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Thing, thing - Taimeiken ... which we continue following which we change

[rosemary sea] October 20, 2017 16:00

It is rosemary sea collecting data on in o neutral that "gift and oneself enjoy".


It is long-established store, popularity Western-style restaurant of Nihonbashi, introduction of Taimeiken this time.

The founder is Shingo Modegi (modegishingo) him.


We become independent in 1931 (Showa 6) and move to Nihonbashi in 1948 (Showa 23).

"Western dishes for Japanese" are pursued; and from the first generation for the second generation to Mr. Masaaki (Masaaki).


Master a.jpgAnd for the third generation to Mr. Koji (Hiroshi). (right image)

They put together in the times, and both the number of dishes and taste seemed to be changed.

However, thing which we continue protecting, thing inherited well are reliable.

To from parent to child and grandchild.

Taste, this traditional are reliable.

Including Shotaro Ikenami of writer, it is reason that was loved from many celebrities.


We were taken care of by Tsuruoka in charge of Taimeiken public information.

We had you offer image.


In addition, article that we introduced the fifth floor of Taimeiken, museum of kite to is this.

⇒ html

⇒ html


Then it is introduction.


Western dishes restaurant to be able to enjoy the first floor casually.

Line does not die out from opening time.

Popular secret can have taste since founding at reasonable rate.


Furthermore, dandelion omurice (Juzo Itami style) which did not need to say some other time here, but became famous for movie "dandelion" of director Juzo Itami.

Everybody knows.

It is fragrant into ... hararito half-boiled egg form when we make a cut with knife in omelette, this which got on chicken rice soft and fluffy straight and is opened highly, and attraction of amusement park already puts to shame ..., too.


Omurice -1c.jpg

There is other standard omurice which gave omurice, ham and rice fried and seasoned with tomato catsup with egg.


DSC_0154c.jpg L1180096a.jpg

And and it is still provided for 50 yen with borscht (the left) and coleslaw (the right), what.

We can have. Surely you are satisfied.

It is meal lipo.of dandelion omurice of rozumari family here

"Omelette is tender, and taste is the best, too.

We think that we can enjoy from adult to child."


Western dishes restaurant where the second floor tastes in earnest.

We can have traditional dish calmly. There is course dish, too.

Small dish dish 4a.jpg

Specialite de la maison here is small dish dish.

Visitor who can have by some various dishes a lot-oriented dish.

It is natural, too, and, as for kono small dish dish, words from visitor seem to be the origins.

"We cannot eat quantitatively when we repeat age.

We are left when we eat this one dish because we cannot eat the next dish though it is bad.

Is there not invention that there be little quantity, and color can eat?" With,.

・・As for ・ first generation, heart Mamoru, small dish dish seemed to begin to be provided by here.


3.4 floor is banquet, party space.

You can thoroughly enjoy dish in reliable friends relaxedly in large hall.

That want, and put dishes together; offer, and refer, and wait.


[news 1]

Chuo-ku and "Chuo-ku whole museum 2017" of the association of Chuo-ku culture, international exchange promotion cosponsorship are held on Sunday, October 29.

It is the same as in the past as one of these events, and, as for building the fifth floor of Taimeiken, the museum of kite, it is free opening on the day.

Museum of kite is closed day on Sundays and holidays, but usually waits in from 11:00 to 17:00 for usual opening time on that day.

In addition, please use Taimeiken for meal.

In addition, rozumari guides as one of the guides of free service patrol bus this year on the day of Chuo-ku whole museum.


[news 2]

Tour name "Nihonbashi long-established store circulation "Minamizume edition (we do not pass through Minami filling)"" is held in town walk tour "industry course" which Chuo-ku Tourism Association hosts of "tour to be heated to be heated" on Thursday, October 26.

We go up elevator of Taimeiken on this tour and drop in at museum of kite.

In addition, Correspondent guide of this tour increases rozumari.

This tour has been already closed about participation application.

But thing before the deadline still has other tours.

It is full of the highlight most important part. Please participate.

The details and application for other tours click the right collection of links "Chuo-ku tourist association", and please see clause of "tour participant recruitment of" to be heated to be heated.

We look forward to participation of all of you.



DSC02923a.jpg1-12-10, Nihonbashi


Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, Tozai Line / Toei Asakusa Line Nihombashi Station Exit C5

It becomes the diagonal back of COREDO Nihonbashi on station.



The first floor: Year round

From Monday to Saturday from 11:00 to 21:00

(last order 20:30)
Sunday/Holiday from 11:00 to 20:30

(last order 20:00)


The second floor: On Sundays and holidays, we are absent.

Matinee from 11:00 to 15:00

(last order 14:00)
Evening performance from 17:00 to 21:00

(last order 20:00)


Dial for exclusive use of 2.3.4 floor reservation


Homepage of Taimeiken is this place




Introduction [happiness and prosperity Festival] of talk event

[quiet knee ☆ cricket] October 20, 2017 09:00

Happiness and prosperity festival held on Sunday, October 22 is near at hand


It is introduction of "master talk show of Nihonbashi long-established store" held on special stage (map, place of ) in front of happiness and prosperity Shinto shrine on the day

At time, it is plan of from 12:30 to 13:30 of one hour.


Appearance is Masatoshi Ishikawa of the existence service temple third generation and Toru Hashimoto of the Nihonbashi toyoda fifth generation


Existence service temple is store specializing in painting and calligraphic work materials of founding 1912

We handle writing brush, sumi, inkstone, Japanese paper, color and frame, and preparing we axially install goes

We enter Chuo-dori rikaramuromachi alley, and there is shop in immediate place


It is well-established cooking proud of the history of 150 remainders year to since founding in 1863 of () by Nihonbashi toyodasanha, the late Tokugawa period


It is valuable opportunity when we can hear story of gentlemen two people of Nihonbashi long-established store directly

Please gather in special stage meeting place in front of happiness and prosperity Shinto shrine on the day in time of the early afternoon



We are anxious about weather of the day of the happiness and prosperity Festival,

Even as for the stormy weather (strong wind, heavy rain),
With lottery of "happiness and prosperity lottery"

"Master talk show of Nihonbashi long-established store,"

It is carried out according to Edo cherry tree on the sidewalk (we appear, and Mitsukoshimae Station is immediate space between koredo Muromachi 1 and koredo Muromachi 3) under the ground!


We used eifuji*ta*toriteiyaku of Taro Publishing who was the Nihonbashi Kitazume Store Association secretariat staff this time

Thank you


HP of "existence service temple" is this ⇒

HP of cooking "Nihonbashi toyoda" is this ⇒

Blog which we introduced "happiness and prosperity Festival" to dated October 6 is this ⇒ html

HP of Nihonbashi Kitazume Store Association is this ⇒

HP of happiness and prosperity Shinto shrine is this ⇒



All are in good health because of rain! "Chuo-ku child Festival"

[edamame] October 19, 2017 16:00

It is edamame of Correspondent parents with their children

Sunday, October 15 that became cold at a stretch because of rain.

"The 38th Chuo-ku child Festival" was held in neighborhood, Hamacho Park of my home.

Object is "around 3 years old - primary schoolchild"

We went with daughter adzuki bean (2 years, 4 months old) which showed a slight premature start a little.



Then there was weather a little.

There are extremely many children!

It was considerable bustle.

Probably children (+ protectors) are things which are meeting from the whole area in ward.

Guide map for rainy day was prepared for properly beforehand, too.


A lot of places where place of entertainments changes at fine weather and rainy weather are dattayodesunode

We are thankful for this.


Thank you "sports complex always becomes meeting place, too".



To the main sports stadium without chance that always enters on the second floor.


There is big "air athletic" of form of dog and

(part district committee of 4, Nihonbashi)


There is penalty shoot-out and. (Tsukishima second small, yo)

Photograph did not come out, but there seemed to be strikeout (the central small), too.

・・If adzuki bean grows big a little more, ・ these will challenge.

Trampoline was from "3 years old" and.

desukarane ... slightly high as for what kick soccer ball towards goal.


We challenged target practice (the Yasuaki small) (in two haoris state).


・・* Is difficult! (mother)

But we were able to have one premium.

Adzuki bean chooses hair rubber by oneself. Though it is 2 years old, it is girl properly.

In outside ground


There is fire engine ride experience corner (Nihonbashi fire department) and.

(but there was not going to be adzuki bean stubbornly ...)

In tent in park

Work corner of each the ward elementary school, kindergarten was prosperous very much.

Even adzuki bean grew in that.


"Decoupage" of soap (the Sakamoto small)

We attach pretty seat to soap and decorate.

Next is ...


Roll around; and ...


"The making of Super Bowl" (Hisamatsu small, yo)


Colorful form to come out when we sharpen black paper!


"Rainbow paper art" (the Akemasa small)

And put cute ball and illustration beads, sand; and ...


"Shiningly ★ aqua dome" (Akashi small, yo)


Words are still poor when they become 2 years old

Will "that which has good" comes out and

And come to be able to tell it to mother.

So, "all of designs of soap are good"

"Shall we put ball of which color inside?"

"This." says that we hear.

Because there is the one cushion

Sense "that tried which "we chose by oneself" by oneself" will remain.

We grasped thing which we made with each booth triumphantly and were adzuki bean which walked Hamacho Park with overjoyed face.

Have soap after return; and "soap! Butterfly! It was bubble bubble and high spirit.


... which will come to be made more if it is the next year.

We want to look forward to "child Festival" of the next year.



"We finally enshrine happiness and prosperity" this weekend!

[quiet knee ☆ cricket] October 19, 2017 09:00


The date of "happiness and prosperity festival" that this blog introduced approached the other day

It is Sunday, October 22


Sponsorship is Nihonbashi Kitazume Store Association


Event of the day,

(1) Master talk show (from 12:30 to 13:30) of Nihonbashi long-established store

(2) gakagotaigen (from 11:00 to 16:00)

(3) Happiness and prosperity city    (from 11:00 to 16:00)

(4) Happiness and prosperity lottery    (from 12:00 to 16:00)


Meeting place where each event is carried out is this place


(1) Master talk show of Nihonbashi long-established store

 On special stage in front of happiness and prosperity Shinto shrine the well-established gentlemen of Nihonbashi "charm of Nihonbashi"

We talk

(2) gakagotaigen

 We can experience transportation "gakago" of the Edo era

 But it is only child to be able to experience

Lower photograph is state of gakagotaigen of last year


(3) Happiness and prosperity city

 Nihonbashi long-established store, well-known store related to Kitazume, stand of 16 stores exit

Lower photograph is design of happiness and prosperity city of last year


(4) Happiness and prosperity lottery

 It is event in imitation of "lottery" that the last blog introduced

 Luxurious prize is successful

Lower photograph is lottery scenery by "lottery" of last year method


By the way, "the 45th Nihonbashi, Kyobashi festival is held, too", and parade and product exhibition are held in Nihonbashi, Kyobashi area on the day around Chuo-dori

As "happiness and prosperity Festival" is carried out in neighboring area of happiness and prosperity Shinto shrine; just to make sure

Particularly, at the time of lottery of "happiness and prosperity lottery", you should be in lottery meeting place


Please enjoy festive mood daylong in Chuo-ku on that day


About coverage of "happiness and prosperity Festival", we had eifuji*ta*toriteiyaku of Taro bookshop cooperate with Kenji Otsuka advisor of Yamamoto-noriten Co., Ltd. which was the Nihonbashi Kitazume Store Association secretariat staff this time

In addition, we had offers such as images at the time of holding last year

Thank you


Blog which we introduced "happiness and prosperity Festival" to dated October 6 is this ⇒ html

HP of Nihonbashi Kitazume Store Association is this ⇒

List of stores of Nihonbashi Kitazume Store Association is this ⇒

HP of happiness and prosperity Shinto shrine is this ⇒

HP of "the 45th Nihonbashi, Kyobashi festival" is this ⇒



Cut Hakutsuru Ginza heavens farm rice; ... Hakutsuru Sake Brewing ...

[rosemary sea] October 18, 2017 16:00

It is rosemary sea which we make o supply that "gift and oneself enjoy" and collect data on.


Hakutsuru Ginza-style (HAKUTSURU GINZA STYLE), this who always introduce seminar are in Tokyo branch office building of Hakutsuru Sake Brewing putting the head office in Kobe.


This introduction is roof "Hakutsuru Ginza heavens farm" of building of this Ginza.

Hakutsuru Sake Brewing makes "Hakutsuru Ginza heavens farm" as project to make rice with part of information dispatch of sake in the Tokyo branch office Building roof from 2007 and wrestles for cultivation of original development liquor rice "Hakutsuru Nishiki" (we establish on string to wear).


DSC02963a.jpg DSC02965a.jpg

"Hakutsuru Nishiki" planted rice in June grew smoothly and reached crop time safely this year.

(October 14) is ine* ridesu of expectation today.

DSC02967a.jpg DSC_5294a.jpg

This time is Mayor of Hakutsuru Ginza heavens farm farm: We were taken care of by Oda Asamizu (odaasami) and Hakutsuru Sake Brewing business headquarters's deputy manager Matsushita.



It is ... about liquor rice "Hakutsuru Nishiki" of Hakutsuru Sake Brewing original development here

For excellent liquor U.S. development, we elucidate excellent form and essence of "Nishiki, Yamada" that is the best kind of liquor rice and start breeding of "Hakutsuru Nishiki" for the purpose of developing superior liquor rice.

In 1995, we start kind "ferryboat" (wataribune) equal to father of "Nishiki, Yamada" and mating of "Minoru Yamada" (yamadabo) equal to mother, and kind registers excellent kind as "Hakutsuru Nishiki" in 2007.


It is ... with superior liquor rice (surge)

Favorable properties seem to include "large" thing that "absorption factor has good" that "heart white is big" that "there are few protein, fat content".


It is ... with "heart white" (shimpaku)

We say center of brewing suitable rice, part, starch looking white opaquely.

As tissue of starch is coarse, we seem to look white.


Features of "Hakutsuru Nishiki" are also ...

Both grain and heart white are bigger than "Nishiki, Yamada", and incidence of heart white is approximately equal to "Nishiki, Yamada", too.

Therefore taste when we had liquor has depth.



Rain stops, and weather of this day is cloudy. Miraculous.

Signal desaa, rice of Mayor of farm cut, and, after agriculture director, greetings of Miss sake, they are starts.

It is rice of liquor rice "Hakutsuru Nishiki" to harvest.

It is crop of rice becoming raw materials of liquor.

Leave thing that student of elementary school of the next week harvests; four wards of fractions.

ine* rio is sickle which was prepared, everybody, hoped for and harvests and is done.

DSC02970a.jpg DSC02973a.jpg


Approximately 110 people seemed to come today.

While cheers get out of everybodies of couple and friend, parent and child people, rice is gradually harvested.


DSC02974a.jpg DSC_5351a.jpg

The Oda farm head who makes fun of it when Miss sake begins to cut.

Composition that visitor makes fun of it again.

Laughter does not die out in the circumference of Mayor of farm of fine weather man.

It is photography society around Mayor of Miss sake and farm before long.



By the way, it is interview to Mayor of Oda farm.

"We think that you can keep alive as ine* rio, experience.

We cut rice in Ginza and, and, do.

Growth of rice is the same as in the past.

We think that we can harvest before being caught in the rain."


We interviewed Miss sake.

It is 2017 Miss sake (Miss SAKE), Rino Tanaka (tanakarino).

"We planted rice with primary schoolchildren here in June.

We looked forward to imakaiine* ritoiukotode.

It did not need to rain today."

"We had Miss sake choose in March of this year in term of one year.

We are active for the purpose of telling about traditional culture in Japan through sake outside the country.

We are from Osaka, but are in Tokyo now."


We interview mother who is in same ine* rio as infant who was just finished.

"We gave up from Koto-ku.

In this June, we experienced rice-transplanting for the first time.

We just planted in this neighborhood.

It is ... in being experience that ine* rigadekirunoga is precious in Tokyo.

Child is muddy,." but

Fall down just after that in child, puddle; "(laugh) which thought to do it."


DSC02975a.jpg DSC02976a.jpg

We cut, and rice is the end safely for approximately 30 minutes. To stage to dry rice.

It is long in coming to become excellent sake "Hakutsuru Nishiki".

Everybody who came is dinner meeting after this in building.


Hakutsuru Building appearance a.jpgHakutsuru Sake Brewing Tokyo branch office

5-12-5, Ginza

It is signal corner of Kabukiza, building of opposite side.


Homepage of Hakutsuru Sake Brewing is this place




Forest - of "medicine ancestral god festival" - happiness and prosperity

[kura] October 18, 2017 12:00

"Medicine ancestral god festival" was held by sponsorship of association of Tokyo pharmaceutical affair in Nihonbashi medicine ancestral god company of "forest of happiness and prosperity" on Tuesday, October 17. Many drugs wholesale dealers display the eaves from the early period of Edo era, and many pharmaceutical companies put the head office in Nihonbashihoncho known as town "of" medicine now.

CK1522-201710171.jpg CK1522-201710172.jpg

As for the festival, Tokyo drugs trader trade association (association of existing Tokyo pharmaceutical affair) reaches the spirit of a dead person of pharmaceutical God from Tenjin, Gojo Corporation (Taito-ku) in 1908 (Meiji 41), and big festival that we performed in the town is the origin. We built medicine ancestral god company on the roof of association office building from (1929) year in 1929 and we performed annual festival every year, but main shrine moved to "forest of happiness and prosperity" in last September and was the second big festival in company following last year. Much dedication lanterns which subscriber name was written on the open space side in front of Shinto shrine were arranged.


CK1522-201710173.jpg CK1522-201710174.jpg

After office workers of neighborhood attended by general worship a lot, and by several people received purification than chief priest, we prayed for perfect state of health. Prize for "worship" was handed after worship and the special stage was established on the side and dedicated "festival bayashi".


CK1522-201710175.jpg CK1522-201710176.jpg

In addition, in "*wayakubo building where the association nearby entered," sweet adzuki soup with pieces of rice cake of long-established store "days temple" of Kofunecho was served, and annual lottery was performed, and "lucky bag" that mortgage teta person was clogged up with premium was distributed to "vice-".

CK1522-201710177.jpg CK1522-201710178.jpg

We will go and worship next year and, on "medicine ancestral god feast day," want to pray for perfect state of health only during several hours of the afternoon only for one day.



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