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nesukafe X rirakuru - sleep cafe ...

[Tokyo Dumbo] March 19, 2018 14:00

We hold event - sleep cafe ... for a limited time in Nestle Japan and "CHAIRS" of rirakuruga 8, Ginza for day of sleep on March 18.



Sleep cafe image. png


Holding of sleep cafe is carried out with the third in Ginza "CHAIRS" secondary to September at this time. By this coverage, Onishi of the spot staff told in various ways.


On day of sleep, there are "(March 18) on world sleep day" and Japan's original September 3 that association of world sleep medicine (World Association of Sleep Medicine) sets, and Nestle seems to perform event in total during the period.


There is course of simulated experience two that there is by "night sleep" and "daytime nap", and comfortable surgical operation that rirakuto France Bed Co.,Ltd. developed jointly with "sleep" course massages finest "that upbringing trainer which "rirakuru" which brought up 12,000 therapists with possible "premium mattress" nationwide until now boasts of performs, and service of" is received.


We can have coffee (with caffeine) after caffeineless coffee, getting up before sleep to receive massage each. We seem to suggest lifestyle to drink caffeineless coffee and coffee (with caffeine) depending on the scene, and to distribute.


We went at about 11:00 on Sunday, but were able to apply for Tokyo Dumbo to the last scene of "sleep" course for extreme popularity somehow.


Shoulder turned over on its back by massage of 30 minutes on the stomach, and I would like neck, and, in sleep time of one hour 30 minutes, it was in a drowse afterwards from the middle of comfortable massage, and it was dead sleep with sleep thyme.


Coffee. JPGBottle. JPG


Coffee which we had wasness cafe Gold Blend of with bottle, but, by type to have you pick up kurema (bubble) in future in handiaisukuremasaba of release plan, was smooth at all.


Server. JPG


"Nap" course seems to suggest new nap-style called "coffee nap" providing coffee (with caffeine) before nap and does only nap after drinking coffee with caffeine.

 Guidance. JPG


Even if 1,000 yen, "nap" course regard as 200 yen, "sleep" course is reasonable.

You take a short break, and do you not really see in Ginza?



"nesukafe X rirakuru sleep cafe" summary
◆Official name :"nesukafe X rirakuru sleep cafe"
◆Place :Ginza "CHAIRS" (the location: 8-9-13, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 2F)
◆Period :From from Thursday, March 15, 2018 to Sunday, March 25 11:00 21:00 (last order 20:30)




This week circle experience week [center Ward social education hall]

[quiet knee ☆ cricket] March 19, 2018 12:00


) is annual "spring circle experience week" this week on Sunday for from Monday, March 19 to 25th


Photograph is calendar of Tsukiji social education hall, but please check as Nihonbashi, Tsukishima each have calendar


Season becomes good, and which we want to find some new hobby and thing which we forget purpose of life, time and can concentrate on, please go to visit right or wrong, social education Hall nearby


In addition, about photography in hall, we had the consent

HP of center Ward social education hall is this ⇒



2,018 days Sakura Motohashi Festival

[Sam] March 19, 2018 09:00

DSC02068ELS'.jpgDSC02066''RSG.jpg On March 16, spring annual event "Nihonbashi cherry tree festival" begins in Nihonbashi district. (from March 16 to April 15)

Culture to enjoy meal while "Nihonbashi Sakura Street" being dotted with famous spots of cherry tree "according to Edo cherry tree" in Nihonbashi, and enjoying cherry tree is flower opened town.

Historic element and modern element are mixed and are plan that we have you enjoy cherry blossom viewing appropriate for fusing Nihonbashi.


Fantastic installation that expressed row of cherry blossom trees which was art.

★We light up cherry tree

Facility along Mitsui Main Building other Chuo-dori is lighted up by cerise.

★Nihonbashi cherry tree menu walk

We try out photogenic cherry tree menus of approximately 150 stores of the Nihonbashi rear.

★nihombashi cherry tree stand

In around happiness and prosperity Shinto shrine, we exhibit for a limited number original stand menu for /4 one day a month on March 31.

It is cherry blossom viewing experience only in Nihonbashi to be artistic, and to enjoy.



"Purple ship exhibition" [NOEVIR Ginza gallery]

[quiet knee ☆ cricket] March 18, 2018 09:00

In 7, Ginza, NOEVIR Ginza gallery on the first floor of NOEVIR Ginza building facing the row of trees street, "purple ship exhibition" by Mr. purple ship of artist is held in calligraphers now

Exhibition of Mr. purple ship in this gallery seems to be the third


For period, it is from Monday, March 12 to Friday, June 8.


Holding time is from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., and, on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, it becomes just at 5:00 p.m.


"Book" rises how


Splendid convenience called 3D printers appears in the world, but "book" which this exhibition should say to with representative of superficial thing is made three dimensional, and there is surprise to be able to see this close


Three-dimensional sculpture of book "runs"; desu

Shadow made under the work by lighting is beautiful


Inspire is work which let letter fuse with picture which it is done and drew for Jakuchu Ito and Kiitsu Suzuki


It is work which let drawn line of person drawn to ukiyoe print rise



Please drop in


In addition, about photography in gallery, we had the consent.

HP of NOEVIR Ginza gallery is this ⇒



16 hospitality dumplings

[hiba arborvitae] March 17, 2018 14:00

Old calendar March 16 "16 group Rat day."


Offer dumpling, and, at this time, do to agriculture God, guardian deity of a rice field, good harvest
Tradition to pray for remains.

Method by event spreading out in Tohoku and the Hokuriku district
It varies by area. Taste of dumpling feeling season,
We would like to enjoy with thanks.

 Dumpling _450.jpg

 Sprouting shop _450.jpg


◆Iwate Milky Way plaza / sprouting shop corner
Japanese confectioneries of dumpling, rice cake, Daifuku of Iwate direct shipment form a line.
5-15-1, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Nankai Tokyo Building 1F




Wonderful paper bag of higashikyo凬tsukido

[Tsukuda nousako] March 17, 2018 09:00

To friend who met, we wanted to make cake like Ginza present and dropped in at higashikyo凬tsukido at 2, Ginza after a long absence.

As it seems to be Ginza, and picture of paper bag which had you put article which you purchased was very wonderful, we introduce.


This painting is described in French restaurant loved by world VIP by owner, Matsuo of famous "Chez Matsuo". It was cooperated, and, in higashikyo凬tsukido reopened newly on September 13 of last year, shop and group of Matsuo seemed to have you describe in the memory.


Cafe of street corner of Paris is all right, and, in one side, current Ginza, 凬tsukido is described in bright color that the lively laughter seems to sound like.


Fugetsudo list. jpg


The history of higashikyo凬tsukido and scenery of Ginza of the Meiji era matched one side very much; is attractive.


The Fugetsudo back. jpg 

Though "凬tsukido" is confectionery by name given from chief ministry Sadanobu Matsudaira in 1812 (Bunka 9) of the Edo era, it is unique episode that "wind" becomes "凬" of former kanji when insect is when it will be inconvenient.


Tokyo horse tramway which ran between Shimbashi, Nihonbashi is greatly described in the screen center first in Japan in 1882 (Meiji 15), and there is Tokyo railroad that it was electrified all horse tramway in the depths in 1900 (Meiji 33).


Western confectionery which we loved was made by here higashikyo凬tsukido (forerunner, beitsu凬tsukido), and chocolate and marron glace, cream puff, marshmallow were just introduced by Japan for the first time.


How about cake of higashikyo凬tsukido with the history of 145 years as souvenir to important with paper bag which can taste the history at a stretch?







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