread in mouth and deep taste.

Please appreciate the taste that taste was condensed.

In addition, this article is adopted to return favor product of hometown tax of Iga-shi.

"We get in one of Iga. It is not too major rice and does not get quantity very much, too.

It is rice made in intense land of heat and cold difference peculiar to basin."


IMG_20180904_133546_1 (2)a.jpgakamokuno foods boiled in soy 120 g 540 yen beach flute

Beach boiled in soy sauce which is full of flavors which cooked "akamoku" by discerning seasoning.

Taste does not have habit and is texture briskly stickily.

Much-talked-about super food, super seaweed "dirt sargasso." It is health food good for the health.

Dirt sargasso is friend of hijikia fusiformis, kelp, seaweed in seaweed of sea lentil department.

Vitality is very strong and has sturdiness to grow up in any environment.

Ingredient which dirt sargasso includes in richness is ...

fukoidan (immunity improvement, digesting action, antiallergic effect, liver function improvement)

Fucoxanthin (anticancer action, fat combustion action, diabetes prevention, fair skin effect, anti-aging effect)

Dietary Fiber (intestinal regulation action)

Vitamin K (hemostasis action, the osteoporosis prevention) polyphenol (antioxidant action, bad cholesterol restraint)

・・It is very splendid seaweed which ・ diet effect, hay fever improvement can expect.

Intake is recommended by a daily little.

IMG_20180904_133707 (2)a.jpg IMG_20180904_133723 (2)a.jpg

Pearl corner

Necklace 170,640 yen with baby pearl

Baby pearl generally means small pearl to around 5mm.

Is there way of speaking called rather rare precious pearl like large pearl to bring up to take effort?

"There is grain of small pearl. It is said to be baby pearl.

Shima, Ise produces in share of 90%."


 Price is all tax-included.


・・It lasts introduction of ・ Mie terrace, another one time. It is expectation to ask for.

IMG_20180918_132534 (2)a.jpgTriple terrace

2-4-1, Nihonbashimuromachi world Senbikiya building "YUITO ANNEX" the first floor, the second floor

Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line, Ginza Line Mitsukoshimae Station direct connection (Exit A9)

It is row of koredo Muromachi 1.

Shop 03-5542-1033

Restaurant 03-5542-1030

Business hours shop from 10:00 to 20:00

      Restaurant from 11:00 to 23:00

            (last order meal 22:00 drink 22:30)

Year round (the year-end and New Year holidays are excluded)

Homepage of triple terrace is this place




Whole Kochi restaurant "visitor"

[silver ornament] September 24, 2018 09:00

Antenna shop of Kochi, "whole Kochi" are Homo sapiens, thing of Kochi, points of transmission of thing.

DSCN1846 (400x300). jpg

I introduced dressing for salad of Umaji-mura before, but this time is Chuo-ku are introduced here. in restaurant.

Restaurant "visitor" is on the second floor  of antenna shop "whole Kochi" of 1, Ginza. In Shikoku, we say that we treat visitor saying "we work as visitor". Speaking of Kochi, fresh fish dishes such as "seared bonito" are famous.

For lunch, "Tosa akaushinosuki grill low dining table" had 1,400 yen today. Rice and miso soup were free to do another helping.

DSCN1850 (400x300). jpg

We think that we want to eat "oyakodon of grilled straw Shimanto chicken" 1,000 yen on the next time. Price includes consumption tax. Flavor was good, and "Tosa bincho charcoal roast coffee" after a meal was delicious. 

In addition, Ryoma, daughter of Sadakichi Chiba, illustration of Sana are displayed labeled as "way of Ryoma, Edo fencing study" in shop.

DSCN1851 (400x300). jpg

After all, as for Tokyo forum exchanging liquor while daimyo's mansion of Tosa feudal clan, fact that Chuo-ku government office was daimyo's second residence of Tosa feudal clan, dojo studio of Sadakichi Chiba recollect description of "Ryoma goes" from pail town niattakoto historical fact, delightful.

As for the details of shop, please see this.



My series second ★It is one of side me

[mapi ★] September 23, 2018 18:00

My series second house is soba person.

In soba people in Ginza five,
Seat and stand in the train to be able to sit are half-and-half.

Seat to be able to sit by chance was vacant and was lucky.




We order at cash register of entrance,
People line up behind and get impatient when they must decide early,
It was hard to read menu, too and had my Niku soba,
We find big menu in shop later,
There is "my Japanese beef Niku soba",
We thought that you should have done there.




There was very much quantity, and a little more was not able to eat. . .
Side for two people having one woman who sits down to go
We shared.
It is nice quantity for man!


As well as side, it is meat dishes and fish dish
There were various kinds of appetizing things,
As it was noon on Saturday, we were not able to relax.


The next time of foie gras truffle sirloin
We want to eat Rossini style.


Is one of side me; and GINZA5


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