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Discerning special dish - Toshi Yoroizuka TOKYO ... which there is still more

[rosemary sea] May 30, 2017 09:00

o remark which "gift and oneself enjoy" is rosemary sea which we do and collect data on.

We introduced some cake in Toshi Yoroizuka TOKYO (Toshiyo Roy Takarazuka Operetta Troupe Tokyo), the last time of Kyobashi Edo Grand.

The last article is ⇒ html

This time is Chuo-ku are introduced here. from corner of the main force, baked confectioneries and bread of gift which is theme of rozumari.

We were taken care of by Miyagi of Toshi Yoroizuka TOKYO sale person in charge this time.

Then it is ... from corner of baked confectioneries


Assorted baked confectioneries

Assorted baked confectioneries set which is most suitable for gift.

It is with left 15, popular NO .1. It is with right 11, popular NO .2.

It becomes assortment of Toshiyo Roy Takarazuka Operetta Troupe careful selection. We seem to be hired by popular baked confectioneries.

In addition, "assorted preference seems to be going to begin on June 1, too".


Chef coat

Package is popular. It becomes assortment with baked confectioneries eight.

It is ... next from corner of bread


Specially made curry bread

Baked curry bun using semolina wheat. Product of Kyobashi limitation. It is bread of confidence.

Bread which the surface did quickly. It is butter chicken curry to enter in that.

Sauce of vegetable curry that we had you hang curry sauce of attachment in this, but this fully used onion.

Please enjoy synergism of taste of curry different in two kinds.


Bread only for soybean milk

We do not use water at all and are made only with soybean milk and wheat flour.

As it is only soybean milk, it becomes very thick bread.

Coverage day was May 19, but was product of release more on that day.

DSC02400a.jpgThe left image photographed drop curtain which was in shop.

We matched logo of the Toshiyo Roy Takarazuka Operetta Troupe with ukiyoe print of Kyobashi.

DSC02399a.jpgToshi Yoroizuka TOKYO

2-2-1, Kyobashi Kyobashi Edo Grand the first floor

We are connected directly with Tokyo Metro Kyobashi Station.

Business hours patisserie from 11:00 to 20:00

The first-floor cafe .2 floor salon from 11:00 to 20:00

            (last order 19:00)

In the salon on the second floor, Tuesday is closed on regular holiday.

Homepage of Toshi Yoroizuka is this place




Document, ancient map of center Ward Nihonbashi library area

[GPP] May 29, 2017 14:00

01.JPGAs center Ward Nihonbashi library finished all the repair work last month, we went promptly


There were local document and ancient map in Nihonbashi library
 (shelf of the neighborhood of stairs to corner of the seventh-floor investigation and the sixth floor)


Would to live near by, work like to use?



Girl image "flower" of Ginza flower Tsubaki Street

[AWL] May 29, 2017 12:00

IMG_0399 (3). JPG

In GINZA SIX, bustle since opening continues, but on the flower camellia street nearby,

Image of girl "flower" of ponytail with camellia is put quietly.

Tsubaki, Izumo (thicket camellia) where origin of flower Tsubaki Street was contributed to from Izumo early in the Showa era,

Because it was planted as roadside tree, the name was acquired.

IMG_0403.JPGIMG_0402 (1). JPGIMG_0401 (1). JPG

On the back of the side of girl image "flower" donation Masuo Saito production Hiroyuki Mogi,

Plate of origin of setting is buried.

In commemoration of completion of environmental service that Ginza flower Tsubaki Street mall promotion society pushed forward with Chuo-ku,

For "flower camellia street which was road nickname name," this image seemed to be installed in March, 1993.

Walked the intersection of Chuo-dori and flower Tsubaki Street a little towards Showa Dori; is on the left.



[Higashiginza] South India dish "Dharmasagara" (darumasagara)

[inochan] May 29, 2017 09:00

Indian dish which is authentic while looking at temple of Indian style


Shop to introduce this time is restaurant of south India dish.

When it came for the first time, we were attracted by scenery to show from this window.



It is Tsukiji Honganji.

The main hall of a Buddhist temple of beautiful ancient Indian style this in here Dharmasagara (darumasagara)

We can taste real south India dish in spite of being view.


What is south India dish?


India where we have large country, and climate varies according to area.

There is heat and cold difference in the north and south, too, and difference is seen in farm products and recipe,
Indian dish is greatly divided into south India dish and north India dish.


Indian dish may have many people remembering curry to eat with naan

Is there not? In conformity to thick curry using animal fat such as butter and

Style to live mainly on naan and chapati which baked wheat flour is seen well in Japan

They are north India dishes.


It is south India dish that Dharmasagara (darumasagara) specializes.

There are few oil contents, and curry is dry and is taste that we did plainly with acidity.

Because menu mainly on bean and vegetables is abundant and lives mainly on rice
Storekeeper says that it is only thing fitting Japanese taste, too.


Set meal "meals" of south India dish


What ordered "course of meals B set vegetables" (tax-excluded 2,000 yen).

We get on dish having one staple food from vice-greens about set meal of south India dish with meals.


poriyaru (vegetables sauteed with spice). It was kidney bean on that day.



Curry is sambal of bean and vegetables. Soup, rassamu where acidity listened to what there was in the depths.



Behind soft and fluffy churros called poori of the middle, spicy deep-fried senbei papado hid.

It is recommendation that of course it crushes crunchily, and it mixes with curry, and it enjoys change of texture to just eat.



Side menu chooses masala Wada (thing which fried gram which we sawed coarsely) eaten well in south India.
Sauce of coconut works.
It is characteristic of south India dish that use coconut milk, coconut oil.

Being next to masala Wada chutney (spice of pasty) of acharu (pickles) and spicy grass of lemon.
We mix with curry little by little, but it is said that this is no good and is really delicious.


In addition, writer (yogurt salad), jasmine Rice got on.

As for one meal, one is piled to small container, but there is enough quantity; all

When they finished eating, both stomach and heart were satisfied.


It is quiet, and calm shop is inner. Relaxed time goes by.





It was a time when we thought about far-off India from Chuo-ku.



Dharmasagara (darumasagara)

4-14-6, Ginza, Chuo-ku ginzaeitobiru 2F
From Asakusa Line, Hibiya Line Higashi-Ginza Station a 1-minute walk
It is year round except the year-end and New Year holidays



Rose of Tsukiji River Park dawn bridge

[quiet knee ☆ cricket] May 28, 2017 16:00


It is park which Tsukiji River Park in Akashicho fills up place where it was the cause Tsukiji River, and was done, but rose blooms in two flower beds of area where trace of bridge of Bridge is left for in dawn of the inside (map, place of red 0)


Unfortunately we do not understand the name of rose, but are red rose of beautiful unlined kimono coming out


The number of flowers has many bunches in blooming (spray blooms)


By silver leaf of dusty miller of origin of stock and contrast of yellow flower, color of flower becomes more attractive still more. It was new discovery that dusty miller matched as companion Plantu of rose so much


"Takuminokami Asano's house trace" and "ground of the Ryunosuke Akutagawa birth" monument are built in Tsukiji River Park and place of the sidewalk of St. Luke's International Hospital across road where this rose blooms (map, place of purple ☆)


Imperial carpenter head's house seemed to be 9,000 tsubos in those days, but, after blade wound case that was famous for Chushingura, has been confiscated in the Shogunate


In addition, Niihara Toshizo who Ryunosuke Akutagawa seemed to be born in this neighborhood, and is father called "komakisha" ranched, and production seemed to sell milk and butter to foreigner partner. That this neighborhood was foreign settlement, and, as for the Japanese, the residence was not accepted, but was permitted exceptionally as we ran business of foreign partner




"Soul bank Island automatic tide-gage station, water measure trace" and "Japanese leveling reference point"

[O'age] May 28, 2017 09:00

"Soul bank Island automatic tide-gage station, water measure trace" (2-32-1, Shinkawa, Chuo-ku point)
Soul bank Island automatic tide-gage station was established in (1873) in 1873 and we observed and were started and defined this average tide level as average tide level of Tokyo Bay (1884) and used as standard of altitude zero. We established first-class bench mark "komugo" near and, as for the altitude of "Japanese leveling reference point" founded in Nagatacho, Chiyoda-ku in 1891, were decided by surveying from komugo afterwards. Automatic tide-gage station becoming standard is changed to oil bottle automatic tide-gage station of Gulf of Sagami, but is surveying technology history, important historic spot now in modern times in Japan.

IMG_9126.JPG IMG_9131.JPG

IMG_9138.JPG IMG_9139.JPG

Visit of "Japanese leveling reference point" (Chiyoda-ku)
We performed for one of the events in conjunction with day (the Surveying Acts promulgate on June 3, 1949) of surveying, leveling reference point, general release in Japan on June 3. Door usually closed and could not look at the inside, but saw for the first time. It was very interesting event lecture.


IMG_9325.JPG IMG_9319.JPG

We installed British style bench mark early in the Meiji era and chopped oshimazukigo (kigo) similar to non-no letter to immortal article and surveyed the pitch. A lot of stone pavements dug hole on road surface in Europe and they did not establish bench mark and it ticked away sign and asked wall surface about story that we set appliance and used for horizontal line (groove). Surveying method changes in Japan, and oshimazukigosuijunten is not used, and non-no letter-shaped oshimazukigo remaining by disaster and war damage or burying seems to decrease afterward afterwards. suijunoshimazukigo exists clearly in the lower part of "Hitotsuishi Bridge lost child news ishihyo" in Chuo-ku. (we finish duty as bench mark)

IMG_9287.JPG IMG_9289.JPG


In addition, there is the related "process degree origin in Japan" in Minato-ku. This place is the important origin, too.

IMG_9217.JPG IMG_9220.JPG



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