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30 ken of moat ttenanda ...

[ten moves of vermilion bunch] April 25, 2017 12:00

DSCN0571 - copy (2). jpg

30 ken of moat traces (place of pink arrow)


We go to Tsukiji in Harumi Street from Ginza and are this side of Showa Dori.


Lower ancient map was issued in 1849 (Kaei 2) (place of black arrow).

It is Horikawa to be shown with indigo blue from side to side. Place of two arrows is about the same place. Road swells when we walk this neighborhood.


Pilgrimage around the thirty-three holy places in the Kinki district daimyo excavated mainly to plan mail of water transportation by life of Tokugawa shogunate government in 1612 (Keicho 17) when it linked the Shiodome River from the Kyoubashi River. Because there was 30 ken of width (approximately 55 meters) of moat, there was this name. We were narrowed to 19 ken in 1828 (Bunsei 11). We were filled up to treat heap of debris after the Pacific War in 1952 (Showa 27).YllaYlla

2DSCN0708 ancient map. jpg




靍mamoriinekashinsha of the G SIX (GINZA SIX) roof

[O'age] April 25, 2017 09:00

It was in condition of course to get on escalator with two lines by congestion in state that person matched corner of GSIX with person before most from the sidewalk of Chuo-dori and walked in building. Shinto shrine was on northeast side of rooftop garden when we went up to the thirteenth floor by elevator on stairs from there from the sixth floor and was able to pray.

IMG_8990.JPG IMG_8991.JPG

靍mamoriinekashinsha has following mentions to explanation board of the field, Shinto shrine in one company of Visits to the Ginza Haccho Shrines.





Kanjiyo does in the first place to靏mamorishinsha from Hongu of Yamashiro Fushimi on day of go of the second lunar month in old days, 1815 of back to 150 years and does hoyasu in village of Negishi of Edo. jiraitenshu, shop group are reri by faith that Edo citizen is deep from the start in solstice 莧 mete today. As for the elderly man of a certain yashinshu of 1881, one hanging scroll testation shiaruo discovers white fox in mitome metarugasono trace in the neighborhood of shrine; mysterious; if soak, and read, is dreadful, and tell sacred image nitearishikaba promptly reason of Mikawa Toyokawainari Shinto shrine to storekeeper, and do ho* with divine spirit, and stream down today and berito. All safety naruo profit taruha of Matsusaka building's house is place that is still new for seeing and hearing of the world let alone precincts main shrine without the Great Kanto Earthquake hitting big fire of Nippori again in March, 1925 in last September, 1923 though we refer, and nearly already seeing, and etarunimo modifying near example without Shinto shrine making * in reigen*, and letting you save difficulty of neighborhood inhabitants as God of fire prevention in particular in for generations, and stopping in ball decrease rukoto ichisai. Do to, and ask Hie-jinja Shrine chief priest for auspicious day of go of 2 on February 18 in spring of oneself serpent in 1929, and divided divine spirit does divine spirit, and do kyoyasu on the main building roof of ground 80 shaku; and is line collar with type of utsushiza in *. April 15, 1965 diary Matsuzakaya Ginza


Explanation board that Matsuzakaya Ginza was right here aside. When is so, or think that there is not anymore here; as for is lonely for an instant, feeling.

IMG_8992.JPG IMG_8993.JPG




Is "4 from walk 8 to 1 on holiday of Ginza; love masho"

[silver ornament] April 24, 2017 18:00

 On April 20, "GINZA SIX" of 6, Ginza started a business.

On Sunday, April 23, we entered Ginza six by way of walk from 8, Ginza. Turn to be carried on escalator was not crowded as the day of the opening of a store.

However, roof going is abandonment in one to "be awaiting as for the elevator going down from the roof for 30 minutes" if we arrive at the sixth floor and intend to change to elevator.

We looked around art book & cafe / restaurants on the sixth floor. Red-and-white balloon which does not finally grow Kusama who was displayed to blow between the third floor and the fourth floor.


Logo of "LOVE FOREVER" being drawn on the base. It was very wonderful. We looked around the first-floor stores. We intend to revisit long holidays of May in weekday on weekdays of the past time.

Catch phrase that was posted on wall surface of Mitsukoshi of 4, Ginza. We dress stylishly love masho "at" 4.


Lion you are drawn to window around building, too; and ...


 It is refined catch phrase and decoration of window. As for the young daughters, "lovely" took photograph.

 Girls who say, "take the scene walking Ginza" if we come to 3, Ginza. From the next with a click. We are sometimes relieved when we hear words of hometown in Ginza. Pretty.


 It is 2, Ginza, 1 for a while if we enjoy vehicle-free promenade slowly. 

Will be "Ginza in future; love masho"



Prince Hamacho Park cherry tree 2017 Kiyomasa temple

[silver ornament] April 24, 2017 18:00

In the middle of April, we went to see double cherry blossoms to Hamacho Park.

It will be what we hesitated about this year whether cold day continues if we think whether it became warm, and rain blooms to ko ttaride, cherry tree every other day in early April, and it is good.

As it was such a weather, weeping cherry tree which flowered still bloomed at the end of March and was contest with double cherry blossom if it was average year. Building behind is Meijiza.


 Flower of Chuo-ku, "azalea, Satsuki have begun to bloom, too". The park is colored in wonderful flowers.


There is "sports complex" in this Hamacho Park, and, in restaurant, Hamacho bower of the inside, menu is substantial, too.


 And there is "Prince Kiyomasa temple" to worship Prince Kiyomasa Kato, and to grind.


According to "the buttocks all sorts of subject of Chuo-ku to understand on foot,"

Because "Hosokawa who succeeded Kumamoto feudal clan worshiped Prince Kiyomasa Kato after there was daimyo's second residence of Kumamoto feudal lord Hosokawa, and the Katos ever dissolved in this place, Kanjiyo did from Kumamoto Honmyo-ji Temple in (1861) in 1861 and founded. It is temple which was in mansion, but there is saying it is informed that worship of the people at large was permitted in the Edo era. It is recommended for walk of coming good season clause.




"kita*komakiyashoten" which sells my favorite salmon

[cherry tree Yayoi] April 24, 2017 14:00

"kita*komakiyashoten" 2017.4.21 coverage

Business hours from 9:00 to 19:00 rest - Sundays and holidays (only on May 6 out of GW holiday)

We introduce Tsukishima 4-10-1☎03-3534-0088✉


There is shop in slightly remote place from mall near Tsukishima first Park.

We heard story from Fukuji Makino of storekeeper. It opens as store specializing in cod roe wholesale in 1979. We increase salmon, dried fish, whitebait and the number of articles and sell afterwards. Before it spreads out only by word of mouth and receives orders to see catalogue now from the whole country. Fans continue increasing nationwide. Great.


2.jpgFurthermore, that we wrap by slice in saran wrap carefully what when we ask about delicious secret of salmon of Makino and are worked for heart basket mete so that taste of salmon does not escape. In addition, "we eat, and delicious" sells "we want friend to introduce to motto with confidence "food safety" if we think that it is delicious". And as for the offer at price that is rizubunaru. As far as we are glad.


3.jpgSlice (there is slice, too.of promptly thick-sliced salmon My preference bought thick-sliced) and would have return, grilled fish and ate. We had a good appetite and, as for several times, had another serving of rice. Being delicate, and seasoning of salting lightly being delicious.

We ate such a salmon and were me who felt happiness.


We want everybody to have by all means. It is my recommendation.

(Makino gives permission to and photographs.)



Doggy open space [Tsukiji River Park]

[quiet knee ☆ cricket] April 24, 2017 12:00

It was the most suitable season for walk and went to Tsukiji River Park in Akashicho for the lunch break

Tsukiji River Park is filled up now literally in river (canal) in the Edo era, and part above the ground becomes park


Part under the ground becomes parking lot, and, in around ship entering port bridge, it is in multi-purpose open space used in gridirons of Chuo-ku


Lower photograph looked down at partially multipurpose open space of corner of the Tsukiji River from part of Tsukiji River Park above the ground


Moiety of the left hand depths above the ground is Irifune Bridge

Arrow of lower map is photography direction


Area under Irifune Bridge becomes "doggy open space" of dog run


We are divided into free area and small dog area, and use time is from 7:00 to 20:00


As for the area, free area is 458 square meters, and small dog area is 189 square meters


When I went, there was one that let dog be idle in small dog area

It is quiet and is Tsukiji River Park where there is feeling in a relaxed mood


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