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We light up Tokyo Tower purple

[Sam] November 15, 2018 18:00

DSC07687ELS'.jpgPurple ribbon RSG.png From 12 to 25 on November are "exercise to get rid of violence for woman" periods.

In enlightenment activity for the purpose of exterminating violence for woman told to have begun in 1994 in the United States, ribbon of purple is chosen as symbol of the exercise and we open globally and are developed.

It is said that message, "you are not alone" is loaded purple ribbon with.

With all wish that violence for woman and child disappear on November 12, approximately 150 places of Tokyo Tower and others and Landmark of done whole country each place are lighted up only in this day by purple of symbol color, and message of the campaign is going to be sent.

Tokyo Tower is diamond veil <dream pink, aqua blue mix over Tsukiji Ohashi from Sumida River terrace of Kachidoki> But, we shine.



Original only for Nihonbashi tourist information center here

[silver ornament] November 15, 2018 14:00

 There is Nihonbashi tourist information center to sleeve of famous bridge, Nihonbashi according to the name.

Comfortable young lady receives with smile kindly. We were going to buy well-established candy of Nihonbashi on that day.

Therefore we found clear file which was available only here.


By opening using some bypasses of cyclic Route 2, we reported that we took a walk from Toyosu Ohashi to Tsukiji Ohashi, Hama-rikyu-teien the other day, but, as for this clear file, are covered all all the names of bridge about the Nihonbashi River. 

It is indispensable for walk to walk happily while looking at Kachidokibashi appointed to "Sumida River Mitsuhashi" important cultural property, permanence bridge, Kiyosu bridge and ship coming across each other. In the Sumida River, people of ginko enjoy walk, too.


Please demand at Nihonbashi tourist information center. 



Citron Pirie who sells in Nagasaki building of Nihonbashi!

[mapi ★] November 15, 2018 12:00

We went to Nagasaki building of Nihonbashi.




From friend in August from Hirado-shi, Nagasaki
This citron Pirie who was given for souvenir of homecoming!




It is very delicious and disappears in no time as it is small bottle,
We were looking even for net, but do not readily sell.
We found, but the postage rises by one than product,
Therefore it is Nagasaki building to have hit.


If we call and hear, there seem to be all two kinds of them how,
We went for buying promptly.


This citron Pirie runs to tofu and ranks Yakitori and,
When we cook kimpira burdock and dried radish strips, we use and,
It is delicious even if we use for anything!
But in disappearing in no time when we use for dishes
We spend the present time at the age of pan.


If we ask the staff of Nagasaki building
Everybody does not seem to have eaten,
We recommended (laugh)






In shop, there is sampling corner of Nagasaki Japanese beef which is number one in Japan, and shined

As for various food, glassworks, containers of specialty of Nagasaki,
When we have time, we want to come slowly again.
Meat cooled down and was delicious!




Homepage of Nihonbashi Nagasaki building




Event of the 15th anniversary of the opening, ... nihombashi Shimane hall ... held

[rosemary sea] November 15, 2018 09:00

o which "gift and oneself enjoy" is rosemary sea which it overlaps and collects data on.

IMG_20181108_111354 (2)a.jpg

IMG_20181108_111531 (2)a.jpg IMG_20181108_111607 (2)a.jpg

We reach the opening 15th anniversary on antenna shop of Shimane, nihombashi Shimane hall, November 21.

IMG_20181108_162821 (2)a.jpg

IMG_20181108_162756 (2)a.jpg

It has already begun, but "event until Friday, November 30 held of the 15th anniversary of the opening" introduces.

It is charm, full loading of Shimane. There are various kinds of delicious Shimane.

Please come to the store. We are waiting.

IMG_20181108_111312_1 (2)a.jpg IMG_20181108_111407a.jpg

We were taken care of by Director Kurinomiya of Shimane Tokyo office nihombashi Shimane hall, Section Manager Yasui this time.

Then it is memory event sale in the future, introduction.

IMG_20181108_111027 (2)a.jpg

Is grown relationship on Thursday on Wednesday, November 14, 15th; rice cake

From Friday, November 16 to 22nd Thursday, deep-fried selling of tempura

IMG_20181108_111041_1 (2)a.jpg

Corbicula which eats on Sunday for from Friday, November 23 to 25th

Volost fair organic for Wednesday, November 28, 29 days on Thursday

 "Organic volost fair" is held in special gallery.

IMG_20181108_111042 (2)a.jpg

From Friday, November 30 to Sunday, December 2, new rice, Okuizumi Nita U.S. rice sale by measure


Then as limited product ...

Saturday, November 17, 24th Saturday, rose bread

This is the first appearance for noted product here Bakery ganihombashi Shimane hall of Shimane.

Monday, November 26 - Shinto straw festoon


In addition, it is ... in special gallery

From Saturday, November 17 to 25th Sunday, Sue, Matsue garden ceramic works exhibition


・・There is ・ 15th anniversary present campaign, too.

   In addition, point 5 doubles for day.

IMG_20181108_111623 (2)a.jpg

We introduced "Shimane native" of sightseeing in Shimane character in February.

Article of February is this.


IMG_20181108_111722_1 (2)a.jpgnihombashi Shimane hall

The first floor of 1-5-3, Nihonbashimuromachi Fukushima Building

Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, Hanzomon Line Mitsukoshimae Station, Exit A4

It is facing of Mitsukoshi Nihonbashi Main Store.


☆ Information for sightseeing, various inquiries

⇒ Information counter 03-5201-3310

☆ Inquiry, order for product product

⇒ Association of Shimane product Tokyo Branch 03-3548-9511

☆ Domiciliation consultation

⇒ Oldness and employment information center 0120-60-2357


Business hours from 10:30 to 19:00

Year round (the year-end and New Year holidays are excluded)

Homepage of nihombashi Shimane hall is this place




(Miura) anhari memorial park (Ito-shi)

[yaz] November 14, 2018 18:00

With total of 8 friends of volunteer guide group "Tokyo city guide club" where correspondent of Chuo-ku Tourism Association companion and I belonged to on November 10, 2018, Edo-jo Castle stone wall quarry climbed "nakou mountain of Usami". (going to report this for the third in January.)

As we visited "anhari memorial park" said to that Anjin Miura (William Adams) close to Ito Station constructed Western style ship, after the descent from a mountain, we report.

We are given mansion for Edo Nihonbashi, and anhari assumes daughter of village headman Magome perception transfer of administration (magomekageyu) of Nihonbashiodenmacho wife and gains the best man girl of Joseph and Susanna and shows connection that is strong with Nihonbashi. We went to the Orient in rifude with Jan Jooss ten in 1598 and were cast ashore in Usuki-shi, Oita with 24 crews. Ieyasu Tokugawa evaluated ability of Anjin Miura high and we commandeered as political diplomatic advisor and we gave Miura Peninsula Hemi village territory of 250 stones and gave warm reception other than mansion of Nihonbashi. The name of anhari depends on having named pilot tojianhari.

Commander-in-chief, Shogen Mukai and one shipwright of Uraga water forces and Adams constructed 80 tons of first Japanese Western style sailing boats using shipwright of Ito by order of Ieyasu in the mouth of Matsukawa (Chinese and Korean people River join) and, around Keicho era 9 through 11, surveyed the coast by this ship.

Place thought to be shipyard is side of "anhari memorial park".


anhari memorial park index. jpg


anhari memo rear l park _ map. jpg


We stood in shipyard and estimated place with friend. It is frank impression "to be smaller than imagination".

Anjin Miura shipyard (2). Thumbnail image of JPG Thumbnail image of PB100138.JPG


Receive order of Ieyasu again, and construct 120 tons of big ships which can appear in the open sea, and lend ship of these 120 tons to admiral bitongue of Hispania (Spain) afterwards in 1610, and via the United States to Acapulco (Mexico) the Pacific transversely cheap; arrived.     


The first Western style ship which Anjin Miura produced. JPG


anharisai _ fireworks display. jpg

We hold anharisai in commemoration of the Western style sailing boat building launching every year in Ito-shi on August 10 and hold great fireworks display. I went to see last year, but was great crowd.



Water gate which protects Tsukuda, Tsukishima, Kachidoki, Harumi area

[yochan] November 14, 2018 14:00

Tsukuda, Tsukishima, Kachidoki, Harumi area has five water gates to protect town from flood. When it was toed the mark by outside dike, and water gate is set in boundary of area of the sea in area of the sea, and water level of outside area of the sea rises at high tide, we play a role to close water gate, and to prevent rise in water level of inner area of the sea. Area is followed at 5 gates of the water gate ⑤ Tsukishima river water gate in front of the ① Sumiyoshi water gate ② Tsukuda water gate ③ morning tide water gate ④ beach. As forms are different, and each five water gates was interesting, we introduce.

p-Tsukishima water gate image. jpg


①Sumiyoshi water gate

It is water gate protecting Tsukuda district from floods such as high tide. In having a single wing roller gate form, span is *1 4m. We were completed in 1965.

②Tsukuda water gate

It is water gate of entrance entering morning tide canal at Harumi canal. Span is *2 11.4m in wings of a biplane roller gate form. We were completed in 1963.

③Morning tide water gate

It is water gate of door linking the Tokyo Port to morning tide canal. Set of folding doors of *2 width 11.4m effective in swing gate form without headroom was adopted so that big ship could enter. We were completed in 1964. High ship of height was not able to go now because there was Ohashi from Kachidoki side at the dawn of cyclic Route 2 over Harumi side after having crossed Tsukiji Ohashi from the Tsukiji River.

④Water gate in front of the beach (Hamasaki)

At water gate preventing flood from new moon Shimakawa, it is having a single wing roller gate form of *1 8.4m between diameters, but operation room is water gate which there is not in the upper part of roller gate. We were completed in 1964.

⑤The Tsukishima river water gate

At water gate preventing flood from Tsukishima River, it is having a single wing roller gate form of *1 11m between diameters. We were completed in 1964.


p-Sumiyoshi water gate. jpg p-Tsukuda water gate. jpg p-morning tide water gate. jpg

①Sumiyoshi water gate       ②Tsukuda water gate      ③Morning tide water gate


Water gate in front of the p-beach. jpg The p-Tsukishima river water gate. jpg

④Water gate in front of the beach        ⑤The Tsukishima river water gate


Tsukishima River and new moon Shimakawa are things connecting the Sumida River and morning tide canal together, but, in the Tsukishima River, as for new moon Shimakawa, it is in canal in river. Therefore Tsukuda water gate and morning tide water gate and water gate in front of the beach become management of Tokyo Port Authority which is manager of canal, and the Tokyo construction station that is manager of river manages Sumiyoshi water gate and the Tsukishima river water gate. In the situation that manager of water gate which was the same area was different in, we felt some senses of incongruity.


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